Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I'm up because I slept a lot of the day.  That is because the night before last (Monday night) John and I went over to Chelsea's house (Val's daughter) and kept her company while she packed and got ready to go to Florida for a visit.  She wasn't going to Florida for vacation.  She was going back to say goodbye to her Nanny who is passing away. 

John and I helped her get ready to go and drove her to the airport.  Valerie would have driven her to the airport but she can't see in the dark.  John is such a sweetheart and went out in the freezing, pouring rain and got us breakfast at 3:30 in the morning.  We had hot bacon egg and cheese bagels thanks to him.  With cokes!  I had a diet coke.  John got himself a meatball sub for breakfast, lol!  He got Val a sausage egg and cheese bagel.  John is such a sweetheart for everything he does.  He drove quite a distance to get the breakfast as not too much was open in the middle of the night, and he found a place that made fresh breakfast sandwiches!  He also drove Chelsea to the airport.  And did some other things.  He is my hero.  Of course we would do anything for Chelsea.  I teased her that she wanted me to knit her a sweater when she was asking me to help her out, but in reality, I would do anything for her. 

Everybody if you could, pray for her Nanny, and pray for Chels while she is down there.

On to another subject, I heard on the news a few hours ago that Canada was going to share some of their flu vaccines with the US.  If I remember correctly it will be 2.6 million dosages.  They are supposed to go to the elderly.  I wonder how the dosages are going to be distributed, and how the rule is going to be enforced.  I don't see how it would be possible to enforce something like that.  I am still hoping my parents get their shot. 

Well, gotta go.  I got a big day ahead of me tomorrow.   


  1. readmereadyou10/20/2004 4:40 AM

    She will be in my prayers.
    As for the flu shots, they are being given to doctors in areas that have had the most I've heard. Get some rest.

    PS....Love the pics!

  2. sarajanesmiles10/20/2004 4:51 AM

    John does sound like a superstar!!  Bringing food to hungry women, definately a hero :o)  
    (((((hugs))))) to Chels.
    Sara   x

  3. Thoughts and prayers.
    Chelsea is cool!
    Still don't understand how an English company is to blame for your flu injection shortage. We don't have a shortage here in the UK. It would be unthinkable.

  4. Went searching, not the fault of the UK

    "British authorities stopped production of the flu vaccine by American manufacturer Chiron Corp. in Liverpool on October 5, citing contamination problems." CNN

    We stopped an Amercian company making a faulty vaccine for the US.

  5. I hope your parents can get their vaccinations...glad it's not Britains fault too! phew!

    John sounds Stace is like that sometimes...and sometimes he's a pain in  the a$$!!! lol...

    All the best to Chelsea and her nan.

    love Amy

  6. chellebelle197710/20/2004 9:41 AM

    I got a flu shot <i am considered high risk being that my heart tends to hiccup>
    Chelsea is a cutie.............John is a GREAT man!!!!
    And nothing like breakfast and coke :)

  7. I think I heard yesterday that they have solved the flu shot situation and that there should be enought for all who want it...sooner or later.

  8. Chelsea and Val are so blessed to have family like you and John. It's going to be a tough go for a bit but with support staff like you and John and your other sisters Chelsea will learn another life lesson. Prayers and good vibes going out the Chelsea and her Florida family. Glad your mom & dad got their flu shots, how awesome to hear that our good neighbors to the north are willing to help us out. Too bad all their drugs are so tainted and contaminated that it has to take a bloody act of congress to allow importation of meds. A bit muddling, this mixed message from the current administration. Take care and be well.

  9. Krissy, thanks sooooo much for Monday night.  I have thanked you profusely, My Kristina, but words can not express..... There is precious Chelsea in her new hats.  She is trying to feel like a Pennsylvanian!  It is Wednesday as I write this...get enough sleep and take good care of yourself, sissy! xoxoxox

  10. John sounds like such a great guy!!!

    You're lucky!

    Have a great day.

  11. Of course I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Thats a hard trip Chelsea is making...she has a good family around her to help her through though :)

  12. sonensmilinmon10/20/2004 9:37 PM

    John sounds like a wonderful, thoughtful guy ... go give him a BIG HUG!

    Prayers for Chelsea and her grandma. My Kim is going to CA soon to visit her very ill grandma.  These girls are something else when they want to spend some precious time with a loved grandparent. :-)


  13. dakotarose285210/20/2004 10:11 PM

    Hi Krissy.  Your John is a real sweetie.  You're a lucky lady, but you know, I think he's a lucky guy to have you, too.  I will pray for Chelsea and her Nanny, that Nanny will not suffer unnecessarily, and that Chelsea's pain will ease when she knows Nanny is at peace.  You and Val can be very proud of Chelsea.  Some young people would shy away from such a painful situation.  Hope all is going well with you.

  14. Chelsea is beautiful! I hope she has a safe trip. Saying a prayer for her and her Nanny . ~Val~

  15. Sounds like your John is a real sweetie like mine. Lucky us! -B

  16. Sorry to hear about her grandmother, I will be praying that she has a safe trip (chels) and that her nanny will enjoy the bit of company

  17. wonderful photos and thoughtful John....... :-)


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