Sunday, July 20, 2008

how John is doing

It's been days since I've done an entry.  That's because I have been working on my computer, which continues to go on and off at will.  I am going to finally store my pics and documents to disc today, if this old thing will allow me, and then try one more fix.  I hope it works!
It's not been easy these past couple of weeks.  So what's new with that?  I've kept myself busy though, as I have lots of things to do...  I wanted to get on here and tell you all some things though.  I debated about whether or not to tell you all this, but since my husband mentioned it in his blog, I am going to go ahead and mention it.       
Okay, I'll cut to the chase.  Don't panic (ya, right), but John is having some health problems right now.  You all know that he had two cancers (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and bone marrow cancer), both which are being held in remission by his bone marrow transplant.  Well, for a couple of weeks John had no immunities.  His regular oncologist, Dr. Claxton, was on vacation, and the oncologist subbing is concerned John's cancer is back (indicated by the fact that John keeps having no immune system this late after his bone marrow transplant).  Dr. Claxton's nurse, Mitzi, has also been on vacation.  When she got back, she told John she didn't think his cancer was back, and that Dr. Claxton hadn't mentioned it to her.
So now we wait and see.  Mitzi says it is highly unlikely, though.  I am sure she or Dr. Claxton don't want to commit 100% until after he examines John.  John has an appointment on July 28.  That is Monday after tomorrow.  We leave on this Sunday coming up (July 27).  
Anyway, it's been a little rough because answers were changing daily, different doctors saying different things, and one night a few nights ago John got a significant fever.  The sub doctor told usto get him to Hershey Medical Center (the facility where John got his bone marrow transplant) immediately, and have him admitted.
He told us what sounded to us like horror stories (like he thought John's cancer was back, that he had a bad infection that could kill him, etc), but then Mitzi corrected what he said the next day, or what she thinks is true about John anyway, and his situation. 
Anyway, fortunately, John's temperature dropped to normal.  Because there were no beds available, and John would have waited in two ERs (local and Hershey), for up to 24 hours, before he was up in a hospital bed at Hershey.
John did end up getting a Neulasta shot a few days later, to raise his immunities, so he wouldn't get any infections that could kill him.  So now he has a high immune system.  But while they did that, they found kind of bad kidney damage.  He only had 25 to 30% to start with, and now it is worse.  Now Dr. Claxton needs to explore what is causing that.
Hopefully the kidney's lack of partial functioning won't cause dialysis soon.
It is strange to see.  A man walking around normally, doing every day things, not far from dialysis, perhaps?  Could that even be possible?  We just got some info. back in the mail we needed to join the YMCA.  He was going to do regular exercise.  He doesn't appear that weak.
Well, anyway, we will find out more about it when he goes to the oncologist on July 28.  John's oncologist, Dr. Claxton, will be checking out his kidneys, as opposed to the nephrologist (kidney doctor) on that date, as it was John's bone marrow transplant that hurt his kidneys in the first place.  Actually it wasn't the actual transplant that hurt his kidneys.  John's kidney problems were caused by a medicine he was taking after the transplant to make sure the bone marrow transplant worked, or the kidney problems may have been caused by some mismatched blood blood that was given to him after the bone marrow transplant. 
So I am not panicking or anything, just telling you all what is going on, in case my computer shuts down soon, and it takes me a short while to get another one.  I just wanted you to know.  I am kind of taking this all in stride, as we don't have any definite information yet, and why be upset if we don't know for sure?
If I were to get freaked out every time they said John might be having a relapse I would constantly be freaked out.  I just can't do it.  I need to remain stable.  It would drive me nuts.  
The kidney part is harder to deal with.  I don't want to see him on dialysis.  I won't tell you why.  Because he may not have to go on it.  We'll save that for if he really has to go on it.  For now let's remain positive! 
Time to go get back to work!  
Love you all, and I hope you are having a good weekend,
Krissy :) 


  1. prayers coming your way

  2. You and John are so strong Krissy and I will pray also that his kidney damage is not so bad he has to go on dialysis.  Hang on in there and keep the faith as you always have.

