Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Feeling Philosophical

Michael is running around the room, racing and playing!  It is so much fun to watch him play!  He is so full of energy tonight. 

Earlier he did something so funny.  He tried to open the door and go outside.  I had two boxes by the door ready to go to Good Will.  He climbed on top of the boxes.  Then he put one paw on the doorknob, and the other paw on the deadbolt.  He tried to turn them to go outside.  I laughed so hard.  He watches what we do all the time!

Michael reminded me of John's cat Meisha tonight.  I really miss her.  She died four years ago and yet I still think about her a lot and when I saw Michael doing something that reminded me of her tonight I cried.   Gee, I really loved her, and I still do.  Interesting how pets will do that to you.  I asked John which month she passed away and he said October.  Then I realized this must be an anniversary thing for me, with me remembering her passing and all. 

She was the best cat.  She used to sit on my lap and not want to leave me for anything.  I hope that cats go to Heaven.

I just got done watching the presidential debate.  I don't know why I watched.  It only made me nervous!  Watching and routing is not going to change how a candidate does.  Agonizing in the next coming weeks is not going to change anything either.  Or staying up all election night to see who wins!  It won't change anything.  I should just chill out on this political stuff already! 

I haven't written an entry in a few days.  I have been doing pretty well.  I have just been working on some issues with my therapist.  Actually some very good things - straightening some things out in my life.  Very liberating.  Getting on with life you might say.  Taking care of some things I have wanted to do but haven't in years. 

Gee, I am sounding kind of philosophical tonight!  I better make sure I have some fun this week!  Maybe I better go bash some Haggis or something!  Or play a Pogo game. 

God bless everyone.     


  1. Aren't cats wunderful? What would we do without the company and antics of felines to amuse us? Michael sounds like he's getting the fall friskies as we call it when our cats get more active. All summer the get kinda lethargic. Then suddenly it cools off and they are racing about, up and over the furniture, through the hallways, across our laps when we have a full glass of grape juice. KRAZY cats.

    Your reminscing about Meisha reminded me of Tessa, a cat of 20 years who died over ten years ago but still gets honorable mention on a regular basis. They are truly part of our family.

  2. readmereadyou10/14/2004 12:58 AM

    The debate made me very nervous too. It all boils down to election day. It's so hard waiting so long.

  3. My dog Thor our English Mastiff actually learned how to open all of our bedroom doors...we had the kind of handles that you would lift up and the door would he would press on the handle with his nose and the door would open and he would help himself to what ever was in the room...socks, shoes...or whatever seemed pleasing to him at the time....finally we had to replace all the bedroom door knobs with regular ones so he couldnt break into the rooms...just shows how smart they are!

  4. Reminded me of my wonderful cat, Jasper.  We had five cats but he was special. He would lie on his back in my arms like a baby. If you asked him for a kiss, he would lick your nose. He was more like a human than a cat.  He was poisoned by rat killer used by our neighbours from hell, three years ago and the vet could not save him. Have him buried under a rose bush in the garden. I still miss him.

  5. sarajanesmiles10/14/2004 4:31 AM

    Reminding me once again of my old cat Jogger - there is a story behind the strange name!  He was such a character, I do still miss him.  I hope that cat's go to heaven too, though I hope they leave the poor mice alone up there!!
    Sara   x

  6. Our first cat was Gina...........she just disappeared one day..........on Islay...................

  7. dbaumgartner10/14/2004 6:58 AM

    Glad your days have been good and things are working out for you.  I do understand about the loss of a pet.  I've lost more than one pet and each one of them hold precious memories for me.

  8. I have heard of dogs actually opening doors with latches, just yesterday someone told me this.  Amazing.  Also have heard of poodles that could use the toilet and flush!

  9. Pets have such character!  And they can be oh, so smart!  Sounds like Michael is both for you!  It's nice!  Go philosophical...we don't mind!  JAE

  10. jules1964200110/14/2004 12:00 PM

    pets are sometimes better comapnions than humans. I lost my cat 3 years ago in Jan, she was so gorgeous and soft and gentle. She was old when she died and had a lovely life but I still miss her heaps. I am glad you have Michael, he sounds lovely :)........Jules xx

  11. Lovely Meisha.  I remember she passed away in October.  It was close to my b-day and I remember thinking as she was ailing, "Please, Meisha, don't die on my b-day."  Such a beautiful kitty!   Glad you are working on things!  You MUST fill me in soon.  We will do lunch!!

  12. Bashing haggis is evil! It has taken over my life! My highest score is close yet so far! lol!

    Love Amy xxx

  13. sonensmilinmon10/14/2004 8:36 PM

    I'm ready to get the elections OVER!  

    Micheal sounds like a wonderful companion.  Pets can really be a wonderful, theraputic addition to the family. I swear my Toby tries "talking" to me. :-)


  14. Thanks for your great comments in my journal! Sorry you are scared of rodents...I was too...I didnt want gerbils cos I hate the tails! But I now know that gerbils have a sweet fluffy bit on the ends of their tails...and they are so sweet and playful :) I'm going to do one more picture for the competition today and then put them in my journal this evening! hurray!

    Hope you are feeling Amy xxx


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