Thursday, October 18, 2007

how did your journal get it's name?

How did your journal get it's name?
I have been wanting to ask you all this question for a long time.  Waiting to see how you'd respond, because I think your answers would be fascinating.  A journal/blog is a very personal thing, and is usually not just named on a whim.  Each journal's title reflects its owner and something about them.     
The way my journal received it's name was out of the journals first entry title, and subject matter.  The first entry was, of course, entitled "Sometimes I Think". 
It started off like this:  Sometimes I think.  I think about life.  I think about love.  I think about serious things... and funny things...This is a blog about my thoughts.  I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.  (There was a lot more to this first paragraph, but in an effort to keep this short, I am editing it.)
I often think about whether or not I like the title of my blog.  To be honest with you, I do!  It is unique! 
When you think about it though, it is kind of funny.  I said Sometimes I think.  Well, what do I do the rest of the time, leave my mind empty, LOL?  I saw my journal listed in someone's "Other Journals" section one time.  It read like this:  Krissy (the part-time thinker!).  I almost fell out, LOL.   
So, I want to know,
How did your journal get it's name?
Krissy :)

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  1. I am totally boring.  I named my journal after my screenname (xxroxymamaxx)?  Why did I do that?  I have no idea.  Come to think of it, I don't even like it anymore.  I need to think of a new one. : )  Have a great day Krissy!! love, Shelly

  2. sugarsweet05610/18/2007 10:08 AM

    My main journal got it's name from what I saw on someone else's side bar...I had just satrted, & named my journal My Life, then I saw my journal listed on someone's side bar as A Little Bit Of Sugar...LOL. The rest is history! TY to that person, who only blogged briefly & was gone.

  3. deshelestraci10/18/2007 10:14 AM

    My journal's name just came to me.  My life as a transplanted Yankee is who I am.  I'm a Yankee living in the South.  And sometimes I talk about the differences cuz there are many!

  4. I named my journal because it started out as "My Simple Rhymes".Then I got to everyday things and my life and happenings written in "Simple Rhyme".So realy yes my journal could do with re-naming eg:- My everyday happenings in "Simple Rhyme".Not to worry everyone knows who I am now, as I think I am the only one who writes about events and other things in rhyme on J/Land and have been told by many it is unique..Now you have it Krissi.Would you like to know anything else Haaaaaaaaaa.Have a great day. God Bless Kath

  5. Hey Krissy, I always have gotten a kick out of your journal name.  If you had asked me what I thought it meant, I would have said, I thought you were being a bit hurmorous, (which does attract people to your journal, you know),  (And I thought that you mean exactly that sometimes you actually think.)  I loved that idea (lol, because often we don't think, we just act or we just do things, (at least this is true for me) & that's why I started reading your journal.  But alas, I KEPT reading it because you opened your life & John's life to all of us, and I came to care and love you both.  It was the start of a good friendship, dontcha think?)  Love you, Krissy, and even am more impressed that you think ALL of the time! LOL Merry

  6. Oh, sorry, I thought DUH that I was supposed to tell you what I thought YOUR journal name meant!

    My journal:  My Growth Toward Pain Acceptance And Better Mental Health (which I haven't been writing in much lately as I tend to put what I want to say to people in my other journal) means exactly what it says.  Guess I better get to work on that.

    My main journal is:  Merry's thoughts, the good and bad, dreams and wishes.  That's also self-explanatory.  But I find more of the "real" down to earth daiy to day me in that journal.  And I think that's why I share a bit more there.  (I sometimes tend to be a  bit of a private person & that's why I still do most of writing in personal emails to my friends.)
    Love you, still, (again) Merry

  7. I named my journal....June's in my journey through this life...what I experience whether it's something stupid and small...or important to they say....the good....the bad....the ugly....that's what my journal is about...everything that I experience through this lifetime....June:)

  8. First of all I am sure you are in shock seeing me answer the morning question :)  But my journal is called Confessions of an Angel Waitress because when I first started it I was a waitress in a crazy restaurant where crazy things happened everyday.  I am no longer a waitress.  Hopefully I am still a part time angel :)
    I have thoughr about changing it but no one would know it was me.   Even on the site where I sing I am the I guess I will be forever.