  3. nightmaremom7/20/2008 9:26 AM

    you know you and John are in my thoughts and prayers ...
    love ya

  4. I`m thinking of you both.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  5. Sending up prayers for you both. Helen

  6. I know you have great faith. You and John are very special people. Keep us posted and I pray for a good outcome. It isn't right that both you a Val are having computer problems, one of you has to be up and running! Dannelle

  7. I remember Dr. Claxton, yeah.  Geez Krissy you and John, and Val too, are the bravest people under the sun - and the most optomistic which is wonderful.  John's been through so much in the last few years, with you there for every step.  I know it's emotionally draining but I also know the power of prayer and you've always got mine sweetie.  xoxo CATHY

  8. Well, I'd wait for the final verdict from Dr Claxton. He has looked after John right the way through this, Krissy, and the sub is not handling things entirely professionally, I feel. However, he's your first port of call now. Wishing you both strength at this trying time,


  9. Krissy you and John are always in my prayers and thoughts.  Keep positive and you are right, doesn't pay to worry before you know anything for sure. You both take care, we're here for you both always. Love, Arlene (AJ)

  10. sugarsweet0567/20/2008 11:21 AM

    Sending up prayers.
    God  bless,

  11. Prayers for both of you :o)

  12. Sorry to hear your husband is so unwell. I think you'e right to stay positive. No point getting upset and worried when  it may not happen.
    Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

    B. x


  13. Krissy, I always feel so scared for John but this time I am going to wait and see what Dr. Claxton says .  No use to worry now.  That just stresses us.  I hope John will be ok and my prayers are always there for you both.  

    Love and hugs     Myke

  14. It will be good when the regular doctor gets back and he has his appointment.  Meanwhile, we know that John (and you) are in God's hands.  I'm praying for comfort and peace for you and John while you play out this waiting game.   Linda in Washington

  15. preciousone257/20/2008 3:55 PM

    Krissy, Know that I'm praying for you both, I know that you have the faith to remain positive, and that's really a good thing.


  16. firestormkids047/20/2008 4:05 PM

    My precious friends ~ you are constantly in my prayers.  Your combined strength with the power of our Lord is more than illness can take.  Stand strong and Rob and I will too.  Blessings and we love you, Rob & Penny  

  17. midwestvintage7/20/2008 4:23 PM

     Krissy, I know you both must be so concerned.  Just one thing after another.  I will be keeping you both in my prayers but know your both strong enough to handle whatever comes next.  


  18. positive is good

  19. I think you and John are handling this in the best way possible, Krissy; you are concerned, you are doing what the doctors are telling you to do, you are waiting, you are praying and you are trying to live your life as best as you can while you wait; we tend to second guess so many things that don't come to happen and we work ourselves up needlessly at times; I think your approach of careful watch and waiting and waiting until you can meet with the doctor who knows John best is the best approach to take; as always both of you are in my prayers

    (oh my gosh, I just heard the best sermon at church this morning; putting it into written word would not do justice to it; I'll have to see if I can get a CD for you; if your computer starts working, I'll direct you to the church's website to listen to it online)


  20. You're right.  We need to stay positive right now about John.  He's in my prayers every day!

  21. Holding you both up to our Heavenly Father.  -  Barbara

  22. lifesabench67/20/2008 10:26 PM

    I'll keep you both still in my prayers Krissy- I hope and pray that things go better for both of you in health!  God Bless~ Carolyn

  23. cherry2sweet2eat7/21/2008 12:03 AM

    I hope he feels better and that its not the cancer.

  24. I hope all goes well for both you and John.

  25. Krissy,

    So sorry to hear about John's recent health problems and the possible reasons for them.  Praying that all will go well for him and that God will protect him and once again restore his kidney function.  Glad to hear that you're refusing to give in to worry.

    Stay strong and keep the faith!

  26. fingers crossed for John xx  Sounds like your going through quite a time (((hugs)))) to you both x


  27. Krissy

    I am so very sorry that i am behind with alerts........... I am sorry to hear about John, but will cut this short and follow up wih some later alerts to see how he got on.
    Keeping you in my prayers
    hugs Jayne


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