Monday, October 4, 2004

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

If you could cause the extinction of any three creatures, which three would you choose? 

My answer:  First let me say that we are not God and I don't believe it is our place to decide which species stays and goes.  I also think we are not about extinction, and that creatures have their place in the ecosystem.  Having said all that, let's just play this for fun!

Cockroaches, leeches, and rats would have to go!

What's your answer?  Go ahead!  Your turn to kill something off!    


  1. readmereadyou10/04/2004 1:51 AM

    I think you covered it pretty good.  The way I've been bitten this year, I'd like the mosquitoes to go too.

  2. sarajanesmiles10/04/2004 4:09 AM

    Tee hee!!  Dust mites - allergy sufferer!  Head lice - have yet to meet evil head lice, but am warned that there are plenty to share around in our schools.  Moths - Just because of the yeuck factor!!!  Again - tee hee!!
    Sara   x


  4. Wasps because I hate them.
    Spiders because my female entourage behaves as though the end of the world had come
    Third is harder............

  5. I can't help but think of the ripple effect if 3 species were to suddenly be removed from our ecosystem. LOL Birds eat mosquitoes (but I would love to see those little biters gone), I hate bees/wasps/hornets and things in general that sting (but I would hate to see honey dissappear or all the flowering plants these bugs pollenate die off), and ticks...funny. I can't think of a use for ticks or anything in nature that relies on them. OK. Ticks can go. LOL

  6. Roaches, Roaches and Roaches, there's my three answers. I've only seen about 10 in my lifetime, all from someone else's nasty apartment.  I still have post-traumatic stress syndrome, and think I see them on the walls of my house!  I can't think of any other creature that bothers me, maybe maggots?  Ugh, I'm getting sick, gotta go

  7. I would pick the same ones you did for sure!!

  8. Oh, good question!  Um...
    1.  dust mites - I am allergic to them, and because I have seen them enlarged 1,000 times and they are nasty.
    2.  mosquitos - they cause alot of death in 3rd world countries and they make me itch and are nasty.
    3.  cockroaches - oh so nasty!

  9. Well, I don't even have to think.  I agree with you completely.

  10. Actually history records humans have been quite effective at causing the extinction of creatures great and small. But let's see here .... there is the consequence of the ripple effect as afore mentioned. Hell if it wasn't for the extinction of dinosaurs where would mammals be? How about...

    T-rex (mean ol dino who ate way too much meat)
    The Dodo bird (with a name like that it was doomed to extinction)
    My sister (JUST KIDDING ... I love my sister with all my heart)
    Saber-tooth tiger (no way that dude could brush it's teeth, bound to die of tooth decay)

    Well I know I cheated but rules were made to be stretched. Thanks for the intriguing question.

  11. 1) viruses, harmful to humans
    2) bacteria, harmful to humans, which we also call germs
    3) microscopic animals, such as certain amoebas, which are harmful to humans
       (I believe amoebic dysentary kills more humans in the 3rd world nations, than even are killed in drug shootouts, but am not sure)
    This wiping-out would take care of most unnecessary deaths of humans except
    of course those caused by certain toxins (many not directly caused by a creature, though) and probably the biggest killer of all, mankind, itself.     Dadeeeooo

  12. willandgrace198610/12/2004 10:30 AM

    Mosquitoes, roaches and moths come to mind.  Dadeeo's answer was great.  I love rodents since my daughter had a hamster; I wouldn't even want to kill off rats! They are said to be intelligent and make good pets. - Arielle


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