Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Kim Sun-Il

How extremely sad.  No, sad is not a strong enough word for it.  Today Islamic militants beheaded another person.  South Korean Kim Sun-il could be heard pleading on video tape for his life while being killed.  The militants of course wanted the South Korean government to pull its troops from Iraq.  It seems like one of these incidents happens every few days.  If I remember correctly this is the third beheading recently.  How sickening.   


  1. It makes me sick too...they are allowed to behead innocent people, yet we can't use any gorilla tactics?!?!?....kinda asking for our side to be the saddest isn't it?..why are we still there again?


  2. chattiekimmie6/23/2004 11:12 AM

    My heart breaks for the families of those men and women being slaughtered in this "war" on terrorism.  I ache for the parents & spouses with loved ones so far away fighting for something no one can define.  I wonder where we lost focus, or why we focused on Iraq in the first place.  It even brings up the question, "Did we anger them into doing these horrible things?"  I hope there is a way out of this mess.  Too much death, and for what reason?  I'm sickened by it all too.  I feel so helpless, and even scared at times.  :(

  3. willandgrace19866/23/2004 3:46 PM

    I am deeply horrified by the murder of these innocent Westerners and the extremely cruel and terrifying way the murderers are carrying it out.  I think of these three victims often.

    I hope we will pull out our troops soon and let the Iraquis run their own country.  I wish for peace and non-violence in the Middle East soon.  And I wish peace and non-violence in the U.S. also.  I think no one is too small to speak out for peace in our world.
    -Arielle Marie    

  4. I know..it's so horrible...I can hardly stand to watch the news anymore...My heart goes out to the families of those who have lost their lives...



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