  9. my journal name says it all, Cindys Life. ((((((hugs))))))

  10. I'm not as clever as you Krissy...Linda's World was all I could come up with.   Linda in Washington state

  11. Mine? Simple. I was on a Northern Trip [through northern Scotland] at the time. Things have changed, but I'm keeping the name.


  12. my journal has had three names, I think the first name was a day in life of me, then it was This Momma's Drama  and for it's three yr ann I changed it to I'm A Survivor , because I have come a long way baby!  


  13. I had intended to blog about my experiences as a nurse. I didn't know I'd be writing so much personal stuff in it. So I named it "Times of my life, One Nurses Story" because it was going to be about hospital stuff.
    It's a mix, though. Seems everyone likes to read my hospital stories, as well as my personal stories.
    I've always liked your journal name. I took it to mean that sometimes you think, and at other times you don't. Which is the case with all of us at times LOL!

  14. specialadyfink10/18/2007 12:46 PM

    my journals something I have always said when speaking,just part of my jargon I guess..I tell someone something and add,anyway....guess I'm fruity that way,LOL.
    I had other journal names back when I was Maxsox5-I had Rainbows End because rainbows end on our land alot,I had Windswept-that was on a whim-it just came to me one day-I loved that and had alot of graphics with that on it-until my pooder crashed and I lost them all....anyway...........

  15. My journal got it's name for a couple of reasons, but the main one being I didn't know exactly what I planned to write or put in it (I still don't <LOL>). Some days it's pictures, others my thoughts, and sometimes I just don't appear for a while cause I got nothin' to say ;p  Anyway, I love the word Eclectic and I figured it would be an adventure.. tada... Adventures of an Eclectic Mind

  16. So funny, the part-time thinker.  LOL.  Journal names, fascinating!  I hated my first journal name.  It really confused people when I changed it and I think I lost some readers, but I HAD to change it because I just didn't like the name.  When I decided to change it, I actually asked my readers for suggestions.  I am trying to remember if I came up with the name of my journal or if someone else did.  I think Angela helped me.  "There is a Season" is about the seasons of my life - past, present and future.  I have had so many and will continue to.  With that said, God leads me through them all!!  Love, Val xox

  17. Sometimes I think, and sometimes I don't.  ;o)  My journal's name is pretty much self explanatory.  I was looking for a way to share primarily with women thoughts on faith and encouragement and such.  But obviously, as I went around J-land, most people write about their life.  So with some thought and some prayer, I titled it Life & Faith in Caneyhead.  "Stories of my life as a redneck in the Piney Woods of Southeast Texas, sprinkled with insights from my walk with Jesus.  Hopefully humorous, encouraging and sometimes inspiring!"  I know my journal has been a blessing to me.  My prayer is that it has blessed others.  -  Barbara

  18. Hi Chrissie ,before I started my journal I would comment on others ,then when I posted my own blog the name just seemed so obvious to me as it is so apt ,Serendipity....Dictionary definition,Faculty of making happy discoveries by Jan xx

  19. littlelady169910/18/2007 2:19 PM

    Hi krissy! blogg? it started out being "PATTYS WAGON" ...a take off of what folks would call the police wagons in NY , cause they were full of those silly Irish folks who like to drink way back when {and before anyone thinks I am getting down on the Irish, I am not>> I happen to be one...I just don't drink}.
    Then  it was also my wagon full of day today life stuff.
    Then I changed it to "WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS YOU MAKE LIMEADE!" , its explained in my blogg description on my bloog.

    Who knows it just might change again!


