Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

What is your all time favorite movie?

It is hard to choose just one but my favorite is The Sound of Music.

How about you?


  1. i could add loads here and be here all day!! if it has to be all time fave as from childhood and up to this day, it would have to be Annie!!!!! never fails me, i watched it over and over, bet i almost know all the script and songs off by heart now!!
    Jay x

  2. sarajanesmiles2/21/2005 8:39 AM

    I can't choose one favourite, I just can't!!
    The Sound of Music is one of them though :o)
    And Gone with the Wind, and Grease and and and and!!
    I could go on all day too!!
    Sara   x

  3. I am such a MOVIE Freak!!! I have a ton of favorites. I asked my daughter -- when I was taking her to school this morning --  if SHE knew what my all time Favorite Movie is...(I know, cheating a little -- LOL) She said YOU have so many I don't know.
    Well, I do have ONE that sticks out more then others and it is:
    'Yours, Mine, and Ours' with Henry Fonda and Lucy. I just LOVE that movie.
    Have a GREAT Monday!!!!!

  4. No competition here - it has to be "Dulcima" starring John Mills and Carol White. I think it was made during the seventies. Would love to see it again. Brilliant acting, even better story line, funny and sad with a twist in the tale.

  5. This is very difficult, I just love films and have many that I enjoy so much.  If I had to choose I think I would have to go for "The Shawshank Redemption" with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.  It was a wonderful film with a very gritty storyline and the two actors played their parts brilliantly.    Sandra xxx

  6. It is too hard to choose, but I love any Meg Ryan movie!!!

  7. promiseluv3722/21/2005 10:45 AM

    I have a lot of favorite movies but my all time favorite is Leaving Los Vegas.. not to be confused with Honeymoon in Vegas (people always think that's the one Imean) yuk :)
    Have a good day Krissy
    ~ Promise

  8. Oh man...this question is too hard. I like too many movies. If you go by which movie I have seen the most, it would be The Wizard of Oz. LOL But I've seen Bring It On and Legally Blond almost as many times. Hmm.

  9. pixiedustnme2/21/2005 1:03 PM

    I love movies!! -Kelly

  10. Wow, good question!  Yep, I have always loved "The Sound Of Music"!  It is surely at the top for me!  I also love "Rain Man"!  I could watch "Grease" again and again as well!  xox

  11. The original version of Wuthering Heights staring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon.  Makes me cry every time. Have a good week. God bless you.

  12. Oh Krissy,
    My favorite movie of all time is "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.
    I love this movie.  I have a few that I absolutely love ~~ Moonstruck, The American President,  My Best Friend's Wedding but Pretty Woman is my fav.

    Love LuAnne

  13. ooo my ooo my its gotta be dirty dancing!!!!!think patrick swazye is just a hottie hunk

  14. firestormkids042/22/2005 2:27 PM

    Well, it's Monday for me . . . no 'puter yesterday!  I also love the Sound of Music and could watch it time after time.  Penny

  15. I like The Sound of Music also. I think my all time favorite though is "On Golden Pond." Kinda reminds me of my parents I think!

  16. dimundntheruf692/24/2005 7:27 PM

    I would probably have to say Dirty Dancing and The Lion King....I love Disney movies....and Patrick Swayze.....christie

  17. Hmmm...hard one. I like lotsa movies. I think I'll probably say the school of rock but there are loads of good movies out there. Check out my journal guys.

  18. I will comment in my journal about Big and Tootsie

  19. i'm late, somehow your journal got off of my alerts, darn it...
    many blessings, sara.


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