Tuesday, November 7, 2006

what kind of pneumonia is it?

Hi journal friends.  Good friends!  If you are worried about me being up so late, don't beI took a six hour nap today, LOL.  Actually, it didn't start out too funny.  I was over at the hospital with John.  All the sudden I noticed i was feeling, well, impatient, trapped, like I had cabin fever.  Oh, my eyes are tearing up as I read this.  I feel like such a bad wife.  I usually stay with John till late at night.  But I was feeling stir-crazy.  That is the word that I wanted to use.  That doesn't usually happen until I have been at the hospital for two weeks or maybe a month.  So here I am, sitting next to John, feeling I need to take a break, and it is day two!  It was kind of like having cabin fever.  And I am no good for John like that either.  I get anxious and grouchy.

I told John that I didn't feel well.  Actually I was tired.  It was only two o'clock and I was exhausted.  I guess a lot of it was emotional exhaustion.  "Go back to Hope Lodge and go to bed," John said.  "But you won't have anybody here with you," I replied."  "That's OK,"  John said.  "You will be back in the morning.  What time does the next van leave?  You better hurry so you can catch it."  So I told him I loved him and ran out the door and caught the shuttle back to Hope Lodge.  Then I took a six hour nap, LOL.  Now I feel like a human.  Slightly guilty, but like a human.  But not too guilty, because I will be better for John tomorrow.

Which is a good thing.  He is going to have a bronchioscopy around noon.  By the way, his oncologist (Dr. E., the one he has right now - they rotate every two weeks) said any blood clots have been reabsorbed by the heparin.  Now they are dealing with pneumonia.  So Dr. E. called in a pulmonary specialist.  The pulmonary specialist explained the bronchoscopy.  She said that they would probably take a few snippets of John's lungs, and do a wash of them, to try to determine what type of pneumoniaJohn has.  A nurse told John that he should "pray for bacterial pneumonia.  Bacterial pneumonia we can do something about.  Fungal pneumonia is much harder." 

You know, if you read stories about stem cell transplant patients, you sometimes read about those who die from fungal pneumonia.  Usually it is from a fungal pneumonia called Aspergillosis.  Read more about it here.  One gets it from mold, such as from mold outside, or in an air conditioning vent.  At any rate, I have to try not to panic here...  Maybe it is not even the type of pneumonia he has...

Be right back, going to get something to eat, LOL.  Wow, another night person like me, somebody else has gotten up to study their schoolwork and have coffee!  BRB. 

Now I am good to go!  I have some chicken, two chocolate cookies, and a diet coke, LOL.  I'm laughing at the cookies-diet coke combo! 

So that's about it.  I was going to tell you about something else but I am going to wait till tomorrow.  I am going to see if the issue resolves itself.  I can't find something, and I think somebody here stole it.  But I want to wait to see if it turns up before I assume that.  We work as such a family here at Hope Lodge.  Everybody pitches in and helps one another.  I don't understand why somebody would do this to me.  More about this tomorrow.

Gee, I am thinking about the VIVIs now that the voting is over.  Because I think they are special, they are truly peer awards.  I am sad that I won't be able to be in the chat room this year when the VIVIs are announced.  It was so much fun last year.  The pulmonary specialist said John would be in the hospital for awhile.  This saddens me that John is so sick.  And yes, it saddens me a little that I will miss out on the VIVI announcements.  But of course I would rather John have the care he needs.  I am also saddened that I won't get to vote in the political elections tomorrow (Tuesday).  I didn't even get to research everybody who was running before John was taken to the hospital.  I should have known enough to get us absentee ballots.  It is just that John was out of the hospital three weeks and I got complacent, thinking it would be longer.  Silly me.  I hope we will be home the month of December.  I want to spend Christmas at home... 

Ok, enough rambling, I hope all is well with you all.  I am not going to be able to visit too many journals while I am here, just a hit and miss here and there.  I know you all will understand.

Love you all, hang on, Krissy :)


  1. I pray that John soon gets well and I pray for strength for you to hold up through this. Hugs, Helen

  2. I'm glad you were able to get some good rest.  Sleep well tonight and you'll hopefully feel good in the morning.

  3. Praying for you Both!

  4. rickardfoghorn11/07/2006 4:11 AM

    Hope John gets well soon (((hugs))) and il be saying a prayer for you both... Helen

  5. Praying for you and John. I pray that it's bacterial pneumonia. I'm glad you got that long nap in. We don't realize how exhausted we get when taking care of someone we love.

