Sunday, June 6, 2004

Smarty Jones loses

Yesterday Smarty Jones lost at the Belmont Stakes.  It was very sad that he did not become a Triple Crown Winner.  It looked as if he was going to win but Birdstone overtook him in the finishing stretch.  A record crowd that was teased into believing it would at long last see  racing history once again left stunned, disappointed, and some even in tears.

I for one thought Smarty Jones had a real chance at winning this time.  I loved his winning streak.  And the TV announcer on the station I was watching talked about how Smarty had a medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on his saddle.  And about how he had been blessed by three or four nuns.  I figured how could Smarty Jones go wrong if he had been blessed by three or four nuns?  That had to count for something!  

Of course when Birdstone won, one of the first things his rider, jockey Edgar Prado did was thank God.  So I guess I can't say God was on Smarty Jone's side and not on Birdstone's side! 

Prado was very sympathetic for winning the race and for beating Smarty Jones.  "I'm very sorry of course, but I had to do my job, that is what I am paid for," he said. 

Something tells me Smarty Jones is not out of things for good.




  1. onestrangecat6/06/2004 4:39 PM

    I honestly could care less about horse racing, but if I am right (probably not) then this was to be a interesting race.  Was this the horse that they wanted to put down at one time because of a head fracter?


  2. chickiecheeses6/06/2004 10:56 PM

    My daughter was so mad about this race. She shut off the TV and stomped to her room and slammed the door! She really wanted Smarty to win.


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