Thursday, November 30, 2006

We may come home.

It looks like this is going to be a short hospitalization for John. He just got to the hospital on Monday and they are already talking about discharging him today (Thursday).  Either today or tomorrow. 

Dr. Claxton has decided that John will get chemo for four to eight weeks, probably eight, to try to help the Hemolytic Anemia.  And he figured there was no reason John couldn't get the chemo where we live, as well as the blood John will need, so he decided John could be sent home soon.  Then the doctor doing the rotations made the decision yesterday that John could come home today.

I hope it is not too soon, but John is looking so much better than when he came in.  Like a different person.  And he can get the blood and chemo where we live.  Mitzi, Dr. Claxton's nurse, has set it up so that John's blood will be available where we live, twice a week, no matter what, so that if he needs it, it will be there, instead of him having to wait days like before.  So that will be a new and excellent thing.

So anyway, it was Dr. A. that decided John should go home today.  I know that Dr. Claxton wants John to get treated at home, but I am not sure when he wanted him to leave.  But I feel ok about John leaving now.  Oh, there has already been one diagnostic test, and John's Hemolytic Anemia has improved!  After one treatment of Rituxin (chemo).  So I am excited.

But I remember this happening once before, and thinking he was going to be cured by the chemo, so I asked Dr. A. if the chemo would really cure John, and he answered that it hadn't in the past, and that Dr. Claxton thought it probably wouldn't.  So Dr. Claxton will in the future most likely take out John's spleen.  Does anybody know if a spleen is an important thing to keep?  To me this is scary.  I keep hearing opposing opinions on this.  Well you see, maybe it is important to keep one's spleen, but if you are going to die from something else if you leave it in, maybe you have to get it out.  John is requiring four bags of blood every week now, and with each bag of blood, it is becomming harder and harder to find a match, because each bag adds new antibodies, and makes the next bag have to be rarer.  Eventually, they may not be able to find blood for John.  There is a possibility that he got a bag of blood that was not a match for him at one time - somebody made a mistake.  That's what one of the docs said.

At any rate, if it is alright healthwise for John to be at home, I am really excited about being there.  John and I will be able to do things in our own little nest!  It will feel so good to be at home.  John will be able to get the blood and chemo at the local hospital there.  We will have as normal a life as possible.  I am feeling positive. 

Okay, I have to go now and see John at the hospital.  I love you all.  I will get back to you and let you know whether or not we came home or stayed in Hershey.  Krissy :) 




  1. hugsdoodlewacky11/30/2006 7:04 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((JOHN/KRISSY))))))))))))))))))))))))I Hope and pray things will work out for both of you.Know you both have been through so much.Hope you get come home soon and stay home.

  2. I'm glad he's coming home. Prayers being sent for him.

  3. From what I understand, I think you can live easily without your spleen, however, John has alot of medical issues so you are doing the right thing by checking it out thoroughly.

    I will be sending you lots of prayers and hope that you come home today with a happy and healthy husband!!


  4. dbaumgartner11/30/2006 7:54 AM

    Hmmmm, If they are removing the spleen to stop the destruction of platelets then it can help.  That's the extent of my knowledge.  :-)  Seriously, check it out and weigh the pros and cons.

    Hugs to you both,


  5. Hope John can go home and receive the necessary treatment. As you say, the jury is out on splenectomy. Good luck to both of you

  6. I am glad that John is coming home soon. God be with both of you. Hugs, Helen

  7. Krissy I know you'll do your research and that together you and John and his drs will come up with the best solution. I have a friend who has a platelett disease (ITP) and often times if you remove the spleen it'll cure the disease. It didn't on her, but she lives a perfectly wonderful and normal life.

    I will continue to pray for you both.

    God Bless

  8. I hope you do get home.  I am sure John is more comfortable at home and if he can get the blood and treatment locally, it just makes sense.  I don't know about the spleen, but I have heard that sometimes it's removal is necessary and people live pretty normally without it...Jae

  9. A friend had her spleen removed many years ago, as has her daughter since. They are fine, so stop worrying Krissy, enjoy getting home again. Thinking of you both and sending many hugs.
    Love Sylvia xxx

  10. I'm glad you guys can come home already, but I wonder about John's pneumonia- is it better?  I would just hate to see you guys go through all that again!  It does sound like good news though that he is looking better- too bad he needs chemo again, but if it helps- that's the main thing.  It also is good that his doctors are being honest about the possibilites of chemo not being a cure- it would be such a let down if you were told it would cure it- then it not.  As for spleens- I have no idea what they are in here for- but like an appendix and tonsils- I've heard of people having to have them removed.  I just pray for you two!  Hope that John will not need so much blood and other things- that you can stay home through the Holidays!!  Take care Krissy- God Bless you both!  Love Carolyn

  11. Keeping you both in my prayers.

  12. Krissy, glad to hear John is coming home and can get his chemo treatments and blood needs near your home, makes it easier on both of you. There are a lot of sites on Spleen on the net you can check, so you'll be comfortable with whatever decision is decided on regarding the spleen. Hang in there, you both are in my thoughts and prayers....Arlene (AJ)

  13. I think they take out spleens quite often.
    Glad he is improving.

  14. well Im glad you guys get to go home and maybe you can start christmas stuff early this year and try to enjoy the time you get at home. Im scared of living with lots of medical stuff myself and mine seems mild compared to Johns, what exactly do they do with the spleen once its out krissy? lol ok now thats a totally gross joke but I thought maybe you and john could laugh about that little horror together. I love you and your in my thoughts! xxxxxxx

  15. My prayers are with John and you. It will be nice to be home and he can get his treatments nearby.

  16. your always in my prayers even when you don't here from me. I hope you return home soon. May you feel the touch of God


  17. rebuketheworld12/01/2006 2:32 AM

    I dont know anything about the spleen....but praying...praying for him...Maybe the environment of being home will help too....Just the endorphines of being at home instead of cold, sterile hospital rooms does much for the body...I know your tired....Hoping with ALL of my heart, you two can just rest this Christmas and no more back and forth on a regular bases....-Raven

  18. The doctors' being honest about the chemo is good in that you and John know what he is up against.    That is not to say that there is also a possibility he will have positive reaction from chemo.     Being at home will be good for you both.   The turn around he has had since being at Hershey shows that there is hope of John getting better.     I will be keeping John and you in my prayers.       mark

  19. happy john is coming home and I'll keep my prayers coming your way.

  20. readmereadyou12/01/2006 6:44 PM

    So happy John is doing so much better. GOD BLESS HIM and YOU now and always.

  21. I'm sorry about the Chemo (Poor John!), but am happy you will be able to do it at home... I'm going to be missing for a couple of weeks, but will keep you both in my thoughts. Hang in there guys!

  22. Thinking of you

  23. Krissy~My brother lives a normal life w/o his spleen. Glad to hear of the improvement and that you can come home! xox Deb


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