    I hope that the item that's missing reappears.

    God Bless

  6. jlocorriere0511/07/2006 4:31 AM

    I never thought I'd say I wished someone had bacterial pneumonia but I do hope that's what John has. I'm glad you went off and got some rest, all this must be exhausting for you Krissy. Praying for both of you. I do hope what ever you lost turns up too. Jeannette xx  

  7. keeping you and john in prayer:)


  8. You did need your rest.  I'm glad you had the sense to go and get some and like you said you will be better for it!  Love and Prayers ! 'On Ya' - ma

  9. Krissy, your such a wonderful wife. Always there for him. God Bless you both ! I'll be thinking of you at the Vivis....

  10. princesssaurora11/07/2006 7:33 AM


    I am so sorry that John has pneumonia at all.... prayers coming.  Don't feel guilty about taking care of you... you NEED to do that so you can care for John.

    be well,

  11. dbaumgartner11/07/2006 7:34 AM

    So glad you took a much needed nap.  You know you have to let your body recharge.  I'm glad John sent you back to Hope Lodge.

    Yes, prayers are there for the both of you.

    Hugs, my friend,


  12. Sometimes you have to put yourself first, to be able to help those around you, Krissy. Looking at the timing of your entry - 3.40AM? I hope with you that it is NOT aspergillosis pneumonia.

  13. nightmaremom11/07/2006 7:52 AM

    you need to take care of you Krissy...
    be well and safe.. both of you

  14. Praying for the best of results and news for John!  -  Barbara

  15. promiseluv37211/07/2006 8:27 AM

    Good Lord Krissy you are the best wife a man could have ... but you have to konow this!!  I know John does!
    Anyway, glad the blood clot thing is out of this now. I will look up the other thing when I'm done commenting (then come back and comment somemore lol kidding)

    Things will work out.  I believe in mircles I believe that you can love someone to heal!!  So there...

    You will forsure be there at the VIVI's in spirit.  
    Miss and love you,
    Excuse the spelling.. it's too early for me! lol

  16. so glad you were able to get some rest. hope your missing item turns up. how awful if it was stolen. praying for john and you also. (((((((((hugs))))))))) to you both.

  17. Krissy, I wish I could give you a great big hug because I can feel the stress and tension in you through this computer screen!  I cannot imagine what you are going through right now.  Hope Lodge....is that like a Ronald McDonald House but for adults?  I volunteer at the Mc House so I know the routine and I would hate to think that someone stole something from you.  However, I like that you are not jumping to conclusions.  My daughter is at college and was having roommate issues and her school ring disappeared.  She was convinced the girl had taken it...but is showed up a few weeks later.  Sometimes I think we get so stressed our mind plays tricks on us.

    PLEASE stop feeling guilty at all.  You have done an absolutely amazing job taking care of John and you have been through so much.  Everyone needs to rejuventate and recharge their battteries and, Lord knows, you must definitely be running on empty!!  

    Please update us when you can.  I'll be praying for you AND John!!


  18. Still praying for John's recovery and strength for you as you remain by his side.  It was good that you got some rest.  Take care of yourself...Linda in Washington

  19. sugarsweet05611/07/2006 9:12 AM

    Continuing to pray for John, & you dear Krissy. I know God has you both in His hand. May He bless.
    Hugs, Sugar

  20. randlprysock11/07/2006 9:22 AM

    I keep praying for John and hope you get Christmas together.  Don't feel too bad about going home to rest.  You need your health to care for John.  Hugs,

  21. i hope yall are home for christmas also.  please do not feel guilty about needing some rest or having to get out of there.  it is only a natural feeling.  i would have gone crazy a long time ago.  i pray that john will make a full recovery.  take care

