Sunday, June 13, 2004

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #9

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment # 9:

Post a picture of one of your pets and entertain us with tales of animal fun.

I have shown pictures of my feline named Mr. Michael the Maine Coon Cat (Michael for short) and written about him extensively.  So I will just tell you two of the things that he does that I think are the funniest.  The first is fetching objects.  The second is knocking on the door when he wants to go outside.  He, of course, is the smartest cat I know!


  1. LOL, your cat looks like my friend, Tashas, CAT!!! Just like it, isn't that ironic?!?! I find it to be! Knocking on the door, eh? Fetching objects, huh? Sounds purty smart to me if I might say so myself! That cat is way smarter than Tashas! Maybe your gained intelligence and hers gained looks! Wait a minute, if your two cats look exactly the same, than your cats both look cute! So I guess your cat has the upper hand by one point! LOL, I like your cat. How it knocks on the door when he wants to go outside, unlike my cat which scratches me on the arm who licks my mind. In any case, I perfer the scratching michael's skin until A) he waks up B) He bleeds a little or C) Bleeds a little! LOL, my cat is awfully wierd! I Hope that you have a good day, Bye! =-)

  2. Cute cat!  I had one once that also fetched.
    They are sweet animals.

  3. chickiecheeses6/13/2004 6:58 PM

    At my old house I had a hot water tank in the corner of the bathroom, ny cat would lay on top of it. She fell asleep and fell behind it into the corner and was stuck there. I lowered a towel down and she climbed up it.

  4. Now THAT  is a cat!

  5. emilythecreative6/14/2004 11:17 PM

    Cute cat!!!  Thanks for visiting my journal!!!  My cat only fetches ponytail holders.  She is one of a kind!*~*Emily


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