  20. My journal name is self explanatory...Day To Day Life In The Lakes.  I also dabble at writing short stories or poetry from time to time. I  like to take photographs of the English Lakeland scenery as I go for walks. Then I post them onto my Album for others to see the beautiful countryside in which I live.  Sometimes I will describe the odd walk or wildlife I spy whilst out and about.  Just Day To Day mutterings usually.  I TRY to avoid the woe is me syndrome and write about interesting happy things.  Ars Longa Vita Breve!  Art is long life is short.
    Jeanie xxxx

  21. My journal started out being named Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice because everyone would always tell me how sweet and sunshiney I was....but as the years went on, I just felt like I wasn't sunshiney and roses anymore, and the name just didn't fit me I changed it to reflect me (and my neverending confusion with life) better.  Hence, How Did I Get Here.  :-D


  22. hugsdoodlewacky10/18/2007 3:16 PM

    (((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))MY Journal got its name becaue my scrren name was Hugsdoodlewacky,so,I just called it my hugs journal.Have a nice dya.

  23. My journal got it's name cause my name is missie and I feel like my world is always upside down. LOL

  24. Well, I had been thinking of writing a paper journal, then decided to do one on here.  I just wanted to have something where I could write exactly what I was thinking at any moment.  


    This blog I have just for sharing good stuff.

  25. Mine was simple:  I like flamingos.  I wanted to talk about life on my street, ave, road, row, lane ... so, Life on Flamingo Row was born.  ;)

  26. cacklinrosie10110/18/2007 7:41 PM personal journal "A Day in the Life" is so unique.  I've seen a few of them already.  I decided to chronicle the day in the life of a single, working mom of three children and the three ring circus that went with it.  I then got into PSP and created a graphics journal "CAB's Creations".  CAB are my initials.  That journal has sort of evolved into my all around journal due to my not having time to keep up with two journals, reading journals and my psp group.  I'm thinking of keeping the link the same but adding CAB's Creations and Chatter since I do chatter in it. that I've made an entry out of this.  Love ya, Chris

  27. firestormkids0410/18/2007 8:05 PM

    Too much to put here, but I'll try to shorten it. Rob, Andrea and I returned to the US under a great deal of pressure.  Our pastor was trying to steal our hard-earned ministry for his own use.  It felt like we were in the midst of a firestorm.  So when it came to naming my journal, I felt we had passed that firestorm and that the kids were safe in the ministry God planned for them.  Still growing strong!  Love the topic.  Love and prayers for you and John, Penny

  28. I always have so much to say but if I dont get it out I lose it like a set of

  29. Well, I had heard the term It is What it is many times from sources on TV and my boss saying it.  So I thought it would be a good title and that was how mine was born.


  30. mine came from help from Dawn i wanted something catchy she came up with Frosty Thoughts lol


  31. princesssaurora10/19/2007 12:10 AM

    LOL... part time thinker... that is funny!  I never thought of it like that...

    be well,

  32. LOL... cuz I'm a hockey freak.... and added this and that because it wasn't going to be all hockey.  Little did I know I'd become addicted to making graphics along the way.  

  33. While  trying to think of a name of a journal...Diary kept to coming to mind. Years ago there was a boo or a movie callled "Diary of a Mad Housewife." I was angry about something at the time (I don't remember why.) So my journal became Diary of a Mad Woman. I've always thought myself a little bit crazy too. LOL
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Barb  

  34. treesrgreen7810/19/2007 11:21 AM

    I love gardening and my plants and shrubs and nature itself is so very much a part of me.  My friends also are very important and I felt that to put the two most important things together would be nice.  Friendship is like a Garden, there are many different varieties of friends.  Also friendships nuture and grow and blossom into some very beautiful and lasting.  Therefor I felt by letting people come and visit my GardenoFriendship hopefully my garden would grow even more by the people I meet in Journal Land, and indeed it has.

    My screen name is equally important and has a beautiful story to it as well.

