Monday, May 21, 2007

monday morning question


Can you fall asleep if you can hear a mosquito in your room?

My answer:  Mosquito yes, bee no! 

What's your answer? 



  1. Nope I couldn't fall asleep in fear of that bug biting me, lol. Then I'd be up itching and scratching all night.


  2. Hi Krissy~How are you two? Great, I hope! I can't stand that buzz they make --so, no. Since I wear ear plugs I'd most likely get bit anyhow. Have a good week~Deb ;-)

  3. No, I will get bit.  Gotta get it!  I don't like any bug around me.  I will have to get it out of my bedroom before I can sleep!  Love ya, sissy!  xox

  4. heavenlybama5/21/2007 9:39 AM

    I wear earplugs so I wouldn't know it unless it bit me.  have a great day!

  5. rocketman6854345/21/2007 9:47 AM

    Nope i'd be after trying to swat them both.Even more so the bee cos i am alergic to bee stings so the bee would either have to fly out the window or face the death penalty.Sorry if that sounds cruel but hey the bee could kill me if it stung me and i'd have to be mighty quick to get to hospital.

  6. Uh...that would be a big ol' NO!


  7. I won't go to asleep until the mosquito is dead.

  8. NO....A BIG FAT NO...ANY BUG!!



  9. Nope.  The whining mosquito would drive me crazy.  My cat would get him for me.
                                                                 hugs  Myke

  10. I don't think I've ever heard a mosquito.
    About the only insect that's kept me awake is a cricket.  Grrrr!


  11. Oh I know I couldn't if I knew there was one there OUCH .They seem to love me LOL!!! Take Care God Bless Kath

  12. seraphoflove90015/21/2007 2:36 PM I know he could bite me! :o)

  13. If I have Avon Skin So Soft with Bug Guard all over my body......I don't worry about a thing and go to sleep!  LOL!

  14. well the answer is a big no! lol I fear wes nile virus.... however that is spelled. Im not even sure how it spreads but Im down here in Florida and I assume I can drop over dead lol when I spot one I hunt it down and kill it with junk mail magazine I have laying around. Im definately not finished until its squashed to death. I was in Jamaica recently and my gosh do those little meanies bite you to death. Now it took me several days to realize how to sleep with the netting around me and Im sad I didnt learn faster as I got a million bites but didnt seem to contract a horrible disease! hehehehe

    sending you some love Krissy and John... I have not been on aol much to chat because my computer has been running poorly but I got a new one comming and I will install aim... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Deirdre

  15. If I put my head under the covers

  16. Krissy, A very good question.  Where do you come  up with all these?   My answer is NO WAY!  I hate bugs and mosquitos have that horrible high pitch sound to them that just drives me crazy.  I grew up in Northern MN, and you'd think I'd be use to them, but some things you never get used to! I remember, we  spent summers at the lake cabin and I always had bites all over and it was very hard not to scratch then until you bled.  I tried not to scratch because if Mom saw us scratching, we'd get calamine lotion put on and we didn't like the looks of that.  LOL
    Ah Krissy, you are a gem to come up with these questions.  

    I love you, my friend.

  17. princesssaurora5/22/2007 1:53 PM

    NO!!!  Any bug and I go on the prowl... Hairspray works great with mosquitos...

    be well,

  18. After my trip camping its not the mosquitos that bother me, its the raccoons and deer that prowl around the camp looking for food.  Every time one gets close, Jennifer will wake up and punch me in the ribs so I can "do something about it".  On second thought, its not the mosquitos, raccoons, or deer, its that left hook that keeps me from falling asleep.



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