Thursday, July 7, 2005

Hello Journal Peoples.  It has been a few days since I have written an entry.  Let's see, what's new with me?

Hmmm.  Not a whole lot.  I have been doing a lot of the same old same old.  A lot of research concerning John.  And a lot of going to doctor's appointments.  For John and for myself.  

I am going to start finding some fun activities to do so that I can keep my mind occupied and have some fun.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  What do you like to do?

John is feeling alright, except for feeling tired.  He sleeps about half the day.  He is in good spirits as long as he can keep his mind off the bone marrow transplant, but when he thinks about it, he feels sad and concerned (his words).  

John has an appointment with an oncologist at Hershey Medical Center on July 28th.  Hershey is supposed to be especially good at these bone marrow transplants.  Please send up prayers and good thoughts for this appointment. 

Also, remember when John had the kidney stone surgery?  Well, the other day he went for an X-ray, and it showed that the stone broke up into many small pieces.  But he has not been able to get rid of the pieces yet.  They are all in the very bottom part of his kidney!  To get out of the kidney they will have to move upward against gravity.  His doctor wants him to lay on a slanted board with his feet in the air and his head towards the ground.  If he does this fifteen to twenty minutes a day the gravity should help the fragments leave the kidney.  First John needs to ask his oncologist if it will be okay to stand on his head (practically) before he does this treatment, lol.  

Well, that's about it for now.  I will write again soon. 

Love you all, Krissy :) 


  1. I'm glad you guys are doing good. I hope John gets to feeling better and has fun up~side down 20 min a day lol!! And of course I'll say a prayer for and think good thoughts for his appointment.

  2. Boy!  You have a whole lot on your plate right now.  I wish you and John well.  Hang in there.

  3. Are you guys anywhere near Lancaster PA? We are headed there this weekend. :-)

  4. myheartsaysso27/07/2005 2:57 AM

    Hope he will get to feeling better.. and hope he passes those fragments.. I like to read alot .. maybe you could go to the library for chanc eof scenery.. not like he would or you would have to exert yourself and it can still be fun to rent out some movies or books or whatever.. What ya'll need to do is definitely remember to have some kind of fun.. that boosts the immune system.. both his and yours.. so you dont catch any bugs! :) Mel

  5. Have a good day Krissy and John, and I will be sure to pray for you.  We all can only do what we can do.  I don't think that I could stand on my head for very long without passing out.   Being on an angle on a board reading sounds like that might be doable.  Keep up your spirits.
    God bless,

  6. Oh I hope John is not in pain, but I'm sure he is in some if he has kidney stones.  
    For fun I like to read, journal, paint shop pro & tag lounge (create graphics), watch TV, paint, and clean and organize (believe it or not), shop for bargains, walk, listen to music, play computer games.  Now I'm starting to think I need a day off.  LOL.

  7. jules196420017/07/2005 8:23 AM

    I hope John doesn't have too much pain passing the kidney stone pieces. Have you thought of card making, it can be fun and people love home made cards :)......Jules xxx

  8. Hi Krissy,
    Fun things to do...go to the park with a picnic lunch. Have a water gun fight. Have a suprise birthday party for someone, and its not their birthday. Make prank phone calls...but give compliments instead. And John can connect the dots on the ceiling tiles. I wish you a both a good day!     ~Deborah

  9. dbaumgartner7/07/2005 10:38 AM

    I agree.  After John wakes up and feels less fatigued I would plan a nice quiet picnic lunch for just the two of you in lovely park.  If you can find a secluded place that would be great.  

    Just be together.  Most likely no words will be necessary.  Just the two of you, some great food and Mom Nature to hold you tight.

  10. firestormkids047/07/2005 10:39 AM

    Go to the park, chase the children off the slide and put John on it upside down . . .good scenery and you can read to him while he does it, lol.  All kidding aside, you are in our prayers as always.  Take a walk around town and take pictures, do some silly ones and share them with your readers.  Love you both, Penny

  11. Poor John!  Standing on one's head after the age of well, 12 or so, can be a bit painful!!!  Hope all goes well with the oncologist...JAE

  12. Poor John, that sounds so uncomfortable!  Take care. :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  13. springangel2357/07/2005 2:06 PM

    So good to get an update on you both...John and you seem to be staying busy...research is good and looks like you are on top of everything.  The Hershey Medical Center is one of the happy he has the appointment.  You both take care...

