Saturday, October 23, 2004

Odds And Ends

It's been a few days since I've made an entry.  I have been really busy.  I have been doing a lot of Carmelite studies for the Carmelite Order (Secular Order of Carmelites Discalced) that I am in.  We are called secular because we live out in the world and among the people to help them.  By the way, if anyone is asking, and people often do, if you are Secular Order Carmelite, you are allowed to be married.  When you make your promises (such as chastity), it is according to your state in life.  Speaking of promises, I will be making my lifetime promises of poverty, chastity, and obedience on November 13, but I will speak about that when I get closer to the date.  It will be at the next Carmelite gathering I go to after tomorrow morning's.

Entry before last I mentioned that Chelsea was in Florida saying goodbye to her grandmother.  Her grandmother passed away and fortunately Chelsea did get to be there to say goodbye.  She will be back on Sunday after the funeral.  While she was down there she got to hear Matthew her brother sing in a presentation.  Matthew goes to a School of the Arts now!  She also got to see her baby brother Sammy whom she treasures and her Daddy and Michele.  

What else is new?  My parents finally got their coveted flu shot!  A cleaning company decided to give away some of their flu vaccine.  Thirty low risk employes donated their flu shots!  It was advertised and the public was told to call if they felt they were high risk and state their case.  Both of my parents were chosen to get one of the coveted shots! 

Okay, so I have to get off here.  John is visiting for awhile and wants to use the phone.  I need to go back to doing my Carmelite studies anyway.  And I still have to put my photos in here tonight too.  And sleep at some point.  Sheesh!


  1. I'd love to here more about the Carmelites

  2. sarajanesmiles10/23/2004 5:33 AM

    Am glad that your parents got their flu shots, and that Chelsea made in time to say goodbye to her Grandmother.
    I know nothing about the Carmelite's, so would definately be interested in hearing all about that part of your life.
    Go get some sleeeeep!!!
    Sara   x

  3. TBADT, I hope you get some rest this weekend!  Be good to yourself, pumpkin!  I love you!!

  4. I'm glad your parents got their vaccinations!

    Love Amy

    PS what are carmelites?? It sounds like caramel...mmmm....caramel....

  5. Best wishes as you prepare for your final vows. I so respect your determination and devotion to your order and religious beliefs. Can't wait to read more about the Secular Order of Carmelites. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Do we get to call you Sister Krissy? ;-) I admire your devotion.


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