Sunday, July 27, 2008

But I don't want to go in the MRI machine...

A lot has happened since I wrote last.  Gee, that was this past Monday.  I haven't made an entry because my computer really has been shutting on and off.  It's the hard drive.  It's just too old.  I'm definitely going to have to get a new computer.
I've also been really busy.  Lots of doctor's appointments.  The surgeon I was sent to for my shoulder and arm wants me to have an MRI on Thursday, and is deciding if I should have one or two surgeries, from the result of the MRI.  He definitely wants me to have laproscopic surgery, and then perhaps another surgery.  I'll explain when I have more time, why I might have to have two surgeries instead of one.  But right now I have to get some things done.
I just wanted to say one thing about the MRI though, before I get back to work.  I don't want to do it.  I am sceeeeeered, LOL.  The MRI is on Thursday.  It will be a closed MRI with contrast.  I don't mind the dye.  I mind being in the tube.  I panicked so badly in it last time.  Call it an anxiety attack, a panic attack, I don't know what it was, but I wanted to get out the whole time I was in there.
I asked them for music, before I went in, which they obliged me with.  That was great, because it made the time go by so much faster.  But I still panicked somewhat.  Anything they did to make me comfortable didn't work.  
I have this irrational fear that they are going to leave me in there!  And go home or something.  My sister Therese asked me something last night that helped me.  She asked, "How can they leave you in there, when other patients are scheduled to have MRIs right after you?  They HAVE to take you out!"
Okay, so that makes sense.  The she said, "Don't worry, even if there is a fire, and the electricity stops working, it only takes them six to eight minutes to get you out."  "Shut up, Therese!," I said.  I hadn't even thought of the little scenario where the electricity stops working.  I asked her what made her think anybody would wait around for eight seconds to manually pull me out of a vault if the place was burning up?  Ugh...
After telling me this, she did redeem herself again, LOL.  She told me what I should do.  "Tell them you are scared.  Tell them to talk to you periodically and ask you if you are okay.  If you know that they are watching out for you, you won't be as nervous.  Have them remind you you can press the bottom at any time if you need help.  They can talk you through it."
Now THAT made sense.  And if all else fails, I could take two Ativan, LOL.  The surgeon promised.  
Love you all,
Krissy :) 


  1. I agree, Krissy, tell them you are scared.  I would, I have a horror of those although I have never been in one.  They can give you something to relax you and they will also take extra special care of you.  If they do not know you are scared they cannot help. Nothing to be ashamed of, so tell them.

  2. Krissy, you can have a seditive if you ask your doctor about it, I was given a hypo 20 minutes before they put me in it. I was not afraid of it . It was so I could lay flat I can't do that because of the 3 surgeries I have had , the seditive worked, an they have back up generators to get you out if they loose power, and the generators kick in about 3-4 minutes after the power goes off.. Good luck and I will be praying for you...BJ

  3. Sorry your computer is acting up again.  While in the MRI on Thursday, just think of all your J-Land friends that are with you and wishing you wellness and calmness :o)

  4. Be sure and let them know you panic when inside the machine.  One thing that helps me is to have a cover over my eyes.  I've had to have several on my head and one place gave me this nice lavendar scented eye mask to help relax me.  Now I take it with me whenever I have to have another one.  Also...a sedative, anti-anxiety medication...something to help you relax.  I use Xanax for that purpose.   I promise they won't leave you in there !!!!!! Scouts honor, hope to die if I tell a lie!!!!!!  Don't be afraid to ask for help in getting thru the exam.   Linda in Washington    

  5. nightmaremom7/27/2008 12:42 PM

    aaaww hon... get the music and a relaxer...  bring a blind fold.....  and turn that music up as loud as you can stand it... sing along .....   sending good vibes and strength
    love ya

  6. I don't blame you for feeling that way with an MRI.  I never have had one and don't ever want one..  Hang in there.          Dawn

  7. If you call your doc's ahead of time, and someone else is driving you, they should be able to "sedate" you (relax you really) before starting the MRI...a little IV or shot. Between that, the music and sleeping mask or towel, you should be fine! I have to have it done because of my back (can't lay flat without back spasms) but a friend of mine is very claustrophobic and needs sedated before MRI, etc. Good luck!


  8. (((Krissy))) I understand completely because I've thought I would have difficulty with this test and I've never had one

    my advice; take the 2 Ativan. maybe remember this verse: "The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid, what can man (or machine, my wording) do against me.

    I'll pray for you to feel the Lord's presence and peace while you are having the test on Thursday


  9. heavenlybama7/27/2008 6:56 PM

    I am the same way.  I now request  places with open MRI's.  So much better!

  10. I have a horrible problem with MRI's. I move. I don't, but they say I do!!!  Finally, it was figured out that it was just me shaking! So, I do know what you mean about panicking!  I had to get knocked out (& no valium wasn't enough) (nope, painkillers didn't knock me out, either)--finally the anesthesiologist (spell right, Merry!) came from the hospital and HE made sure I was OUT COLD & could not did not move for long past the scan!  I hope it doesn't come to that for you!  Good luck in Hershey. I am praying hard for you! Love you both, Merry

  11. I was scared the first time too, but aftr that is was ok. Maybe you are claustrophobic and that is why you hate it? I pretend I'm at some tribal party and think of new rythmns to go with the noise! Hope you do not have to have two procedures- Love, Dannelle

  12. kristijohnson727/28/2008 9:14 AM

    "Have them remind you you can press the bottom at any time if you need help.  They can talk you through it."

    Whose bottom are you supposed to press to get them to take you out? ;P  I vote for George Clooney!  I wish the CT scanner I had to endure had that feature!

    You'll make it through just fine and they won't leave you in there.  Good luck.

  13. I took a valium before going to my appt. and then I wasn't so anxious during my "tubular" experience. lol

  14. I took 2 valium and 2 pain pills. And they still said I moved, so then the anesthesiologist had to put me out. The Neurosurgeon said he had to have a "good" one.  This was when I broke my neck and I was having pain up and down my arms and oh, boy, what a scary, horrible time that was.  But I got through it and the surgery.  You will get through this fine, Krissy, no matter what. You are stronger than you know!  You are my Hercules!  You have already been through so much more with your John.  I love you! Merry

  15. I would've been scared about the MRI.  I'm sure you were fine xx  LOL @ Therese she's right you know ;)


  16.     I hope all went well. I had one MRI, but it was on my foot. The lower half of my body was the only thing inside. I can understand what you would have been going through.

  17. Krissy

    My heart goes out to you regarding the MRI. I suffer from claustrophobia and agoraphobia........ so that would be my worst nightmare.

    I hope that everything goes well
    hugs Jayne


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