Friday, January 26, 2007

A message from John . . .

Hi.  This is John.  Krissy hasn't posted any entries or commented in your journals lately.  The reason is because she fell down the steps and hurt her shoulder.  She went to the ER, and while not badly hurt, they are making her wear a sling, and not letting her type.  The not letting her type thing is hurting her the greatest of all! 

The fall is the reason that she hasn't posted the Photo Scavenger Hunt links this week.  It is also the reason she has not posted a new subject for a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  These two things will be posted when she gets better and is able to type again.  Or maybe she will have Valerie do it, in which case I will let you know in an entry. 

Please don't worry about Krissy, she is doing fine.   


  1. Get well soon Krissy !!

  2. Hi, John!
    And how awful for her to take a fall like that...hope we hear from you soon, Krissy!  Take care of yourself!  Jae

  3. Awwww Krissy!!  Hope you feel better soon!

    Annie =)

  4. eternallife231/26/2007 8:59 AM

    Thanks John. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Thank you John for letting us know about Krissy! And Krissy... Rest, don't use that arm, heal, and we'll see you when you are better!!

  6. Thanks John, for the information....please give her my best!


  7. Hi John, thanks for taking the time to fill us in on Krissy.  I'd been worried that I hadn't heard from her in a while.  In a way, I'm glad its not because of you...although I hate that she got hurt.  At least its not serious and she will be back in full swing soon.  Take care of each other.


  8. Thanks for passing along the information John.  Please tell Krissy I send her all the best and hope she is healed and typing again soon!!!


  9. Thanks John. Maybe this is God's way of saying SLOW DOWN and rest! LOL Tammy

  10. That could have been a serious fall John.    I was on my crutches and  went sailing down two steps following knee replacement in 2002.     I tore open the muscle inside my thigh and began bleeding internally.    Several days later I was back in the hospital getting plasma to stop the bleeding.     I had broken my fall with my computer luckily.     I hope she heals up with no problems.     Wishing the both of you my best.     mark

  11. It was very nice of you to type this my John John!  Rest Krissy!  Drink and eat and rest and drink and eat and rest!!  Be good to yourself and know I love you very much!!!  Love, your Val xox

  12. please tell krissy she is in my thoughts and prayers. hope she gets better real soon.

  13. thanks, John for letting us the 2 of you rest and get better!!!!  and that is an order!!!!

  14. ceilisundancer1/26/2007 12:18 PM

    Thanks, John.   Glad Krissy is alright -- and I hope her arm gets better SOON!  -- Robin

  15. Thanks for message, John, and hope Krissy gets well soon and is not in pain.


  16. omg no typing I would go crazy.
    maybe you could put the keyboard on the floor and she could type with her
    I think ill start doing that myself just in case I find myself in her shoes some day.
    just kidding krissy , hope your back to yourself soon.

  17. princesssaurora1/26/2007 2:29 PM

    Oh no!!!!  John, you are so good to come on and let us know!  I was really starting to worry!  Prayers coming for Krissy to heal up fast and get back to typing and always prayers for you too!

    I think I would go insane without being able to type!

    be well,

  18. Thanks John, for letting us all know about Krissy. My prayers are for a complete recovery for her and may she be pain free. Helen

  19. thanks for posting for Kristina John! I hope she gets better soon so she can go back to doing the things she enjoys :)

    love xxxxxxxxx Deirdre


  20. John,  Thank you for letting us know about Krissy.  I hope she gets better fast because not being able to type will drive her crazy.  How come she stumble-bummed down the stairs?  Probably in a hurry like I usually am. You take care and here are some HUGS and Love for both of you...           Myke

  21. Thank you for letting us know John:) i am so glad you both have each other what a wonderful husband you are:) Krissy get better ok? no more falling down lol i have done enough of that for both of us


  22. Thank you for letting us know about Krissy John, please give her my very best wishes and please tell her I hope she makes a speedy recovery. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  23. Thanks for the update John, give Krissy my best and tell her I'm thinking of her and she's in my's always something isn't it.  Guess that is life, keeps us on hopping all the time, if it's not one thing it's something else, lol....Arlene (AJ)

  24. nightmaremom1/26/2007 6:05 PM

    thanks for the update... get better soon Krissy!

  25. Krissy, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall.  Take care...Linda in Washington state

  26. Thank you for letting us know about Krissy. Please let her know I stopped by. I am so far behind in journals, but did want to check on the two of you. Praying for you every day.
    God bless you both.

  27. jlocorriere051/26/2007 8:49 PM

    Hi John! Thanks for letting us know about Krissy, I hope she gets better soon. It must be awful not bneing able to type! Take care of yourselves! Jeannette xx  

  28. hugsdoodlewacky1/26/2007 10:33 PM

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((JOhN)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Thanks for letting us all know.She is in my prayers.

  29. Thank you for the update, I was beginning to worry.... And I am having withdrawals of no scavenger hunt, lol... Did you try using your toes or maybe a pencil in your teeth...
    Oh, that must be really hard not being able to go on the computer, I would go crazy. lol...
    Take care and get well soon!!!!
    Big Hugs!
    Linda :)

  30. i'm glad krissy is ok...and so glad that you were up to making a post for her.  :)  may God continue to bless you both.

  31. I'm so thankful she is expected to be fine!!  Praying she has quick, total healing.  -  Barbara

  32. So glad to hear that Krissy is not hurt badly.  Praying she has a quick healing.  You both take care!
    Hugs, Barb

  33. kaydeejay54491/28/2007 3:10 AM

    Ohhhh, poor baby!!!  Get better very soon, sweetheart.  I am so sorry you got hurt but glad it wasn't more serious.  I'll send some special prayers your way.
    Hugs,  Kathy

  34. readmereadyou1/28/2007 2:47 PM

    Tell Krissy Angela (ReadMeReadYou) said hello and I hope she's feeling better real soon and I'm grateful the angels made sure she didn't break anything.

    God bless,

  35. lifesabench61/28/2007 11:36 PM

    Good Grief- ((Krissy)), I hope you're feeling better and pray you'll be back to yourself soon, and pain free!!!  Keeping you both in my prayers always!!  God Bless you both, Love Carolyn :)

  36. Get Well Soon Krissy!  :)     Tracy

  37. Ah, Krissy so sorry that you hurt your shoulder!  Take it easy, and hope you heal quickly.  I'll be thinking of you.  Love, Merry

  38. Bouncing in to say hello, and found out you've had an accident! Get well soon, Krissy. And thanks, John, for letting us all know.


  39. You never know what is going to happen from one journal visit to the next.  Glad to meet you, John.  I am sure it is very hard on Kristina not to be able to type.  I know it would be hard on me.  But I am glad it is not serious and she will soon be back to write again!  I hope you are feeling better.   Gerry

  40. irisheyes19292/01/2007 5:26 PM

    Many prayers to Krissy!  Thanks for the update John!  
    Krissy, please get well soon!  I'm missing you too much!!!  

  41. Just dropping by again to say thinking of you, hope you are feeling better and you are missed.  Take care....Bless you.....Arlene (AJ)


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