Friday, June 18, 2004

What will become of me?

These past few days I have been doing Spring cleaning like crazy.  (Yes, it is technically still Spring out there even though it is blazing hot.)  I am going through my apartment and throwing things out.  I am finding things to give to Good Will.  It feels really good.  I think that I am thinking that somehow if I throw out the things in my house that are extra, that somehow it will clean up the things in my life that are not necessary.  That I will get a new start.  I am looking for a new start in life right now.  I am not exactly sure what that new start will entail, but I just want some changes.  I want to throw away the old stuff and start some new beginnings.  I can feel a new me emerging.

I started a little volunteer job, and will also start another one in July (helping young girls who are pregnant).  I am looking forward to both of these chances to help others.

I am considering what else I want this new me to be about.  Meanwhile, while I am thinking, I will keep cleaning.  There is so much left to do!  


  1. Cleaning out does seem to clear the mind and free up things in there. Good luck!!

  2. Well it's a bit cold here and it's supposed to be summer!

  3. Cleaning is good therapy, for sure....And when your surroundings are in good order, it *is* easier to think...



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