Friday, February 1, 2008

opinion polls on Gun Ownership and BB Gun Competion on school property

After having written the last entry, I wanted to clear up any confusion.  I am not for gun control.  I believe one does have the right to own a firearm to defend oneself or to hunt, after a proper background check has been established. 

I just don't believe the competion should have been held on school property. 

I am wondering how some of you feel, as many of you didn't put an answer in my comment section.  So this time I am going to do a poll!  That way you can answer anonymously! 

And I thought I would ask you a second question, now that we are seriously addressing the Gun Ownership issue.

Okay, I know I may be in hot water here, giving a policy opinion!  But oh well!  As you know me, you have never been able to stop me from keeping my mouth shut on anything, LOL.  I gotta voice something when I think it is important. 

Krissy :)


  1. Great entry and love the polls

  2. I have the same opinion as you do, Krissy, no firearms at school for whateer reason at whatever time and I do believe people have teh right to own a firearm with proper back ground checks.

    love you


  3. rdautumnsage2/01/2008 4:04 PM

    I think we pretty much see eye to eye on both issues. (Hugs) Indigo

  4. I agree with your posting so thats two of us for the hight jump LOL!! Have a great day no napping this afternoon LOL ..Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  5. hugsdoodlewacky2/01/2008 4:30 PM

    ((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))I belive that if the gun is for protecting or for hunting,it should have a well locked up,if you know what I mean.Other wise,I put no for both of the votings.Have a nice weeked.

  6. I think we're comparing apples to oranges. The right to own a firearm legally is fine. To have any type of weapon or firearm on school grounds is insane.


  7. Well how hard can this be - guns on school property?  Say wha..?  Even BBs, small pellets that can go astray and land in someone's throat.  Adults have a right to bear arms in their homes, it's an old law dating from another time but sadly holds as true today.  But just because you know how to shoot doesn't mean you should.  We assume adults won't abuse the law.  We assume alot I'd say.  There's a difference between a right and a privilege.  Good post Kirs.  CATHY    

  8. lifesabench62/01/2008 11:46 PM

    Hi Krissy- I just now read your below post too, so I'll comment here! I heard about this idea of BB gun competition, and at first I thought- what are they nuts?!  Then I woke up.  Many kids still have more intelligence than we give them credit for, and many who grow up around guns, BB and otherwise, they are taught respect for the weapon. Growing up in Canada, there were tight gun control laws- tougher now.  I never even saw a gun until I moved to the States, when my exhusband bought one for me for protection- long story short, I thougth he was nuts,as he knew I'd never touched one in my life- but we went totarget practice and I learned how to care for it and clean it, safety and everything.  It is so much different for people who grow up with guns.  My husband now was highest score shot in his Navy training- and he had grown up hunting andtrapping, knowing about guns. I shoot the BB every now and then, and if he ever has time to teachme, I will learn the rifle as well.  Our son has never shot one, as he'sway too young, but we are already teaching him safety, and keep them locked up.  HE'sgood with a sling shot though!  Point is here, that many of these kids belong to a club, and have obviously been taught responsibility. Yes acidents do happen, even among seasoned hunters- but I believe that handled the right way, with ems standing by just in case, and a few off duty cops helping out- thse kids could learn a lot through competition.  I take the Consitution of my adoptive country very seriously, especially #'s 1, 2 and 4!  I believe that since kids used to bring their guns to school back in theold days- they used to go hunting after, there was a lot less school shootings back then. God Bless you Krissy- what an interesting post! Love Carolyn


  9. Krissy, I grew up with guns. My dad taught my brothers and me how to shoot and be safe with a gun.  We learned to respect guns.  I have my own gun now and I target pratice quite often.  I do not think guns should be on the school grounds at any time except for a police officer or security guard.  
    That competition on school property wasn't to good of an idea.  Lots of other places to go.  There was a big ranch where I lived and people practiced there and taught their kids how to shoot, hunt and be safe.


  10. peytonswater2/02/2008 9:14 AM

    I am against gun control. We have several in our home for hunting. I beleive firmly with any strict gun control, they will ALWAYS end up in the hands of killers.  Anyone that desires a gun will get it no matter the laws. People that kill are not sane, so therefore what makes a person think they won't get a gun?? Accidents will always happen no matter the control on guns. That's a fact.
    yea, I don't keep my mouth shut either.

  11. randlprysock2/02/2008 4:52 PM

    I voted!!  I truly think the guns should not be allowed on school property no matter what time of day it is and am like you, not afraid to take a stand.  And I do think it's okay to own a gun with proper background checking.  Many hugs, great poll and always nice to stop in and see how you are doing!

  12. inquestoftruth2/03/2008 8:19 PM

    I think to take away the right for upright citizens to have a gun is taking away the second amendment.
    The BB gun on school property is iffy....I voted yes because I wouldn't want to rule it out completely...but I think there would need to be strict guidelines in place.


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