Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on John

What a long time since I've updated.  It has been one crazy week.  In the beginning of the week John said his neck hurt more than it ever had, so we went to a physician to check it out.  To make a long story short, John is suffering from sprained ligaments in his neck.  I think that is what the spinal surgeon said.  John will have to go to Physical Therapy for about three months is what I think he was told by the surgeon.

The reason I am so unclear on what John  has wrong with him, and what his treatment is, is because first the radiologist, then John's physician told us that John's neck was broken.  We were terrified, to say the least.  John was given a collar to wear, and sent home.  He was told to lay around until the neurosurgeon called.  The next morning (Tuesday) a spinal surgeon called John.  He went in and additional x-rays were taken.  That is when it was determined that the injury that the other doctors had seen was an old neck break, and was not dangerous, and would not migrate and hurt the spine.

At any rate, we are so grateful that John's neck is not broken.  He is still in tremendous, horrific pain, but that's okay - it's better than having a broken neck.  John is wearing his collar, going to PT for about three months, then to massage therapy.  It will be a long ride up.  But it is okay.

Finally, I want to say, in the midst of all these appointments, I didn't get time to do any entries.  I've missed the Monday Morning Question, and haven't been able to do a JLand Photo Shoot in a couple of weeks.  This really disturbs me, as I like to stay consistent.  I hope you all understand.  

Love you all, and I will be back to writing regularly,

Krissy :)         


  1. my gosh, Krissy, of course we understand; your priority is yourself and John, not journals although I understand you like to be consistent; you and John need to concentrate on yourselves and getting better (how are you doing/feeling?) and don't worry about journals;

    keeping you both in my prayers


  2. breakaway19685/15/2008 9:08 AM

    It's alot of work to take care of someone and we totally understand that your family has to come first.  I sure hope John gets to feeling better real soon!  He's really been through a lot hasn't he!  Take care Krissy!  We will be here when you get back into things ;)  

  3. Thank the dear Lord that it is sprained not broken.  You all certainly have more than the normal share of ailments for sure.  You are in my thoughts and prayers always.  'On Ya' - ma

  4. peytonswater5/15/2008 9:16 AM

    You give John a kiss on the cheek from me and tell him to get BETTER! You to need to live with a physical therapist, geesh. I worry about you both.
    I have a big long email I am sending you when I get the thoughts out of my head and type them in repsons to your email :)
    Luv you both

  5. <<That is when it was determined that the injury that the other doctors had seen was an old neck break>>

    Whoa, does he know how he did THAT? My goodness -- nothing goes easily for John. I hope the physical therapy will help him.

    Speaking of therapy, how's your shoulder doing?  I can't imagine stress helps at all.

    You both remain in my prayers.  


  6. I TOTALLY understand!  I don't have half the things going on that you do and I still find staying consistan challenging to say the least!

    I'm very happy that Johns neck is not broken!


  7. Take all the time you need to be with John and take care of HIM!!

  8. Krissie i am sure everyone understand's that the usual array of goodies you lay out are not a priority right now. I hope john gets some relief from all this. Keeping you both In my thoughts and prayers. Love Pam xx

  9. Oh, I'm sure we all understand ... life gets busy and it isn't always busy with 'good' stuff.  Hoping you and John are both doing well.  Prayers for you.

  10. treesrgreen785/15/2008 10:10 AM

    Have not been reading alerts for a bit, but am so glad John is ok and he will only need therapy, yes it is a long road but god bless you both.  You always do a wonderful job with the  Monday morning question and the photo shoot, we totally understand, take care both of you.  

  11. I love you both. Will always pray for you and John. You guys deserve a big break.

  12. Sending up prayers for John's neck and your shoulder. Hugs, Helen

  13. cherry2sweet2eat5/15/2008 12:10 PM

    john feel better soon hun im sorry i know this has been making you stressed stay strong kristina

  14. I hope John's neck heals fast.  Both of you take it easy!

  15. Krissy you and John and your healths should always take top spot over anything else and we all understand.  Just so glad that John's neck wasn't broken and hopefully the PT will be of great help to him.  You both are always in my special thoughts and prayers. Arlene (AJ)

  16. sending you and john prayers

  17. carouselqueen705/15/2008 5:36 PM

    I am so sorry about John being in so much pain. It is a blessing that his neck is not broken. That could have been way worse. I hope that he is feeling better soon..Prayers to you and, Christine

  18. cacklinrosie1015/15/2008 6:24 PM

    I've been so behind, Krissy.  I'm sorry.  Sheesh, I didn't realize John was going through thinking his neck was broken in the midst of all the other health problems.  I'm so glad it isn't.  I pray you both get the pain under control.  Love ya, Chris

  19. We do understand.  It's important that you take care of business at home and only post those if you have the time.  We will be ok.  So happy to hear that this is not a new event in John's neck.  Does he have any idea when & how that might have happened?  Linda in Washington  

  20.     After the last couple of months I've had, I am the last person to lecture about staying consistent. I'm really sorry to hear that John has had problems, but thank God it isn't a broken neck. I couldn't imagine dealing with hearing that and then taking him home with just a collar on. I think I'd be stroking out just because of the worry. Please take care of yourself and John. As always, you're in my prayers.

  21. I am SO glad John's neck was/is has not  been broken!  I can imagine the pain, vividly.  I broke my neck running backwards to talk to Dave (who was up on our roof) checking out theroofers work.  I tripped backwards over the Hibachi Grill.   I felt so stupid to do something like that!  

    I had pains up & down my arms, went to Neurosurgeon, had an MRI & immediately had surgery. If I hadn't he said I would be paralyzed in 2 yr. in my entire body!  My neck is fused, has  rods, & I have limited movement.  Now that I am older I have arthritis & bone spurs there, too, I have severe pain still & that & my back are why I take pain pills. Glad John doesn't have to go through that! Love you Merry


  23. WOW................. i got rather worried when i started reading the entry......... but just glad that John's neck is not broken. I hope that the collar,therapy and meds? do the trick.

    Thoughts and prayers for you both
    hugs Jayne


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