Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

If you could do one or the other for vacation, would you rather go on an African safari to see animals, or go on a luxury cruise?

I'd pick the cruise.  I would rather lie around than chase after animals in the dirty out of doors.  I guess I must be getting really old.  I just asked John which he would rather do and he said go on the safari.  I guess we will be taking separate vacations!

How about you?  Safari or cruise?


  1. Getting too creaky for safari's but a cruise - now you are talking.
    Sylvia x

  2. sarajanesmiles2/28/2005 7:33 AM

    A safari or a cruise?
    Hmmm, not really a safari person, or really much of a cruise person!
    Can I just go to the Isle of Wight instead??
    If I had to choose I think it would be the cruise, at least I can swim, haven't a chance of out running a lion ;o)
    Sara   x

  3. For me it would have to be the animals.  I would feel uncomfortable on a cruise ship with all the dressing up and dining at the captain's table.  Mike and I are not that type.  However as neither are going to happen lol.

  4. I have been begging for a crusise for awhile now!!!  UGH but then we couldn't take the kid-os to Disney World lol hummm..

    Much Love,

  5. Is there a way to make a safari really comfortable?  I would take the safari!!  I love seeing animals and I would love to go to Africa!!  I am not much for being stuck on a big ol' boat, although I would take that as well for the vacation.  Give me the safari! xox

  6. I always liked the idea of a safari but my daughter has been twice to Kenya and says that while it`s a great experience, it can be very a very bumpy ride with no guarantee that you will see any animals.  I have been on two cruises so far and it is wonderful to get to see a different country each day plus while sailing you do get treated so well.  So I would definetely go for a cruise if I had to make the choice.   Sandra xxx

  7. firestormkids042/28/2005 12:35 PM

    I'd love to go on a safari, but cruise is what I'd pick.  Just not ready to bump around the countryside, lol!  I've been on a couple of cruises and they are great.  Rob would pick safari.  Blessings, Penny

  8. pixiedustnme2/28/2005 12:55 PM

    Yup, definately joinin you on the cruise - maybe we should book our trip now?!!

  9. Cruise ----I've always wanted to go on one.  And I love the ocean and would love visiting the various ports.  Hubby would love the African safari!  

  10. I did the safari CRUISE! Top of the line...first class. Big cabin with a private balcony and all. One cruise line I looked at if you stay in one of their 3 most expensive cabins, they provide you with a butler. How cool would that be?! LMAO! I can dream...

  11. promiseluv3722/28/2005 1:55 PM

    I love animals and would normally pick the Safari, however, I sure need to relax now, so I'd take the cruise!
    ~ Promise

  12. i've never done either and would like to do both... but since i've got my ms to drag me down i'd go on the safari first while i know i can still run away if i get chased by a lion or somehting... i don't think my scooter would operate very well in the african grasses....  but i would love to go on a cruise as well. very expensive for us military folk though... i think that will have to wait many a years....

  13. jules196420012/28/2005 3:59 PM

    I think I would go for the cruise as long as the shop wasnt called 'the titanic'....Jules xxxx

  14. dvlwitgrneyes2/28/2005 4:12 PM

    When choices are to be made of complete opposites...It is always so hard for me to choose. Being a Gemini there is just SO much I like and they vary by my moods. Of course the African Safari would show my wild more adventursome personaity but the luxury cruise woudl b my calmer more ladylike side. So, it woudl depend on my mood and what phase of my life I am in. At this point and time, i woudl have to choose the cruise becasue I am in the ladylike, calm mode right now. But about 5 yrs ago you would have seen me wearing the animal prints and being more wild and adventurous! But if the cruise were to include the sun and sunny beaches, I'd not choose it. I have never been a beachy person.

    Hope all of that made sense.


  15. hopelessblondie2/28/2005 5:01 PM

    I'm with you. Cruise, please. To someplace warm and exotic. With few bugs, if  such a place exists. lol

  16. sonensmilinmon2/28/2005 5:02 PM

    I'd LOVE to do both to be honest.  BUT, if I had to choose only one, then it would be the cruise because you generally stop at several ports and see different sights that way. :-)  I know my  husband would prefer the safari to the cruise but, I could talk him into the cruise. ;-)


  17. I'm going to Africa!  


  18. dancingwithivory2/28/2005 9:52 PM


  19. luxury contest

  20. Cruise! Bon Voyage! I'm Packed! When do we sail! Woo hooooooo!
    This was a no brainer for me! Vacation = relaxation!
    If I wanted to go on an adventure, then I'd chose the safari!

  21. Cruise.  Hands down...through the Panama Canal.  :)

  22. dbaumgartner3/04/2005 10:45 AM

    I would love the safari but don't think I have the energy. So, maybe the cruise and a safari movie?  LOL

  23. I hate to travel so the choice would have to be the lesser of wo evils.  But I enjoyed the cruise I took to Alaska to see glaciers turning into ice bergs, so I choose cruise, if I have to go at all.


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