Monday, June 7, 2004

Venus Passes Between Sun and Earth Tomorrow

My boyfriend John is an ameteur astronomer.  He belongs to an astronomy club.  He told me about an event that is happening tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  On Tuesday, June 8, at dawn will be the transit of Venus.  Venus will pass between the sun and the Earth, enabling most states in the US to see it.  Venus' transit will begin at about 1:13 AM Eastern Time and end about 7:26 AM Eastern Time.  If you are going to watch the event you must employ safe viewing techniques to avoid eye damage.  Never look directly at the sun without proper filters.  Permanent eye damage will occur.  Instead proper telescope filters or protective glasses from astronomy dealers should be used.

The last transit was in 1882.  The next transit will be in 2012.

Tomorrow John plans to go out meet his astronmy club and look at Venus through telescopes with protectives lenses.  I think they are solar telescopes.  They are going to get to the park at 5:15.  I think you have to be pretty dedicated to get up that early!  I think he is going to get up around 4:15!  I guess he wants to really see it!            


  1. i dunno if i would crawl out of bed to see

  2. I would love to just check it out....People that enjoy astronomy are so cool, I think..I mean, it is such a big universe out there...Make sure you stand behind him for this ok?...Have a great week!!


  3. Thanks for telling me that as I needed to know.  Tommorrow is my sister's birthday so I might call and wake her up to go see.   john  

  4. I cannot wait! It is going to be a mystical site. I first heard about it in the newspaper. And ever since than I have been telling my dad to wake me up early over and over and over and over, lol. I Hope that you have a good day, bye!


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