Monday, October 25, 2004


Brrrrrrrrrrrr. It is cold this morning.  I woke up and I was freezing.  The temp had dropped about eight degrees in my apartment overnight.  Doesn't sound like much perhaps but it is a lot when it is really cold outside and you have fibromyalgia. 

The landlord pays for the gas in my apartment and the heat is run on gas.  He doesn't want to pay for the heat yet, so he just hasn't had it turned on.  We have had nights that have been between 30 and 35 degrees F.  Not cold to some I know, but cold to a fibro person.  So I just shiver at night.  Even with lots of blankets.  This morning I got up and boiled a pot of hot water (on my electric stove) and that heated the place right up.  I don't always want to put that much moisture in the air, but I had to get warm.  It worked this time.  And I think it was good for my lungs too.

I am debating whether I am going to say something to him about the situation or not.  Most things I speak to him about he totally ignores.  I mean the place here is really nice, don't get me wrong, and there is almost never a problem, but if there is, he doesn't seem to jump to do something about it.  It took him weeks to get rid of the wasps.  Oh well. 

I know what will make me feel better at least momentarily.  Thinking of Sara, I will go get myself a nice hot cup of tea.  :-)


  1. Oh Krissy, you made me feel cold just reading it.  Think maybe you should have a word.  Not got really cold here but we have gale force winds coming in with heavy rain.  It is gone 5 p.m. here so hard to imagine that it is still morning there. Take care my friend xxxxxx

  2. Maybe you could call and let him know that it is really cold in the apartment and that you wondered "when" the heat normally would come on?  
    Also, if several people do this, he may get the message.

    Hope the tea helped.

  3. sarajanesmiles10/25/2004 12:10 PM

    Mmmmm, nice hot cups of tea :o)
    Always works for me!
    I hope your landlord switches the heat on soon for you, brrr.  
    May have to invest in an electric blanket, that'll keep you toastie warm.
    Sara   x

  4. childebrand196810/25/2004 1:09 PM

    We use an electric radiator-type heater in my daughter's room.  We use oil for heat and keep the temp at 65 in winter, using curtains between rooms to keep in heat, etc.  Anyway, it emites great heat but doesn't get so hot it might burn something.  My Grandma used it when she lived here with us and it kept her cozy, too.  Just a thought :)  Hope your landlord cooperates....


  5. Krissy, are you sure it is not turned on?  I know the pilot light burns out often.  I know also that your thermostat breaks.  Just wondering....  Did you ask your neighbors if they have heat?  Not right of Sam!!  I would speak to him right away and tell him you have asthma and that it is affected by cold.  Not right of him!!!

  6. Make that call! Tell him you can see your breath in your home and that doesn't make it very homey!

  7. That's crummy! We've been using our heat for almost a month now. I'd say something. I'm sure he's violating some law, too. In the mean time, sounds like you could use an electric blanket. The new ones are great, machine washable and NOT a fire hazzard. :-)

  8. jules1964200110/26/2004 6:21 AM

    Can you get a portable electric heater for your bedroom at all, it may help. You must keep warm orr your fibro will be terrible. I got to bed in PJs and socks, not very appealing but they keep me warm, lol. Hope you get it sorted with your landlord soon...............Jules xxx


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