Saturday, June 5, 2004

President Reagan dies at 93

President Ronald Reagan died today at age 93.  He was the 40th president of the United States and served two terms.  He lived from 1911 - 2004.  No matter how you felt about his politics, there was so much good you could say about him.  On the eve of his death, many are coming out and saying many things about him.  

"He won the Cold War without firing a shot," former Republican National Chairman Jim Gilmore said.

"He is the one who allowed the breakup of the Soviet Union," said Bogdan Chireac.  "May God rest his soul."

"Whether you agreed or disagreed with Ronald Reagan, you can't deny that he was honest, fought hard for what he believed in, and had the courage of his convictions," said U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D - N.Y.

Richardson, a democrat, said, "He restored the nation's pride when our collective spirits were low."

Reagan is known for many things.  He was the Great Communicator.  Everybody knows his "Tear down this wall speech.  Reagan did much to end communism.  He helped with the oil crisis.  He ended the hostage crisis.  He made the nation patriotic and proud again.  He helped us believe in ourselves again.  He energized the economy.  He led the way on social issues such as abortion.  He had old-fashioned conservative principles.  He was known to many as a man of principle because he stuck to his principles.  

This great man and great president will be greatly missed.     

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  1. wonderful story...Thank you for the quotes..I was quite young when he was President, but I have heard many good things about him too..



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