  35. I decided to name my journal "Collage" because I felt at that time that I am piecing my life together through writings and pictures.
    Gem :-)

  36. Hi Krissy- I like the title of you journal- because many times you make us think too!  I named my journal No Apologies/ a Biblical Perspective because I love Christian Apologetics- but also because I see way too many Christians who are apologetic in the way that many don't defend their faith, or they tend to "water down" Christian values and beliefs in fear of being intollerant.  The Biblical perspectives comes about because in so many things I see in the news today have been talked about or warned about, or been shown in the Bible- for those who believe that the Bible is just some old book written a long time ago by  some guys, that it has nothing to do with today's society- well, unapologetically, I say it is the Truth for ALL time!  Thanks Krissy!  Hope you're all doing well!  God Bless~  Carolyn

  37. Hi !!!!!!

    One of my journal friends pointed me in your direction so here I am. You asked the question and I wanted to share my answer with you.

    How did my journal get its name ? Well honestly the name of my journal is "Dear Diary" and I have to say that it all began with a handwritten diary I keep. I have always kept a handwritten diary well a few of them actually and so I wanted to let the world in one some of my entries. All of my entries come from the things I write personally or unpersonally. I happen to talk about everything in my "Dear Diary" entries as I do in my handwritten diary so actually I am opening my journal to everything that I put down in words.

    Anywho...that is how my journal got its name. I do want to thank you for sharing this and for asking the question. Take care and thanks again.

  38. helmswondermom10/19/2007 11:33 PM

    I think your journal is very aptly named, and I always have thought so.  I named mine Dusty Pages because when I started it I had some idea of writing mostly about the hundreds of books I own (and a lot of them are dusty!), but also I thought it was appropriate because sometimes I think of my memories as being dusty pages that I like to take out and dust off once in a while, and I thought I'd write about family stories.  Then when I really got into journaling it became more of a family thing and I started another journal about my books called Dusty Pages' Book Shelves.  (And another one about my favorite author called Getting to Know Georgette.)  I enjoy knowing how journalers come up with the names for their journals.  Thank you for asking us!

  39. Well, I knew most of the stuff I would be talking about would be about things we do in our home and household.  Since I live in the South....therefore...My Southern Home was born.

  40. preciousone2510/20/2007 9:20 PM

    I like the name of your journal.  Mine was really hard to even CONSIDER calling it a weight loss journey, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell the world my dirtiest little secret.... how much I weigh!!  But then I figured "What the heck, if I'm gonna post pics, I may as well be totally honest!!"  And I figured it would help keep me on track and keep me accountable.... it hasn't, but I haven't given up!!!


  41. Very cool questions Krissy!  Mine are pretty self explanatory though.  Photo Trek is about my Photographic explorations (Treks) while The Call of the Waterfall is all about that rushing water that seems to call for me constantly.  When I am hiking towards a waterfall, I just listen for the sounds of the water calling me further down the trail.


  42. irisheyes192910/24/2007 11:40 AM

    My journal got it's name as I was randomly sitting in front of the computer trying to think of one.  The whole journal idea was to surround Catholicism, and I was just looking for a phrase of words that sounded good together.  I figured it might change later on.  FAITH IN ROMAN CATHOLICISM sounded good at the time, and it stuck...2 and a half years now!!

  43.     I've thought about having a journal for a long time before actually committing myself. I was pressed for a name and the only thing I could come up with is 'My Way'. I think that this is funny because I absolutely cannot tolerate Frank Sinatra and his music. If I were to go with a song title, after thinking about it, I might select 'Hey Jude'. I love the Beatles.

  44. Holy Cats...43 comments so far.  I am happy when I get four.
    AND what interesting the blogs were named.
    When I was in junior high, a friend had a mimeographed weekly newspaper and I had a "gossip column".  You know... who was playing spin the bottle with whom at Jessica's party. My friend, the editor, thought it was drivel... but he printed it anyway and named it DRIBBLE. The name stuck... and was the name of my column as editor of the high school paper. And it still stuck when I named my blog.


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