  22. Krissy, when you mentioned mold I got scared because I tried to get rid of the mold in front of your air conditioner last time you were gone, John and I did.  Stupid landlord there keeps putting down that moldy sod.  If he has that type of pneumonia I will just be crushed.  Crushed.  I will feel guilty that I didn't do all I could to get all the mold out of the way.  I didn't know that that was the worst thing for him.  So, DO NOT feel guilty for taking breaks.  A well and energetic Krissy is the best Krissy for John and he knows this, bless his heart, and YOU KNOW this, too.  So try so hard not to feel guilty!!  You are the most precious thing to John right now and if you don't take care of YOU first you are not good to John.  Sometimes hearing this again helps even though you know this.  I do hope you two are home for Christmas, too!!!  Shame on the person who took your card, shame.  I guess you have to guard your stuff now.  So, do you have any yarn to crochet or any fun stuff to keep you happy?  If you need anything let me know.  I miss you guys already.  So, I guess we need to go take care of Michael today.  I LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxoxox

  23. Send me a list of the journals you read Krissy and I will help you out in that department. I may not be able to get to them all but will put the entries in the Gazette. Tammy

  24. midwestvintage11/07/2006 10:08 AM

       I am so glad you got some sleep.  It is important for you to stay refreshed also.  We will be hoping for the best with John.  Take care.


  25. hugsdoodlewacky11/07/2006 10:30 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))))))))))JOHN)))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you got some rest,you needed it and I am still praying.We all love you here.Have a good day.

  26. I just wrote a comment, but when I tried to save it, nothing happened...so, here is the shorter version...
    John is a good guy, and I am glad he encouraged you to go and rest.  Please try not to feel guilty, and you are not a bad wife!  Keep us posted on his test results and such...Love, Jae

  27. Glad you got a good long nap.  Sounds good as a matter of fact. Glad John encouraged you to go back to Hope house.  He musst be feeling better?   I hope it's  a bacterial pneumonia.  Take care & if you need anything please let us know.

  28. Glad you got some rest.  I know how hard and draining it can be staying up at the hospital for hours and days.  Keeping yall in my prayers.
    Big hugs to ya,

  29. You hang in there Krissy!  You need to keep rested too, or you won't be as useful to John as you need or want to be!  I'll keep praying for both of you!  I really pray John gets better soon.  Lots of hugs to you both!  God Bless!  Carolyn

  30. It is ok for you to take a break and eat and rest.  John needs you healthy and strong.  Just remember that!  Love you Barbara

  31. hugs to the both of you!!!!!

  32. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} and {{{{{{hope}}}}}}
    Lots of love Sylvia xxx

  33. rebuketheworld11/07/2006 2:45 PM

    Ok. I was reading in order of your posts..and I couldnt write anything on the others because I needed to know where things were at....just had to read the whole journey..OK..so talk about scary....John being in so much pain the other day...I know that was hard for you and him.....Do you guys have a air filter at home?...I was reading about the mold...and I didnt know....I will be praying for him....He is such a strong man...everything he has been through and he just keeps on fighting...and sooooooooo are you missy.... I bet those six hours were wonderful....hard to feel like a panic button is being pushed here and there..and when everything feels fine, yah wonder whats next...but God truly will provide...Will be praying for John and you today.....-Raven

  34. Best Wishes to you both...your both in my thoughts!


  35. love2sing200711/07/2006 5:35 PM

    Prayers, prayers, prayers!!!  I'm glad they are getting a hold of what is wrong, and there's been some improvement since last entry.
    God bless,

  36. Keeping John in my prayers as well as you dear......sounded like you needed to have some moments for you to relax, sleep, so that you could be there for your darling......know it's tough and that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care....bless you both.....Arlene (AJ)

  37. tendernoggle11/07/2006 7:51 PM

    I know how tired you can get at a hospital, after having to stay with Danny through so many times...I had no bed, but did have a chair next to Danny's hospital bed...That dang chair was a torture chamber and after over two weeks in it, I was sooooooo glad to get in my own bed.
    Prayers going up for you both.
    love ya,carlene

  38. I am hoping that John has the bacterial pneumonia and can be treated and cured as fast as possible.     Your missing item will turn up perhaps, if not that is an unpleasant feeling to be stolen from.      Wishing that you and John will be home soon and be able to have a good Christmas.     mark

  39. oh Krissy your such a dear soul, never think your a bad wife. I thhink your wonderful. I'm not so sure I could be as supportive and strong as you are with john. You need to stay rested up too, for your self and for john. I have you both in my prayers. Hoping you get home soon and John is healthy again.


  40. I'm sending prayers and good wishes your way and that John's pneumonia isn't too difficult to treat. Try and rest some...


  41. The both of you are in my thoughts, as always.  Try and get some rest, you are no good to yourself or John if you are tired and grumpy.



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