Sunday, August 29, 2004

If I Could Be....

Some people in Journal Land are participating in this little quiz and I thought I would take part in it too.  Feel free to participate in your journal if you would like to also!

If I Could Be


If I could be a time of day, I would be:  the middle of the night, I am always up in the middle of the night, lol

If I could be planet, I would be:  earth, it's so natural  

If I could be a direction, I would be:  heading any direction towards the beach!  

If I could be a piece of furniture, I would be:   my bed, most useful piece of furniture I have ever known!

If I could be a stone, I would be:  an amethyst

If I could be a tree, I would be:  a birch tree, the wood is beautiful.  or maybe a weeping cherry tree!

If I could be a bird, I would be: a flamingo 

If I could be a flower, I would be:  a rose

If I could be a kind of weather, I would be: cool, about 65 degrees :-) 

If I could be a musical instrument, I would be:  a xylophone 

If I could be a color, I would be:  purple 

If I could be an emotion, I would be: love

If I could be a sound, I would be:  a baby's giggle 

If I could be a car, I would be: anything Toyota 

If I could be a material, I would be: cotton

If I could be a taste, I would be: chocolate

If I could be a scent, I would be:  freshly baked biscuits

If I could be a word, I would be:  hope    

If I could be a facial expression, I would be:  :-)

And if I could be anyone, I would be:  me, 'cause Jesus made me me!


  1. readmereadyou8/30/2004 12:05 AM

    This was fun to read. We got three alike. Bed, middle of the night and chocolate.

  2. I'd be purple too. LOL -B

  3. jules196420018/30/2004 5:27 AM

    I like the quiz things, it's interesting to see what other peoples answers are :)....Jules xxxxxxxxx

  4. I hate lists
    Lists are horrible
    Quizzes are horrible
    Lists that are quizzes are horrible
    Quizzes that are lists  are horrible
    I hate lists.

  5. I am afraid I have to go with Stuart on this one.  Quizzes are not particularly my cup of tea. I would much sooner read an entry.  However, you go ahead and enjoy.  Whatever makes you happy or gives you pleasure and I know a lot of people do enjoy these quizzes.  At the end of the day our journals are ours to put on what we like.  Have a great week xxxx

  6. dbaumgartner8/30/2004 6:58 AM

    Cool!  You want to be a flamingo.  That's the best!  But, I have one question.  Would you want to be a live flamingo or a lawn flamingo?  LOL

  7. Krissy,  I really like lists.  Interesting how people talked about whether they liked lists or not and they post lists :-) lol.  These quizzes show you something extra about someone that you would never know.  Case in point, you are my TBADT, and I would not have ever guessed some of your answers!!!  They are so cool!  I loved that you picked chocolate for a taste.  Yes, you are very rich like chocolate.  The scent of you probably would be freshly baked biscuits as you are "homey" and, well, not stuck-up.  Such a good, good answer!  I thought the word love was fabulous for an emotion!  Yes, you are love to me!!  Way cool!!  See, your TBADT learned something about her good ol' Krissy!  Thanks for participating in this, honey!!  Love you and hope you feel 100% soon!!  Muah!!  Valy

  8. Hi Krissy I am not one for lists but I wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy weekend. Take care my friend xxxxxx

  9. readmereadyou9/04/2004 3:40 PM

    I always like these little question answer things. Thanks for sharing.


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