Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

Tell us about one of your favorite teachers and how he/she influenced your life.

My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher Mrs. Lowen.  She made learning fun.  And she made us feel comfortable.  I remember on the first day of elementary school entering the classroom frightened and she had a silver Christmas tree with all kinds of fancy, shiny party hats hanging off of it.  As we entered the classroom she had us take a hat and find our seat.  I still remember the blue shiney hat I chose!  

The biggest thing I think she tried to teach us besides the three Rs was being kind to others.  And she showed it by her shining example of kindness that she had herself.   


  1. sounds likeshe realy was great..not all of us are lucky enough to have a teacher like that...............Kasey

  2. ally1231305859188/15/2005 12:23 PM

    The School I went to was Heigham House - and it was a house - we only had 3 teachers and the Headmaster - They all in their turn taught us something besides the 3 RRR's - There was cookery and housekeeping - Manners - being one of a team and the many attributes we all need in this life - so I have got to say they were all great teachers....Ally

  3. hadonfield788/15/2005 12:29 PM

    When I was in Middleschool 1974 ??
    I had an English teacher. Mrs Vandervennett. She was close to retiring. She had to have been in her early 60 ??
    She was the most beautiful, eloquent, intellegent, well mannered lady.
    She came from the old school of life. She never allowed us to turn in sloopy work. She never allowed us to "skate" by. She set high standards for us. She was tuff. But we also knew she loved us kids. Always polite. A very classy lady. That was back in the days when the teacher could hug you if you were sad or down.
    I will never forget her as long as I live. She was a wonderful woman.

  4. I was 7 years old and her name was Mrs. Walker. The kindest lady I have ever met. She taught me so much, school was so enjoyable.
    Sylvia  xxx

  5. princesssaurora8/15/2005 8:51 PM

    Awww,  she sounds so sweet!  What an interesting way to start the day!

    Be well,

  6. I think I'd have to say my band teacher from my freshman & sophmore year Mr McCullough. He is awesome. He left after my 10th gr year and I was bummed, but he went on to be at WVU and them to Michigan(I think) but he has done alot of great things. He was a great man who encouraged us to do the best but never took any crap. I have great respect for him.

  7. Mr. Lowney, 7th teacher!  He made learning fun!  Made everyone feel good about themselves.  I loved that year! xox

  8. dbaumgartner8/16/2005 3:09 PM

    I would have to say my high school college prep vocabulary instruction.  Mr. Lawrence brought the Canterbury Tales come to life.  He was the best!

  9. gracewinston8/16/2005 7:14 PM

    Start you got a cool site I'll be here often.. thanks for stopping by mines...

    Mines was Mrs. Jackson, (fourth grade) She was real hard on me real bad.. But I think it b/c she knew I was smarter, and I was just lazy.  I'm happy I got a chance to tell her. her last year of teaching I went to her and thank her for what she done for me. I learned study skills and how to take good notes.

  10. springangel2358/17/2005 10:00 AM

    Mine, well she was my 1st grade teacher too.  Mrs. Zeller.  She was so sweet to all the kids.  I never felt more at ease in a classroom, a good start to the school years.

  11. I just thought about my favorite teacher - My grandmother!  She really was a teacher - way back in the olden' days -- she taught in a one room school in the hills of WestVirginia.  She also taught Sunday School at her church.  But mostly she taught me a lot about love and caring for one another.  I could write a book about her and the good things she did.  'On Ya'  - ma

  12. philadlfiagrl8/18/2005 7:05 AM

    hi krissy

    my favorite teacher was my 11 grade english teacher, she made the classics of literature come alive and we had alot of fun with her... i think she influenced the DRAMA in my life LOL


  13. love2sing20078/19/2005 10:50 PM

    Mine was Mrs. Golich in 4th grade.  We had no music teacher that year, but we put on a performance when our parents came in.  She also had amazing art classes where we painted and learned about Van Gogh, Picasso, etc.  I still have my portfolio  103%!  


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