Thursday, August 5, 2004

Cat Jumped On Face

The day today with John's Dad and Mary Ann was pretty nice.  Or should I say yesterday - it is past midnight right now.  One of the reasons it went so well was that I had gotten plenty of sleep.  The evening before after I had bought the iced tea I feel asleep on the couch for about two hours, and when I awoke, John had cleaned my entire apartment!  Suffice it to say he is more than a sweetheart!  So I went to bed early to wake refreshed.

John's parents arrived at 11:30 AM and could only stay till 3 PM (three and a half hours), but we had a nice time while they were here.  We caught up on a lot of things that were going on in each others lives.  And of course we went out to eat.  Everytime they come up we went go to Hoss's.  Or the Chinese Buffet.  They also gave us some presents.  Mary Ann gave me a lot of bath and body products that were very nice.  I felt like it was Christmas.  I felt bad not having things for them, but I think parents feel like giving you things sometimes!

One thing that was a bummer today was that bees or wasps (I don't know the difference!) have built a nest outside my front door.  Actually it is the only door to the apartment.  So to get out or enter the apartment, I have to run through the bees.  There are literally 50 or some of them out there.  I can't get rid of the nest because they have built it up inside a hole inside of the siding and it is impossible to reach up into there.  They just fly in and out of there one at a time.  And many of them gather together at once outside the hole. 

The landlord keeps coming by and spraying them every few hours with something that doesn't work.  All it is doing is angering them.  He has been doing this for about two or three days.  The first time he did it the cat thought the spray can was a hissing cat and jumped off the window and ran in terror.  I don't have the air on, instead I have the windows open because it is not too hot.  With the air on it is too cold.  Early this morning I came out and lay down on the couch for a few minutes and the landlord came by and sprayed again; he sprayed the spray right into the window, right into my face!  The couch is by the window, which is by the door.  And then later on in the day, he sprayed again, and the cat was in the window, and I was resting on the couch again, and he sprayed.  Michael thought the spray was a hissing cat again, and jumped down right onto my face, claws out.  I screamed.  Sam (the landlord) said, "Did I spray that into your house?" and I said, "Yes".  Perhaps I was too curt, but he had been spraying it into my window for several days without warning me.  Right into my face or onto the cat.  I think he could shout into the window, "Is anybody by the window?"  That would be helpful!  Actually I  have been seeing him spraying in two parts by the window so I am almost sure there are two nests.  Oh well, I hope this ends soon.  I guess I need to just close the windows and put the air on.  That is what I have done right now.  But Michael scratches to have the windows open, lol!  He likes to sit in them!  He will scratch until I open them.  Anyway, even if I keep them closed, that still doesn't stop the problem of trying to run through the bees when I open the door.  Earlier today when John's family was over I opened the door one bee got in but John's Dad chased it out.  Oh, well.

Well, Michael is trying to get my attention, I better get off, lol.  


  1. readmereadyou8/05/2004 3:10 AM

    Gotta hate those wasps and bees. Wasps are particularly nasty!

  2. jules196420018/05/2004 5:13 AM

    It sounds more like wasps to me, and they are not nice. I hope you get rid of them soon with a little less hassle than you've had up to now!.....Jules xx

  3. Hope it gets sorted soon!

  4. dbaumgartner8/05/2004 6:44 AM

    Hmmm, wonder what would happen if you seal up the hole?  We have a problem with Carpenter Bees and we bought a spray for wasps and it took care of them the minute the spray touched them.  Hope you get them out of there pretty soon.

  5. Sometimes you got to get in close and spray behind the paneling. Sounds like it may need to come off to find the nests.

  6. Oh, my.  It seems the bees are keeping things interesting!  Glad you had a nice visit with John's parents.  So awesome that he cleaned the whole apartment!  If that happened to me, I'd be dreaming!  LOL!  Nah, Hubby does help me by emptying the diswasher, taking out trash, doing the yard, and cooking!  He does the finances too, so I guess we are divied out pretty good.  Have a great day.  Hope no one gets sprayed today.  That's kinda dangerous and can mess up your eyes!

  7. TBADT -- :) -- I am soooo glad it went well with John's Dad and Mary Ann!  Gifts are always nice and I am so glad you got some sleep!  I am writing you this from my new apartment!  This journal comment here is my first correspondence that I have written in this new place!!  :)  If Sam sprays in your window one more time, which he may in the next few days because it is so nice and you will not need the a/c, I would give him an assertive, Sam-needed :-) "Please give me a warning next time as I am allergic to chemicals and I will have an asthma attack and I do not want to go to the hospital.  Thanks, Sam."  I'll call ya soon!  Love, Violet

  8. chellebelle19778/05/2004 11:08 AM

    so glad to hear your visit went well :) I have a wasp next right outside my door I HATE THEM use RAID!!!! Wasp stuff it works GREAT!!!!
    talk to you soon CHELLE

  9. WOW, I couldn't imagine having to run through them every time you leave or get home...You'd think he would change his spray if it hasn't worked in 3 days!! JEEZ about the cat and the sprays in the face...that's pretty bad so I don't blame you at all for being blunt with him.....

  10. chickiecheeses8/05/2004 9:09 PM

    So glad you guys had a nice visit. Those bees are nasty! Bee careful!!

  11. I am catching up here so I don't know if the bee problem has been solved...but spraying during the day won't help. Most of the bees will be out of the nest. They return at night. That is the time to spray. Hope your landlord gets the hint and calls a professional exterminator soon. You may want to insist on it. -B


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