Monday, December 10, 2007

monday morning question


If you had to be one of the following, for 8 hours a day, during the week before Chrismtas, which would you choose?  You cannot say none of these.  Please choose one of the following employments to earn extra cash before Christmas:


Santa in a department store (kids sit on your lap)

elf who leads the children up to Santa

gift wrapper

cashier in the busiest part of the department store

Salvation Army bell ringer outside of a snowy store 


My answer: The elf.  Why?  I'm not a man, so I'm not being Santa.  I'm not going to wrap 1,000 presents.  I'm not going to wait on 1,000 customers.  And I am not going to ring that bell 1,000, I mean one million times in the freezing cold!  

So it looks like I'll do the easiest thing.  Be an elf.  And organize 1,000 kids, LOL.  Can't be as hard, right?


  1. firestormkids0412/10/2007 6:39 PM

    I wanna be Santa!  Know why?  I absolutely love kids and that way I would get my yearly ration of "kid-hugz" in just those few sittiings :)
    Thanks for asking.  Blessings and joy, Penny

  2. John and I both want to ring bells together for the Salvation Army outside the store.  Why?  Because John says it is the easiest.  LOL  I want to do it because you can smile at people, you can ring a bell, how fun!, and you are doing something for charity.  Cool question!  My next pick is the elf, of course!  That would be kind of fun, I think.  Love, Val xox

  3. ernhrtfanalwys312/10/2007 6:47 PM

    Mine's up:

    Have a wonderful week Krissy and everyone!

  4. promiseluv37212/10/2007 6:50 PM

    I'm with you.. I'd pick the elf. We all know we'd make great elves :)


  5. ill take gift wrapper

  6. littlelady169912/10/2007 7:16 PM

    yes krissy I am with you......I choose >  elf who leads the children up to Santa


  7. I'll be the Elf...yep that's the one. Can't be Santa 'cause I don't want a bunch of coughing kids in my face. Can't wrap a bunch of presents 'cause I'd get frustrated with having to hurry to get them done. Can't ring the bell...'cause they give me a headache. I can hardly stand to walk by the bell ringer! And a cashier dealing with grumpy people..?? No way!
    Guess the Elf wins out!
    Have a good night...Pam

  8. This is easy . . . I rang a bell one year for the Salvation Army and I was also Santa in a mall another Christmas.  I liked them both, they were fun.


  9. ok how poor would I have to be to do any of these things??? I would have to litterally have no money, I would choose hands down to wrap the presents if someone forced me and there were no other non christmas jobs to be found. EEEEEEK what a horrible choice! lol

  10. I would have to say the cashier...the day would go by sooooooooooooooooooooo much faster!  I speak from experience, ya

    Still here...
    Annie =)

  11. I LOVE to wrap presents, so I pick that....but I know I'd have no fingerprints left by the end of the day.  ;-P



  12. I would be the cashier because I am doing that right now.....eeeek  So many people standing in line staring at me and I am trying to go fast and I get all done and they want to check their receipt and people are getting mean looks on their faces and well that how it is around the Holidays.


  13. I would be the elf too.

  14. Krissy,
    Salvation Army bell ringer outside of a snowy ?  I don't mind ringing a bell for a good cause and I know  how to dress warmly .  I don't want to hold a zillion kids who will give me germs and pull at my beard.  I think elfs are a bit strange.  I have worked in a department store at Christmas and it was horrible.  Love, Merry

  15. I would want to be Santa. I know I am not a man but I can deal with kids, just would have to hide the girls if you know what I mean! I do not want to freak out any little ones! I think that job would fit me very well! I would have to pefect my ho ho ho though! LOL! Love the question!


  16. Here's my answer...Linda in Washington state

  17. princesssaurora12/11/2007 12:28 AM

    I would be the elf too... I like kids... I like seeing kids with Santa.

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while... a whole lotta stuff going on, but you are in my prayers, with John and Michael.

    be well,

  18. I'm a helpful kind of soul so I will wrap the parcels and smile back at the customers to lighten their fraught shopping day.
    Merry Christmas Kristina!

    Jeanie xxxx

  19. theresemshaffer12/11/2007 4:20 AM

    I would enjoy being the photographer taking the kids' photos! Whoops, that's not on there...darn! okay, about the gift wrapping and escort elf? Two jobs are better than one!

  20. carolelainedodd12/11/2007 4:53 AM

    I think I would have to go for the elf!!
    I can't wrap presents to save my life, so that's out.
    Don't have much patience so the cashier is out.
    I could probably do the bell ringing, after all it's only for 8 hours.
    No.. the elf it is, it's warmer!!!
    Hope you and John are OK
    Hugs to you

  21. I would be a gift wrapper....take the stress & worry over it away from someone else. Plus who doesn't like a prettily wrapped gift??


  22. I would totally be santa claus

  23. Oh, I would be the cashier.  First, I'm a glutton for punishment. Second, I'd just smile all the while and no matter what, I'd be nice.  Which would send lots of cranky shoppers off either happy .... or guilty.  My bad.  My totally bad.  But I do think the eight hours would fly by!

  24. I would be the gift wrapper, cuz I love to wrap gifts.

  25. Oh I would have to be Santa and listen to all those funny things kids say and request for LOL!! Nothing nicer than being around children for me.Trouble is if they said they wanted more than one gift I would probably give them to um.So the store would run out quick LOL.Take Care God Bless Kath

  26. Always have loved wrapping gifts, so that would be my thing.  Arlene (AJ)

  27. Well, I guess I'm an elf, too, and my reasons are the same as yours. Is elfdom separated or co-ed?


  28. Only three of us have said BELL RINGER, but that is my choice.  I'd rather be outside the store, in the open air watching the bustle and excitement of people.  I could be cheery and smile at the grumpy patrons, and I could return the smiles of the happy ones.  And I could play little rap songs with the bell.  Make up some silly rhymes to amuse.
    As for the snow... in California we wouldn't have to worry about that. I could wear a t-shirt. I would give mistletoe to everyone who put something in the pot... and oh the funds in the pot woulld be going to a good cause too.

  29. You KNOW I am the Bell Ringer!  LOL!  Well, not anymore, but the answer was clear as a bell to me!!!  J

  30. alwaysireneann12/13/2007 4:43 AM

    Oh yea, how could I forget Diet Coke??!!!!!!!  Prayers in abundance!!! xoxoxox Irene

  31. peytonswater12/14/2007 9:09 PM

    Elf for sure, GRAVY job ;)

  32. gift wrapper..I really enjoy it and have done it one season at Macy's. Deb ;-)

  33. ceilisundancer12/18/2007 6:49 PM

    I was thinking I'd pick an elf, also:)  It's still fun and interactive, and I'm also NOT a man, not even a large enough woman, so I can't play Santa, not really.  I've worked retail, and if I'm in my own spot, and I keep my calm (while being effecient read quick but accurate), it CAN be fun.  I'd prefer wrapping, however, as I do enjoy that when I have time.  If my hands didn't cramp up.

    Keep your spirits up, Krissy!

  34. I think I'd wrap the presents.  -  Barbara

  35. I think I'd wrap. That way I could ignore all the noise and bustle around me and just go off into my own little world. Fun question!



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