Saturday, June 12, 2004

Eastern Tailed Blues

Today John and I went and grilled some steaks at a local park.  Now you all can finally see a picture of him.  (Notice how I have not allowed anybody to see a picture of me yet!  I am still thinking about when I will let that occur!  Maybe soon!) 

When we were there we saw some beautiful butterflies.  They were the color of this font I am using.  They were everywhere.  They were magnificent.  They were true blue on one side and on the outside they were a pinkish-purple.  

At the park they have a butterfly garden.  I live in a college town, and there is a butterfly garden at the park that is maintained by the college.  They introduce butterflies and grow flowers and trees for the butterflies to live in.  While John was cooking the steaks I walked down to the butterfly garden because I wanted to know what kind of butterfly the blue one was.  There is a big board with all the butterfly pictures and their names listed.  It was a little walk, but I didn't mind because I needed the exercise.  But after a few minutes my muscles were hurting me because of my fibromyalgia (that is another story). 

I came upon the sign and learned my butterfly was called an Eastern Tailed Blue.  I read about them.  They like oak trees.  That is why there were not a lot of them in the butterfly garden, but mostly in the picnic area a bit away.  Because there was only one oak growing in the butterfly garden.  The rest of the plants in the garden were flowers or weeds.  The Eastern Tailed Blues had moved to the rest of the park. 

I stayed at the butterfly garden for a few minutes and watched the other species of butterflies flying around the flowers for awhile.  Such magnificent butterflies.  I used to hate them because they were bugs but now they seemed pretty now that I had seen the blue one. 

Suddenly a creepy feeling came over me. I determined to get back to the picnic area with John as soon as possible.  I remembered that the spot where I was was where the police had been looking for a missing college student who they believe has been murdered.  They believe she was murdered quite possibly in the park, and quite possibly by the butterfly garden.  I did not go to the park for about two years after the incident occurred because I was too creeped out.  What a shame that I let an ax murderer or something run my life. 

I went back to the grill where John was.  I told him the butterfly was a Eastern Tailed Blue.  He told me he had just seen the strangest bird - it had an orange head, brown body, and white tail. 

"What a beautiful day for a picnic," John said.  "The weather is gorgeous, the Eastern Tailed Blues are out, and an oranged-headed, white tailed bird dropped by."  I almost fell out laughing when John said this.  It sounded like script from a book.  I couldn't tell if he was trying to be funny or not.  Because he is so literal sometimes. 

We ate our steaks, some honey pasta salad (something new we tried - it had bow tie pasta, mandrin oranges, and sunflower seeds in it!), and a couple of baby donuts.  Then we went home.  It was a fun day. 


  1. chickiecheeses6/12/2004 11:31 PM

    Sounds like a beautiful day!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip!! Thanks for sharing...a butterfly garden? wonderful.I used to think they were kinda creepy too being bugs and all, but I have grown to love them too..



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