Thursday, May 1, 2008

give me more Occupational Therapy, not surgery!

I've been asked by some why I wouldn't rather just have surgery instead of working through the severe pain of Occupational Therapy right now.  I've even pondered it myself, for a few seconds!  I thought I'd answer that question. 
Actually, I found out what I would be having wouldn't be surgery, per say.  It would be more of a "procedure".  What it would be is the surgeon would put me under, and when I was out, he would rip the adhesions and scar tissue loose in my shoulder, by just plain forcing it (ripping it I guess).  Then he would unfreeze my shoulder by forcing it to move all around.  Something I can't do yet (move my shoulder completely around - too much scar tissue that I haven't broken through yet) .
Okay, there are a few reasons I don't want this procedure done if I can at all help it.  One problem with this procedure is the possibility of further tears in the muscle in my rotator cuff if he did this.  Also, I was told by my Occupational Therapist, Tracy, that I would be in a lot of pain following the procedure.  Not only would there be a lot of pain, but I would have to begin moving the shoulder/arm immediately, and I would have to go back to Occupational Therapy anyway!

I am not adverse to operations, but why not try to make it work in OT first?  That is my goal!  If I need the procedure I will DEFINITELY have it, but I am shooting for trying to make it without the procedure first!

Hope that makes sense.  Love you all,
Krissy :)


  1. specialadyfink5/01/2008 6:03 AM

    Anytime surjery can  be avoided unless absolutely necessary is the best way to go.Even "caring" doctors will tell you that. I was told be an un-caring doctor that he needed to do back surjery on me and I refused because he said there was a possibility I could come out of it paralyzed permantely,well when I said no way-he got nasty.He said some day you'll come crawling in from the parking lot begging me to do the surjery..I never went to him ever again.I live with the pain-no meds and yeah-I hurt and I do the exercises and hurt but it is better than the alternative.
    You do what you feel is best for you.Only you know your body-not even the doctors know.
    Take care....

  2. sometimes i think doctors are too quick to put their patients under the knife. whatever you decide i hope it is the  right thing for you. ((((((((hugs))))))

  3. I made the same decision with my knee.  The time may come when I will
    welcome surgery,  but not yet.  I understand exactly where you are coming
    from.  I think surgery with all its risks is the final resort.  My father suffered a
    stroke from blood clots after surgery,  so even though I realize he was older
    and in worse condition,  there can be complications in any surgery.  Ultimately,
    it is Your decision, and no one elses.   Praying the OT works for you.  Pat

  4. You stick to your guns. It's your body, so you will know best! Follow your Instincts. Love Pam xx

  5. I totally agree with your rationale and thinking, Krissy; surgery carries risks itself every time a person goes under anesthesia; if you can suffer through the OT now and work on it, that's the way I'd go

    been praying that you have the endurance to go through this and that the Lord will comfort you through your pain as well as give you his peace that transcends understanding


  6. I think anytime you can avoid anytime of surgery it's a good thing.

  7. kristijohnson725/01/2008 9:17 AM

    It makes perfect sense to try and do it through the OT first. If you are paying for the OT now anyway go that route first.  Also going under anesthesia is always a risk.  They don't have to cut you open for crap to go wrong with anesthetics.  Take my word for it.  I almost died from a shot of Demerol once.

  8. I think you do what you and your doctor feel comfortable doing. I hurt my left knee in September and because I've had 6 previous knee surgeries (5 on right knee, 1 on left, most compliments of teen sports), I REALLY try to avoid surgery. I try physical therapy &/or hydrotherapy as much as possible.  Unfortunately, I am going for the knee surgery TOMORROW after all because I am actually causing more damage to the knee every day and the localized pain now covers a much larger area; my right knee is starting to get more painful from me having to carry most of my weight on it for so long. Add the disability to my back and hip and this knee really needs to get fixed.

    The way you describe the procedure for your shoulder sounds a lot like what they did on my ankle several years ago.  It seems that all those times you twist your ankle or strain and sprain it when running as a kid (or adult), scar tissue can develop.  As a track runner, basket ball player, etc. in high school, I did a lot of that sort of stuff to my ankle.  Then as a mom, it seems like those accidents still happened, usually while carrying a laundry basket or something!  It got so I could barely move my ankle and when I did, it was painful.  They went in arthroscopically and got rid of all the scar tissue and cleaned up the joint.  I have to admit, that is one procedure I am not sorry I had done!  All these years later, the ankle still feels good and can move fully.

