Friday, October 22, 2004

Two Belated Photo Entries

Last week I was at a park behind my house and took this photograph.  I like how the beautiful red trees line the roadway.  The colors are so beautiful in Autumn.

Speaking of Autumn, I wanted to include an Autumn entry that didn't get to be included with the Autumn enties last week.  This one comes from beccihouse.  Go ahead and check it out.  You will enjoy it.

I also wanted to include an entry from Photo Scavenger Hunt #1.  Okay, it's a little late but we will give her some time to catch up!  This entry comes from sunflowerkat321.  Please go check this one out also.  It is gorgeously done! 

Hope you all are having fun this week with your cameras.  :-) 


  1. readmereadyou10/22/2004 12:50 AM

    I love your photo. Will also check out those links.

  2. sonensmilinmon10/22/2004 1:48 AM

    The red trees are beautiful, I'm glad you shared them with us. :-)


  3. sarajanesmiles10/22/2004 4:39 AM

    The trees are so pretty, I love the reds and deep oranges of Autumn :o)
    Also checked out the other scavenger hunt pics, still think this was a GREAT idea!!
    Sara   x

  4. dbaumgartner10/22/2004 5:26 AM

    The trees are so pretty.  That's one of the best things about Fall -- the spectacular colors.

  5. The new pictures are sooo good! Becci is fab! She loves taking photos and has recently got herself a new digital camera...I hope she manages to find time to take part in this weeks contest!

    I had aready planned my pictures for this week...unfortunatly it looks like I'll be too ill to get out to take photos (again) but luckily I had a back up plan too! I'll probably do my post this evening.....I really love the photo scavenger hunt! It's so much fun!

    love Amy

  6. Oh Krissy how  lovely it looks
    Most of our trees are almost bare now...........

  7. Stunning photograph Krissy, would make a great screensaver. Happy weekend.

  8. Love the picture, it really captures the fall spirit

  9. I know those trees!  Tudek Park!  Those trees back there are outstanding!  I especially like trees that are red and yellow!  Cool, Krissy!  Great pic!  See you added some more entries ;-).  Don't overwork yourself now...

  10. Thanks Krissy. Most of our trees have shed their leaves ...*sigh*.. so thanks for this last glimpse of fall.

  11. Wonderful photo Krissy!

  12. I love this is so beautiful!



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