Friday, October 15, 2004

Resizing Photos

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

Download image resizer and run it.
It adds a Resize Pictures option to the right click menu of the photo.

Let me explain.

Download the Resizer.
Click on the photo in your documents you want to add to your journal through your FTP space.
Right Click on Resize Pictures.
Choose small, medium, or large.  For your FTP Space you will want small.  Click OK.
The new photo that appears in your documents is the photo you want to upload into your FTP space and put in your journal.

Now upload through your FTP space and put the pic in your journal.

Thank  you Stuart for finding this tool for us!


Now, about putting more than one photo in an entry.  There are several ways to do it, but I like to do it like this:

Put your cursor where you want the picture to go.  Click on the camera symbol at the top of the page that you are writing the entry in.  It is next to the little globey.  The "Explorer User Prompt" will come up asking for a URL when you click on the camera icon.  Type in the URL of your photo.  It will be something like: 

It will always start out  and then have your screen name/.  Then type in the picture name from the FTP space that you would like to have appear in that spot.  Don't forget to add the jpg or whatever type of file it is.   

Pretty simple.  If you  have questions, email me.


  1. would doing that let me put the pictures directly in to my journal instead of in the little photo slot at the top??  Was it ok to put my photos in my journal the way I did it?? I'm rubbish with computers!! lol!

    Love, Amy xxx

  2. Thanks Krissy. Haven't even taken my photos for this weekend yeat but now have another tool to work with them. Aren't our journals going to look spiffy when we are done?

  3. sarajanesmiles10/15/2004 5:41 PM

    I downloaded the re-sizer tool yesterday, then spent ages trying to find it, didn't realise I just had to right click on the pic!!  Very clear instructions Krissy, well done, makes it sound so simple :)
    Sara   x

  4. readmereadyou10/15/2004 6:01 PM

    I'm saving this entry in my favorite places for future reference. Thank you.

  5. dakotarose285210/15/2004 9:31 PM

    I don't have Windows XP.  I wonder if this will work with Windows 98?  

  6. The other thing you can do is to put these photos in a web page and then all yuo need to do is copy and paste them into your journal.


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