Saturday, October 30, 2004

Photo Scavenger Hunt #4


This Challenge was particularly hard for me.  But I came up with three things that I thought were unusual.  The first thing was this strange looking fungus.  

It is the most unusual fungus I have ever run across.  It was about four inches across and about four inches out, kind of like a round ball, and sort of hairy!

The second unusual thing I encountered was a SCUBA shop.  Here is the sign in front of the shop.


Now what is unusual about a SCUBA shop you may ask?  We are three hundred miles from the ocean.  I don't even know anybody who dives.  Who goes to this store anyway???

And finally I give you roses.  Roses in October.  Two days before November.  Roses don't bloom in Pennsylvania in October.  Instead we get frigid weather and sometimes snow.  So here I give you unusual:


  1. Great choice Krissy!! The fungus looks like something from another planet. I did laugh when I read how far you are from the ocean and that shop selling scuba gear.  The roses are beautiful.  You are lucky with those, ours are long gone xxxxx

  2. sarajanesmiles10/30/2004 6:32 PM

    This was a hard challenge wasn't it Krissy!!
    Had me thinking all week, then I just took the flower pic this morning.
    Loving your pics though, that fungus is very unusual, if a little cute, like a little guinea pig or something!!  Totally get the scuba one too, we have an indoor ski slope where I live, like we all want to go skiing!!  The roses are beautiful :o)
    Sara   x

  3. Great pics ...............
    Don't need the sea for scuba diving any lake will do even a river!
    Name of fungus is on tip of my tongue.................

  4. The fungus looks like a puffball...some stuff about puffballs...

    " Puffballs are round or pear-shaped fruiting bodies that contain spores. They sit directly on the ground or on rotten wood. They range from golf ball size to as large as a watermelon. A big specimen of the giant puffball (Calvatia gigantea) can be almost two feet long and contain 7,000,000,000,000 (7 trillion) spores. For comparison, there are about 31.6 million seconds in a year. If you held your breath for 7 trillion seconds, you’d be breathless for 221, 817 years!

    The giant puffball cracks open to allow the wind to carry away its spores. Other puffballs have a small opening at the top. The wind may suck spores out of these openings like smoke drawn from a chimney. The spores can also be “puffed” out of the opening when the fruiting body is hit by raindrops (earth stars, for example). "

    I had to learn about fungus when I was at university so I actually find this interesting! lol...

    love Amy

    PS sorry I didnt take part in this weeks scavenger hunt :(

  5. readmereadyou10/30/2004 7:49 PM

    You're really good. Three great ones for photos and reasoning. Loved this. My favorite so far.


  6. oh that was awesome.  I loved your entries!!!  Scuba shop...that's hilarious.

  7. Nice! I haven't done this one yet. I am so behind.

  8. sonensmilinmon10/31/2004 12:41 AM

    Scuba shop huh?  I wouldn't have thought of one in your part of the country.  Maybe for lakes?  I don't know.

    That fungus was something else!

    I haven't been able to post any pictures.  Seems I'm having some techincal difficulties, sigh.


  9. A most awesome collection of entries. You are becoming quite the photographer. I'm sad to say I shall be a tad tardy with my assignment. Will I get docked points? Such lovely ones this time too. Toodles.

  10. jules1964200110/31/2004 3:18 AM

    lovely collection, I love all of them :)........Jules xxx

  11. LOLOL Scuba shop!!  Too funny!!  I really like that!  Now who goes to that shop?  The garden is beautiful.  I too found some flowers here and there, but nothing that astoundingly beautiful -- yes, too rare for this time of year!  Great, great photos, and yes, unusual!!!  Good job, honey!!

  12. Costal America plans to conquer the interior. We meet at Scuba shops to plan our uprising.

  13. sunflowerkat32110/31/2004 8:57 PM

    LOL - don't you know?  There are scuba "crazies" everywhere.  I've done's awesome.  What I can't understand though, is that some people love it so much they'll scuba in a lake or a quarry.  After being on a reef, it has to be VERY anti-climatic.


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