  14. Hey Krissy. Thanks for the update. I will keep both you and John on my prayer list and continue to send good vibes and thoughts your way. I sure hope the "feet-up" positions helps John and the kidney stone fragments.

    To pass my time I like to read, play games with family and friends, read journals, go for long walks in areas rich with nature, assemble jigsaw puzzles... I have literally lost sleep over this pastime, and I have assembled models with my daughter.

    Take care and get away from the research for a bit and give your head and heart a rest.
    Peace of the Spirit.

  15. Hi Krissy:

    Warm thoughts going out to you and John.  God is blessing you both even through this challange. See, already he wants John to stand on his head. LOL  I love all the uplifting comments folks have left you and I know you do to.  What a support group you have out here in J-Land.  Keeping both of you in my prayers.

    Love and Stuff,


  16. How about starting a family tree. or a gallery of old family photos. Or attend some creative classes. Pottery makimg would be fun, just think of the lump of clay as your frustrations when you throw it onto the wheel, dont worry if it "wobbles" a bit,  you then call it modern art. Do it and post us updated pics. Never know you might be able to sell your wares online - called it the wobbly collection. Keep smiling.
    Sylvia xx

  17. rachealcarol7/07/2005 10:07 PM

    You're in my thoughts John and krissy as always. Activities to keep the mind flowing and away from problems ooooooh........look to your childhood, collages, drawing, things that keep your hands busy, the mind needs to co-operate to do those. xxRache

  18. hubby has those little evil things {kidney stones} two times now  they are some painful babies prayers are with john

  19. I recently discovered a slip n slide, that was fun.  Except for the injuries, lol.  

    Prayers going up for you and John.


  20. Hi again Krissy...just sending the link for photo hunt #31.
    Take care my friend.
    Sylvia x

  21. Well now Krissy count me in, I love the color Purple and all that it stands for.  Here's the link to my journal:

    Love and Stuff

    Marlene-PurelyPoetry is SweetNSimple

  22. sonensmilinmon7/08/2005 10:24 PM

    Before I ramble - I'm continuing to keep John in my prayers.  As for what I like to do to keep my mind busy?  I go out in the yard with the camera - or for a walk with the camera, I read books, I look for interesting stuff on e-bay or I work on photoshop. :-)  I'm easily entertained.  Oh yeah, I'll have my purple entry in mamarazzi later this evening. :-)


  23. Krissy,
    I am still keeping you and John in my prayers.  He is so amazing to be able to keep going without falling apart.  So are you.  Love LuAnne

  24. Hey sissy!  I love Mr. Michael's picture.  It is a side shot and looks like he is reflective.  So, I think taking in some movies with John would be nice.  Maybe some picnics, games, word games perhaps, hey, why don't you make a list of things to do.  I will help you!  Has John started on the board yet?  I am slow coming to your journal entry here.  I will call you tomorrow, love.  Muah!!! xox

  25. Glad of the update on you and John... As for things to stay busy... well, I have a couple of addictions <cough, cough> Hobbies that I enjoy. ZooTycoon2 is high on my list, as is POGO games. I also enjoy doing things with my hands like crochet and counted cross stitch. The nice thing about those hobbies is that they are portable. You can crochet at the Dr. office, while waiting for things, etc. The portability factor is increased if you do projects in 'pieces'. By that I mean things (like afghans) done in strips or squares, or smaller projects like scarves or scrunchies are easy to carry with you.... Other things we enjoy are taking our dog for walks, walking around the Mall, and our weekly 'movie night' at home.

  26. missboogerhead7/14/2005 11:37 PM

    Okay, so don't laugh, you guys all know I'm a pre-school teacher so here are some suggestions.  I know for me, when I am sick or having a flare up it helps me consentrate of feeling other things... not the pain.  Play with play-doh or modeling clay, knit or try needle point, paint with your hands, work on a quilt square, make potpourri, make a sensory box, stuff like that.  These are all things you two can do together that don't require a lot of physical exersion but get you "feeling" better.  Just a few to start you off, but I'm sure you get the idea.
    ~Miss O


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