Saturday, October 9, 2004

Thanks For Playing Along

Thank you all who have participated in the first Photo Scavenger Hunt. It has been fun and we have flexed our photographic muscles!

Please check below to see all the participants marvelous entries: 

Kasey's Entry  

Monica's Entry  

Valerie's Entry 

Michael's Entry 

Angie's Entry

Mary's Entry

If you would like to get involved next week, our category will be Autumn.  Just take about four pictures of anything related to Fall and put them in your journal.  Then come back to my journal and let me know you took some pictures.  That simple.  

Happy Picture Taking! 


  1. childebrand196810/09/2004 9:22 PM

    Got mine in, although a little late :)


  2. childebrand196810/09/2004 10:48 PM

    I put the pictures in the old way this time, so hopefully they'll actually show up this   Thanks again for your help.


  3. sonensmilinmon10/10/2004 12:29 AM

    I just finished checking out everyone's photos!  I'm off to see the latest two additions.  I'm glad to see so many participating. I bet more will join as they catch on to what's happening here.  


  4. So much fun, Krissy!  I checked everyone's out.  Seems we like to borrow books! lol

  5. jules1964200110/11/2004 9:38 AM

    looks like I missed it as I am catching up on all journals today, I will still join in and leave both link at the same time on the next one :)..........Jules xx


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