Friday, June 25, 2004

Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another day.

But there were a few interesting things that happened.

I had three appointments.  One of them VERY far away.  That one was strange.  For one thing a man on the side of the road had stopped and was getting dressed outside his car.  Just changing his shirt (I hope that was all), but by the side of the highway.  Now why would someone stop by the side of the highway to change their clothes?  He was a businessman. 

On the same trip there were those sickening popping cicadas.  Like popping chocolate pudding balls against the windshield.  I guess they have made their way from Maryland to Pennsylvania. 

On the way home, I saw two homeless people at an intersection.  I am used to that in the city/subarbs where I used to come from, but not in the rural area I was in.  One was a very dirty young man who had a shopping cart full of stuff and a sign that said "I am homeless and I am hungry and...".  I couldn't read the rest of the sign.  I didn't know if he wanted food or wanted a job.  I wanted to help in some kind of a way.  In some kind of way more than just give him food.  I kind of wondered why there was someone who wasn't working with him in some kind of program and how he had somehow fallen through the cracks. I wanted to say, hey, there is a way, there is hope.  You don't just need food, you need work, or if you can't work (because you are sick), you need someone to show you how to qualify for disability payments, and you need help moving into an apartment, etc., etc.  But John and I drove on because we were late.  I wonder why there isn't more help for people who sit on street corners who really want help.  I mean those who REALLY want to change their life, not ones who want to sit around and do nothing.  How sad.

And yes, I advocate people helping themselves, but I also believe in helping people so that they can get in the position to help themselves.  I believe in giving people a fishing pole so that they can fish.  I am somewhere between not giving people anything and giving them everything.  I am for helping people help themselves.  And yes, to the horror of my parents, I am a Republican. 

I am also a Republican because I am pro-life.  But now we are veering way off the subject of my day.

I saw Valerie and Matthew again yesterday.  Matthew told me he and his mother saw some truffles at the grocery store.  He said they were $499 a pound!  I thought he was joking at first.  Valerie said they were under lock and key.  Now I heard truffles were supposed to be good, but why would anyone pay $499 for fungi?  I don't care if they are a delicacy and rare.  I guess the rich will do anything...  What a waste, think of all the people you could help with that...

Well, I need to go, I am getting hungry and haven't had my coffee yet. No, I think I will have some tea.  Everybody have a great day.  :-) 



  1. I am always thinking the same thing. In my life, I have tried to help a few people that i thought just needed a little guidance, but it only tirned out, that I wasn't going to change them, and noone alse was either..It's so sad to know what they could accomplish, and see them not even trying...


  2. onestrangecat6/25/2004 7:41 PM

    You know, there are quite a few homeless people that won't take what organizations have to offer for one reason or another.  Some of the homeless men that have been interviewed around here said they like their lives the way they are and have no plans on changing.
    There is help for those that really want it.  And chances are you won't see those standing on the corner begging.


  3. sonensmilinmon6/25/2004 10:22 PM

    I agree we can help a person best if we help them get in a position to help themselves.  IF they truly want help they will use what is available.  Many seem content to use everyone for what they can.  We have a young man who sits on the corner every day.  He qualifies for help, he's even been offered help yet, he sits on the corner because it's easier and he makes more money that way!


  4. Wow I didnt know truffles cost that much.  Well people do need help at times to get on their feet.   john

  5. I totally agree!!!! Some people don't want the help or don't want to do the work it takes.
    I am also a republica at the dismay of my family!!


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