Friday, October 8, 2004

Photo Scavenger Hunt #1

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue:

Something Old


This is an old charcoal iron furnance in my town.  It is called Centre Furnace.  It was built in 1825 and was used from 1825 through 1858.  If you go and check it out, you will see the ground is still littered with pieces of coal!  I almost took a shiny piece home, and then realized I didn't want to pay $2,000 dollars or get 10 years in prison for a piece of petrified coal.  So I quickly threw it back down on the ground!


Something New

A new car!  Isn't this one pretty?  I had to sneak on a car lot to take the picture.  A salesman kept following John and I around.  I think he wanted to sell us a car.  I just wanted to take the picture.  John just wanted to get out of there, lol. 


Something Borrowed


John's latest library book


Something Blue

My blue candle holder.  I love anything glass! 


I hope you enjoyed this assignment!  If you played along, please leave your link in the comment section of this entry.  Then on Saturday night (October 9) about eight o'clock I will list an entry of everybody who did the assignment, so we can check out each other's entries! 

By the way, next week's Photo Scavenger Hunt will be: Autumn.  Take about four pictures that represent Autumn to you.  

Have fun! Krissy  


  1. fisherkristina10/08/2004 11:23 PM

  2. sonensmilinmon10/09/2004 12:26 AM

    I'll post mine late tonight or tomorrow morning!  Autumn will be fun. :-)


  3. readmereadyou10/09/2004 1:13 AM

    You did very well. Enjoyed the photos. No I didn't play along. I'm lousy at photography.

  4. childebrand196810/09/2004 2:08 AM

    I lost my pics!!!  My daughter got hold of the cam, pressed buttons and then took out the batteries...waaaahh.  I am going to try to re-take some tomorrow and get them in on time!!  I had some good ones too, darn it.  Oh well, practice make perfect :)


  5. sonensmilinmon10/09/2004 3:25 AM

    It's in now! :-)


  6. Really enjoyed these photos. Loved the old charcoal burner and laughed at you sneaking around the car lot.  I already posted my Autumn pictures on my journal a couple of entries back, so will not be taking any more. Have a great weekend. xxxxx

  7. A very interesting entry indeed.
    I wanted to be charcoal burner as a child - but the kind from fairy tales that lvied deep in the forest.....................

    I love seeing pictures from foreign climes of ordinary things like cars.

  8. dbaumgartner10/09/2004 6:45 AM

    Great pics but I have a special love for Autumn and can't wait to see what you come up with.

  9. sunflowerkat32110/09/2004 7:11 AM

    Yay!!  A new photo challenge!  I'll work on this and get some pictures posted.  When I was reading at Monica's... I thought about a library book.  You beat me to it.

  10. sarajanesmiles10/09/2004 7:46 AM

    Yay Krissy!  I did my photo thing, and now have a new one to work on.  Autumn, Hmmmmm, think, think!!
    Loving the charcoal burner.
    Sara   x

  11. Great pictures!

  12. Fun, fun, fun!  I really like your charcoal furnace.  I sometimes slow down to look at that.  cool!  I laughed when I read about your taking pics of cars and John wanting to get out of there.  Oh, I just knew you would have blue glass as do I!  Great, great pics!  So much fun!  Hugs, Valxoxo

  13. Lots of players in this game eh. Excellent. Love the new car story, a bit like my blue ... umm something story. Pop on over to read about it. Autumn... better get cracking on that one, leaves are turning.

  14. Krissy, This was a blast!!!

    I did indeed participate.  Thanks for activity.  Hope you stop by and see what I did.  Can't wait until the next assignment!


  15. awww still working on mine. i am a lazy butt.
    Hope I can get it in by 8 .. i thought we had till Sunday.

  16. here's my link

    the lighting in my house is very poor!!!! I must invest in those special light bulbs that give true light.  Next week I will be more artsy.

    Much Love,

  17. Krissy the asignment was great fun..I already have idea's for next weeks..Kasey

  18. This was done pretty quickly.  That was fun!


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