Thursday, February 28, 2008

John's 46th birthday party

We finally got to have John's birthday party, a week ago, Saturday.  It was his 46th birthday party and the 2nd anniversary of his bone marrow transplant.  So I wanted to make it special.
I cooked up two big pots of chili, made a salad, and started making the carrot cake and a key lime pie.  May as well make it in front of him, he was suspicious already, LOL.
Then I asked John to leave for awhile. 
My sister Valerie, from There is a Season, came over early to help, as did her son Matt.  We wrapped presents, hung streamers - which kept falling down, LOL, - and blew up balloons that filled the house!  Matt finished cooking the food, while Val and I finished decorating.  Finally I called John on his cell and asked him to come back.  Not all guests had arrived yet, but oh well.  Oh, and to look extra pretty, I had Val put sparkly stuff in my hair, LOL.  I couldn't convince anybody else to do it, but this was a party, wasn't it, so why shouldn't I be silly!  I was laughing so hard by this time!
John walked in the door and was very surprised!
After we ate lots of good food, John opened his presents.  
I gave him money to join the astronomy club, a framed sketch of St. Francis, and some Hanes briefs.
                        John enjoying the sketch of St. Francis

                    I am not sure why we posed with underwear,  
                        or why I am showing it to you, LOL.
Above is Valerie giving John bunny ears as he opens the present she and her boyfriend gave him.  In every crowd you find one who has to do bunny ears, and this time it was Val, LOL.
                   John with the longjohns from Val and her friend  
Our nephew Matt gave John weights.  Dr. Claxton
wants John to start getting in shape now that he
has more energy.
John got a few more gifts.  A friend named Shirley gave him a book about architecture and two more friends gave him a Barnes & Noble gift certificate.  My parent's also gave John a present, as did his.  Everything was so thoughtful and wonderful!
I will tell you about the games we played in the next entry! 
click here to go to entry:  games we played at John's birthday party 
Krissy :)


  1. I'm glad you finally got your party together. The underwear picture may have been too much information, lol.


  2. What a joyous celebration that must have been.  I love the St. Francis sketch.  He is one of my favorite Saints to be sure...they are all great, but he really touches my heart.  'On Ya' - ma

  3. What a great party!!!
    How fun and what a wonderful idea to give John a suprise party....
    Linda :)

  4. Awww Krissy, this all sounds like so much fun!  I am so happy John got to have this day and that you & others made it very special for him!  He deserves it & you are the best! Love, Merry

  5. hugsdoodlewacky2/28/2008 9:40 PM

    (((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))So glad John had a great Bday.He so deserved it.

  6. sounds like a great party I am glad you enjoyed yourself

  7. looks like a good time...FYI he is a cutie

  8. Happy Belated Birthday John!

  9. Mmmm...the food sounds really good Krissy.  And what's a birthdya w/o underwear?  LOL : )
    Great pics of the party.  He looks happy and you all look like you are having a good time.

    hugs, Bethe

  10. Yum yum ,  food sound good.  Happy birthday to John.        Dawn

  11. great pictures!! there is always someone in the group that does bunny ears, isn't there? we have one in our family too (and its not me, LOL)

    great pictures!!!

    what amazed me the most was that you asked John to leave, he left, did you send him on an errand? was he shocked that you had him leave??

    so glad you guys were able to finally have the party :)


  12. LOL at the picture of you holding the Undies hahahahahaha!!!

    Ps.... I thought VAL lived in Florida? not Pennsylvania? Did she move back or something?

    ~ Christopher ~

  13. Looked like everyone was having a fun time. A lot of good food and great gifts that he can make good use off. Thanks for sharing your fun time. Hugs, Helen


  15. Looks like you all had a great time.  John looks so good!  Love the underwear.  What's a birthday or even Christmas without the gift of new undies! LOL

  16. LOL  Oh, no, I am on the internet doing bunny ears.  I am sooooooo sorry. LOL  Happy Birthday again, John!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!  Val xox

  17. Sounds like John had one special birthday filled with love, friends, fun times.  So glad he enjoyed his 46th.  You did a great job Krissy putting all this together. Thanks for sharing with us all the pictures, looks like a great time was had by John and all.  Arlene (AJ)

  18. What fun! I had to laugh at Val's comment at getting caught doing the bunny ears! lol. Love Pam xx

  19. Awww i'm glad it went ok and it looks like you had a good time :o)  I was wondering if you were gonna pose with the underwear lol........  If there's some of that carrot cake left can I have it??  ;-)



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