    Whatever you decide to do, it has to be a decision you are comfortable with.  I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully the therapy will help you avoid surgery.


  9. All of those reasons make good sense dear heart.  And on top of them --- anesthesia is not without at least a small risk for any of us.
    I'm praying for your OT to do what's needed!
    loving you

  10. heavenlybama5/01/2008 9:32 AM

    I don't blame you Krissy.  I waited 7 mos. before having my 1st back surgery but ultimately, I had to have surgery done.  I hope that OT will help you.  Will be praying for you.

  11. I opted not to either- of course my doc didn't think it would be in my benefit only the worker's comp nurse did! Like I said it isn't  so bad just not perfect but then neither is the rest of me!! Dannelle

  12. I don't blame you one bit. I had pulled my muscles in my shoulder and it had froze up. My surgeon make several small cuts and cleaned the blood out but did not unfreeze the shoulder because he said to do so would tear the muscles more  and cause more problems. I went to thereapy but it was so painful and didn't seem to be helping so I just did the exercises here at home with the Doc's permission. I felt the shoulder slip back in place very easily. I kept up the exercises for several months. Now I can use my arm almost like new. Good luck to you. Helen

  13. Oh, I understand.  There are always risked to going under, although I trust you will be safe, but the healing time is hard on your body.  Surgery IS NOT easy.  I have had quite a few over 20 years myself.  I will be here for you if you need it, though.  I LOVE YOU!!  Your TBADT... xoxoxoxox

  14. No explanation needed for this subject!! totally understand where your coming from!


  15. Krissy, I think it is wise for you to keep going to OT and not get the operation just yet.  When I read about what the doctor would do it made my shoulder hurt.
    I think you made a good decision.

    Love Myke

  16. Krissy don't blame you going the OT route first - if this helps you'll be glad you went this way versus the surgical route and I sure it does for you dear.  Know it's got to tough havine the frozen shoulder, several of my friends have had that but, they came through it fine and hopefully you will also.  Take care. Hope John is doing well.  Have a good weekend.  Arlene (AJ)

  17. If I were you, I'd stay with the therapy until all hope was lost. Surgery can sometime do as much damage as it does good.


  18. peytonswater5/02/2008 8:36 PM

    I totally agree with your OT.  Try this route first because surgery is NO easy fix.  I pray this works for you.
    Much luv

  19. Krissy, I am afraid I may have made a comment which caused you to think surgery was what I thought was you should do. I am very sorry, if I gave you the impression that I thought you should just have surgery.  Dave had a tear in the same area that you have about a year and a half ago. He also has a nerve pinching on a cervical disk. But before the Neurosurgeon fixed that, she wanted the Ortho's ideas.  They decided to TRY meds & PT.  And along with a few days off work to rest, slowly Dave did get better---withOUT surgery.  Lots of Love, Merry

  20. copschaplain5/03/2008 10:40 PM

    Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my journal.  We have a lot in common; although I am a died in the wool Baptist, our daughter in law is a Catholic.  You said youi have rotator cuff problems (which I pray are better), I have had my right knee replaced with a titanium one with a rod in the lower leg and a rod in the thigh to support it.  The Physical therapy was tourturous and did no good.  I go back in surgery the 12th of May to have the scar tissue removed to see if it helps thngs.  By the way I pray that John is doing better as well.
       In answer to your comment to the poster fleminggizbo, I know them personally, and what they were saying, although they were not clear in saying it, was stick to the original KJV, not that the KJV was the original bible.  Holy men of God, insptired by  the Holy Spirit and commissioned by King James, penned the english version.
       We are all creatures of God but not all children of God.  Even Jesus said in His Word to the non-believers, "Ye are of your father, the devil".
      Again, thanks for the visit  to my journal.  You are the first journal owner that has commented on my journal since the inception of my journal.  

  21. cacklinrosie1015/04/2008 9:09 AM

    Sticking with the therapy is a great idea, Krissy.  They can't guarantee positive results anyway from surgery plus you would still have tons of PT post surgery.  My shoulder is frozen also.  Surgery would be my last resort.  Love ya, Chris

  22. Krissy

    All i can say is OUCH........... but i think the OT sounds much better, why operate if you can avoid it.

    I do hope that the OT goes well and you will not need an operation

    Take care  hugs Jayne


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