Saturday, October 2, 2004

Weekend Assignment #27

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #27:  There are 12 months in the year.  Which is your favorite?  Give us one good reason why?

My answer is a definite April.  April is the month that symbolizes resurrection.  Everything is new and alive after a long, cold winter.  Flowers are beginning to bloom.  The crocuses and tulips are breathtaking.  Buds are forming on trees.  Robins and geese come back north.  After I think almost everything in nature has died (and believe me, I come from a very cold climate, so I really do wonder this sometimes), it comes back bursting into life.

I believe there is a reason for this.  It is the real reason that April is my favorite month.  April is the month that usually contains Easter.  I love Easter because on this day we celebrate the Lord's death and His Resurrection.  We celebrate the fact that He died for us and that He was Resurrected, so that we too can be resurrected and enter Heaven if we follow Him.

This is what I believe April is all about.  The month of April, actually the whole season of spring points us to, and shows us, the Lord's Resurrection.  All of nature is awakening into new life to show us that we can also.  


  1. chellebelle197710/02/2004 11:15 PM

    Beautiful entry Krissy

  2. sarajanesmiles10/03/2004 8:38 AM

    I just can't decide!!  I love December, birthdays and christmas, but I love autumn too, and spring.  I think I'll stick with December.  But then May, May is my Wedding anniversary and also the month I first met my husband.  Then October was the birth of my son........ Truly can't decide!!!
    Sara   x

  3. Eloquent and beautiful!!


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