Monday, October 18, 2004

Flu Shots

I got my flu shot this morning.  I was fortunate.  My healthcare provider received its batch of flu vaccine from the company who didn't have the tainted supply.  There are two vaccine company suppliers.  Sanofi-Aventis SA is the supplier that is not contaminated.  Chiron is the company with the tainted supply.  Both company's were to supply half of the vaccine.  Chiron had to shut down it's plant in Liverpool, England after it was discovered that it's flu vaccine was contaminated.  I guess everyone has heard by now there is only half a supply of flu vaccine.  

On average 36,000 people die a year from the flu.  This year may be higher because of the lack of vaccines.  What seems crazy to me is the people who have the doctors who have the nontainted supply get shots, while the doctors who received the tainted supplies have no vaccines for their patients.  My Father is 76 and cannot get a flu shot.  Neither can my mother.  It is because their doctor has the wrong supplier.  It does not matter that they are in the high risk category several times over.  They are also not allowed to come to my doctor and get a flu shot.  Those shots are reserved for the patients at my doctor's office.  Even for people who are not high risk.  It does not seem that the distribution is fair.  It makes no sense to me.

I hope my parents can get a flu shot.  They have tried everywhere so far to no avail.  But there is still time, so I will try not to worry.

So far there have been cases of the flu in California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, and Utah.

I am glad both John and I got our shots this morning.  We are both in high risk categories.  I have asthma and he has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  So I just can't get the flu. 

Well, I must go now.  Chels just IMed me and she needs me to come over to her house and help her with something tonight.  I hope everyone stays well.   


  1. readmereadyou10/18/2004 11:58 PM

    Hope your parents get the shot too.

  2. sarajanesmiles10/19/2004 4:55 AM

    I'm glad you and John got your flu shots, and I hope that your Mum and Dad can find somewhere to get their's too.  That does seem unfair that the doctors that ordered the contaminated supply have no vaccine's to offer even high risk patients.  Are there only two suppliers?  That seems strange in itself!!
    Sara   x

  3. Hm what a strange situation...........
    Why is their a shortage?

  4. It all sounds like a bit of a pain in the butt to me! My nan always has her flu jabs every grampy wont though...he thinks he's invincible or something! In a way he kind of is! I'm going to do a journal entry about him soon...he was a commando in WW2 so there is loads of interesting stuff I can write about him.

    How come your boyfriend gets a flu shot for having chronic fatigue syndrome?!?! I dont! No fair!

    Love Amy xxx

  5. dbaumgartner10/19/2004 6:38 AM

    Lucky for you getting a flu shot.  I have not been able to get one yet.  Our corporate event was cancelled and my Dr. does not have any.  :-(

  6. Here is Nevada we have a limited supply and they already said no everyone can get the flu shot...I've never gotten it to begin with so it's not effecting me in anyway but I feel for the people who really need to get it and can't

  7. I knew about the supply being cut in half, but I hadn't heard the "why". Tainted...interesting.

  8. I now what you Mom has COPD..and asthma..she cant get hers either...Kaey

  9. Sad, sad.  I tried to get Dr. Wray to give Dad or Mom my flu shot.  She couldn't.  I also heard they were clamping down on docs who were giving shots to those who were not in high risk?  So, are they really giving shots to all their patients?  Hmm.. what is terrible is the docs who are charging exorbitant amounts and profiting from this tragedy.  Atleast we can visit Mom and Dad, sweetie.  Valxox

  10. Glad to hear you and John got your shots. I keep hoping all the hype and fear about the flu this year will be like the Y2K scare. Even though I'm in high risk my provider has no flu shots to give out. So all to do is be as healthy and pro-wellness as possible. Wash hands often, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, avoid sick people (yeah right). I'm really trying to resist the "fear factor" that seems to sweep our society over everything form terrorism, to rise in crime, to lack of flu shots. I can only control what within my sphere of control. Glad you and John and Val got your shots and hope more will materialize for mom & dad. Toodles.

  11. Yeah my daughter needs to get her shot because shes only 2 and she has bad asthma. I have really bad asthma to but I feel that other people need the shot more then I do. I am also a daycare provider so I should get the shot... but right now I am not.

  12. We had flu shots scheduled for our employees for November, but the provider cancelled on us b/c of the very issues you mentioned.  I never got one b/c every time I did, I got sick.  I always managed better without.  I'm always backwards so that makes sense!  LOL!

  13. theresemshaffer10/19/2004 5:14 PM

    Apparently, there were some stockpiled vaccines somewhere that are being released soon.  I just caught this on the afternoon news.  There will also be the nasal mist available in pharmacies.  I still say prevention and clean living is the best answer!  Anyhow, this is the first year I don't fall in to the high risk category...Yay!  Remember if you are allergic to eggs forget about it, or if you think that you might have been exposed to the virus in the last 2 days; you had better not get it.  Four years ago I was exposed and received the vaccine; I went on to develop a two week bout of the worst influenza imaginable!

  14. I'm glad you could get your shot this year.  I'm so worried about all the people that won't be able to get their shots this  year....

  15. I am glad you were able to get the shot...I hope your father and mother can stay well...



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