Friday, August 19, 2005

Drumming Class at the ACS!

Last night John and I went and saw the movie "March of the Penguins".  It was fantastic.  It showed what an Empire Penguin did each year of it's life, each year over again.  I will never look at penguins the same way again.  They are fascinating.  Now I know what they are doing when they are following one another in those long lines that look like follow-the-leader.  It is all about breeding, raising their chick, and trying to stay alive.  They march off to the breeding ground about 70 miles away, then mate.  The females lay an egg and pass it to the male, go back to the sea, and come back to bring their baby chick food that the male has kept warm on his feet!  Then the males march back single file to the sea.  And back and forth taking turns all year long!  I won't tell you what happen to the babies in the end, because that is a surprise. 

My sister Valerie, John and I went to an American Cancer Society Conference a few weeks ago.  It was interesting.  I could say a lot about it, but I think I will just mention one session that we went to.  It was a session on "drumming".  Now when I first heard that I groaned and thought, "I do NOT want to do this."  I knew they were going to make us participate.  But we got there and we started to participate and we all enjoyed it!  There were maybe fifty people there, and that many percussion instruments.  I had sort of a maraca, and John had jingle bells, and Valerie had this really big hand drum!  You would think that with 50 some people playing that the music would be really chaotic but it wasn't.  We had a basic rhythm going and a few people varied from it.  We were really interconnected with one another.  It made me understand how different societies could use music for their rituals.  The fascilitator said a lot of societies used music such as drumming for different things such as celebration or mourning.  Actually all societies use music that way in one form or the other.  Whether it is played or listened to.  Anyway, we were really expressing ourselves and enjoying ourselves.  A good time was had by all, except for a friend of ours, who was sitting next to Val saying, "I hate this."  "I hate this."  "I hate this."  Over and over again, lol!

On to another subject, I was asked to be on the board of a local group, The Cancer Survivor's Association.  I am going to do it.  I want to do some volunteer work with them.  John and I attend the group once a month.  It is for cancer survivors and their family members.

Well, that's about it for now.  I hope I don't have too much to do this weekend.  I want to do something fun.  Maybe if John and I get some time we will go on a picnic.  It feels so nice not concentrating on the cancer all the time anymore and starting to live some normal life everyday.  We are feeling a little bit better everyday and starting to get our bearings about us.  Some days are harder than others, but things are getting better.  Especially since John's attitude has improved.  The other day he said to me, "I plan on surviving."  His positive attitude has helped my attitude to get positive.  He is my fighter!  

Everybody take care and have a great weekend!  Love, Krissy :)  


  1. This entry has left me with a big smile on my face... :)
    So glad you and John are having some fun!
    And very proud of you for being on the board of the Cancer Survivor's Association.
    Have a great weekend! We are hoping to go to the zoo...

  2. Well done John, he is a fighter alright Krissy.  Well done you for taking on being on the board.  That docu about the penguins sounds great, love wildlife things.  Hope you have a very happy weekend.

  3. ally1231305859188/19/2005 11:40 AM

    I am a Cancer survivor and I am positive that you must take a positive outlook - and know within yourself it is possible to beat it - so glad things are going so well.....Ally

  4. rocketman6854348/19/2005 12:29 PM

    John's attitude has improved.  The other day he said to me, "I plan on surviving."  His positive attitude has helped my attitude to get positive.  He is my

    Hey Krissey thats brilliant to hear.Am so pleased he has taken that attitude.

  5. This is a wonderful entry Krissy. Thanks for sharing with us and I'm very pleased to hear about the volunteer work, it helps to keep busy. Have a lovely picnic and save a sandwich for me lol. Take care my friend.
    Sylvia xx
    PS. Here's the link for this weeks hunt "Weekend".

  6. readmereadyou8/19/2005 5:19 PM

    I really want to see that movie. I have to wait until it comes out on DVD.
    Sounds as if you are dealing with the cancer issue in the most positive of ways. He is a brave man and so are you.
    Pray and believe and have a wonderful weekend,

  7. love2sing20078/19/2005 5:37 PM

    What fun!  The drumming sounds like a blast!  

  8. thefaircolleen8/19/2005 5:40 PM

    Hi Krissy,seems we are sailing on the same boat! Attitude is very important and my hubby is using his visualisation skills to deal with his illness. He concentrates on the enemy and punches its lights out!! He says its very therapuetic .

  9. Whatever you give comes back--wonderful thing about volunteering !  I am so happy that you and John's attitude is so positive.  It's today that counts and you are making it a good one !  'On Ya'  -ma

  10. Speechless~
    It is so hard for me to imagine.
    Have a good weekend.
    Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.

  11. Judith Heartsong talks about her drumming circle in her journal all the time. It sounds like a meditative and peaceful way to spend an evening. Congrats on your appointment to the board! Sounds like a great and supportive group. And glad John is optimistic. I think hope and attitude are a huge help in the fight!

  12. Being on the cancer board sounds like an informative and great worthwhile effort.  I have heard the critics say that the movie about emperor penguins is very good, especially with all the crumey movies out.  John is really adjusting to his situation with determination to be a survivor.  I don't know how I would react, it is something that a person would have to experience to know.  Thanks for you congradulating me on being Mary's(Alphawoman's )  list of editor picks.   I never knew her name before.   She was very kind to chose me.    Have a good weekend Krissy and John.   mark

  13. springangel2358/21/2005 5:04 PM

    My husband took all the younger grandkids to see "March of the Penquins"...he and the kids loved it.  Wish I could have gone...I will see it soon, I hope.  Sounds like you and John are staying busy...and also going to the Cancer Society Conf.  That sounded interesting.  So happy John has that POSITIVE wonderful to hear and John have a wondeful weekend.


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