Friday, June 11, 2004


I just watched the funeral of Ronald Reagan.  It was extremely moving.  Such an outpouring of people wanting to see a man at the end of his life.  The show was called Farewell to Ronald Reagan.  Of course it is not a final farewell because he is in Heaven with his Lord that he loved so much.  

Tonight I am in a really introspective mood.  I am thinking about all kinds of things.  I even sat down and made a list of goals for the future.  This is kind of strange for me because I usually do this at times when I think time is slipping away from me, like when it is my birthday and I think I am getting old.  I guess I am feeling pretty old, I am 41 now, and sometimes I think that time is really slipping away.  Like there is not that much time left to do the things I want to do.  I am not sure exactly what it is that I still want to do, but I think there is not that much time left to do it!

Perhaps I am not THAT old! 



  1. No way you are old cause I am older LOL. We are in our prime, And it lasts until we decide it is over LOL

  2. Time slips away before we even know it!! Is it June alreayd??...what the??...I know you mean about writing goals when a birthday comes around, or time just seems to be marching foward without you even noticing...Its crazy sometimes to even think...One day we will die..and then what?..our journay on this Earth will be second chances...CRAZY...nice entry..:)


  3. onestrangecat6/12/2004 4:59 AM

    You have more time left than you think.  How old was Reagan?  Nancy seems to be moving around just fine and she is probably just as old as he was.

    I am a few years older that you and I haven't hit middle age yet!!  lol


  4. I am 43 and recently got that feeling of getting things done before I am really too old to do them!


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