Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Red Plaid Pants

Wow!  It's been a long time since I made an entry.  My schedule has been so  hectic lately.  But here I am now. 

Today consisted of nothing exciting, just doing errands.  Then I had an important phone interview with an agency.  They were supposed to call at 1:30 PM.  I waited around from 1:00 PM till 3:45 PM by the phone and no phone call.  I finally called and the secretary said the women who was to call me had been in training all afternoon!  I guess she had completely forgotten about me.

Today while John and I were driving around we saw a man with a purse.  Not a back pack or a bag, but a purse.  I wondered if it was a European thing or something. 

Well nothing much exciting going on.  It was exciting this past weekend, though, when I got to spend more time with my sister Therese.  Her husband Tony and one of their sons came up also.  Their son's name is Stephen.  He is a very handsome young man (in 11th grade), and stands 6' 2".  Of course he appears even taller because he has a mohawk.  But he is harmless, really!  He is very sweet.  He just wants to look cool.  And yes he is cool too.  But I think  he is mostly sweet.  He is going to kill me for writing this, lol.  It is written from an Aunt's point of view.  While he was visiting with all of us at my parent's house he walked to the mall, and bought some clothes.  He came back with some red plaid pants.  He said they were British punk pants.  He tucked them into his black "British boots".  Then he put on the fishnet shirt he had bought!  We thought that looked a little much!  He covered it with another shirt he had bought (a black t-shirt with a bright red ant on it).  I was mad that I didn't have my camera with me, lol.  If he sends a pic I will put it in here.

Well, Chelsea and Matt (Val's children) and their family no longer have a  house in Florida.  I was told today that it will have to be bulldozed.  Just completely bulldozed.  They were all going to split up and go to separate houses and join back into the house in Florida in a few months (except Chelsea, who is coming up here on Saturday to live with Val), but now I don't know what they are going to do.  I haven't heard.  I can't imagine being a family living in separate households, being split up like that because of a disaster to a house.  And now they have no idea when they will all be back together again.  Wow.

Well, on a less serious note, I better get off of here, John wants to watch my television!  


  1. jules196420018/26/2004 10:31 AM

    You can blame the brits for the man with the purse, or should I say David Beckham the football player. He has introduced wearing sarongs, his wifes thongs, ladies ear rings and carrying purses to the male public in the UK and probably nowin Spain where he has continued his football career!!
    Stephen sounds lovely. I love the way he buys  British stuff ;)
    I am so sorry for Chelsea and Matt and do pry that they will get through this. I can't imagine a family having to be split for any amount of time and my heart goes out to them. I wish them all the best :)......Jules xxx

  2. Oh where oh where have all the alerts gone?  I didn't get any alerts today.  So I just came to your journal.  Hey, I love the pics of Steve.  Of course, he looks better and more handsome in person!!  He is such a sweetie!!  Again, an Auntie's point of view!  So, Chelsers told me last night that Michelle's ten-year plan to fix the house just turned into a six-month plan.  They are rebuilding on the same spot the house is on.  What saddens me is that Sammy has reverted back to babyhood.  Wanting a bottle, having "accidents", and wanting to watch videos that he watched in his first months of life.  And now he is going to lose his "Sissy" this weekend.  He is going to be so traumatized!  Pray for him, Krissy.  Ty!  Love to you, as always!  Love, your TBADT

  3. I will be waiting for you to post a picture itsounds interesting....Kasey
    My daughter keepss dying her hair different colors.....but where we live itis kind of hard to get the different shades...........

  4. I love the blue hair!
    Do you know that last week ~ at freshman orientation for Baylie ~ we saw an older woman with bright lavendar colored hair... she had to be 75... and it was spiked all over!
    I thought it was cool... still wild after all that time!

    have a good day

  5. Sad they will be in 2 houses.  I just would not let that happen with my family.  We'd be together, if we had to live under a bridge!  LOL!  Take care!
    Hope they will not be effected again by this next hurricane.


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