Monday, January 22, 2007

monday morning question


What movie did you see recently that you  consider being one of the greatest movies of all time?

my answer:  Jane Eyre

Now what is your answer?  


  1. Over Christmas I saw It's a Wonderful Life.  That was awesome.  I haven't really watched any movie since then.  I am not much of a movie watcher.  I can't sit still long enough to watch the whole thing.  I would be very interested in Jane Eyre, though.  Cool.  Great question, love!  Hope you have a super week! xox

  2. Haven't seen a movie since "Passion" but as for all time best I'd say "MILDRED PIERCE" with Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth.  It's an oldie, so as for recent, I'd say "SOPHIE'S CHOICE" had one of the best put-together screen plays I'd ever seen.  "SCHINDLER'S LIST" with all its pathos was among the greatest docu-dramas.  And "WEST SIDE STORY" broke ground I could watch over & over.  Give me time & I'd come up with more, can't choose lol!  xoxo

  3. hugsdoodlewacky1/22/2007 11:31 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))))))Hi,good moring,hmmmmmmm,the recent movie I saw,was Rocky and I actullay got to say that was the best Rocky by far.I really liked it.The ending,was susprising.I loved it.I have a 2 movie I reallly like,dont know if anyone has heard of Stepup,its more to the younger kids,but,I watch it every night,because it a dance movie and I love thoes kind of movies.I am not that young,I am a nice day.

  4. hmmm good question

  5. (((Krissy)))
    It's been awhile since I've watched a movie. But when I think of a great movie, one I don't mind seeing over and over I always think of Jane Eyre, Schindlers List,  "Somewhere In Time' and "The Razors Edge. " ..very old movie.

  6. firestormkids041/22/2007 3:48 PM

    I watch My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn at least 4 times a year.  One of the greatest movise!!  Then I like The Music Man (the old one) and Victor/Victoria,  LOL I could go on forever, Krissy!  Blessings, Penny

  7. I'm up!


  8. I would have to say the Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns with a depiction of a Civil War battle scene that was done in an authentic way.    Also his Pale Rider I believe with people depicted from a 19th Century era speaking in a form of English that seemed it could have been based on authentic dialect that we would not recognize.    It has sub-titles or I could not have understood what they meant by their accents.     Also Apocalypse Now is one of my favorites.    mark

  9. I loved Jane Eyre, and of course I read the book but I'm not sure if you mean the more recent version or the older one? I actually liked the more recent one more but of course I loved the old one also... for me its nearly impossible to pick one of the greatest movies ever. I think there are just too many movies to narrow it down. :( I recently caught part of the Sound of Music over Christmas. While I do think this is one of the greatest musicals and I loved as a child, I found myself not watching it much and not being very interested. That is the only answer I have but I wish I could see Gone with the Wind, or some other movie I really consider to be one of the great films.

  10. Krissy, It's been ages since I've seen a movie, sorry to say.  But some I watch over and over I love are:  Titanic, Steel Magnolia's, MIsery, Pay It Forward.  Merry

  11. I love Jane Eyre!! I have many favorites through the years but one I watched recently that I really loved was "The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock and Keannu Reeves... What a love story!
    Have a great week!
    Linda :)

  12. lifesabench61/22/2007 8:29 PM

    Hi Krissy- it's been a while since I've been able to see something other than a cartoon movie, but the last one I watched is called Inn of the Sixth Happiness- starting Ingrid Bergman as a true story missionary who went to China (not knowing anything of the culture or language, and against the missionary board's recommendation)  she went with all she had in life, and ended up marching across China with over a hundred orphaned children to safely get them out of the country during WW2- an amazing movie!!!!  Very inspriational too!  Have a great week- hope all is well with you both.  God Bless!  Carolyn :)

  13. I hate to admit it, as I don't really care for either of the main actors, but "The Guardian" was a very well written and acted movie.  It is easily in my top 5 great movies.


  14. treesrgreen781/22/2007 11:55 PM

    Hi Krissy, one of my favorite movies of all times which always comes to mind if someone asks that question is "Imitation of Life".  More recently it is "The Notebook", both movies that I will always treasure.

  15. rebuketheworld1/23/2007 4:18 AM

    Sense and Sensibility.........the only movie that I can watch over and over..~Raven

  16. rebuketheworld1/23/2007 4:19 AM

    Oh, you should go see Arthur and the Invincibles....I know its a kid's movie but it blew my mind..pure magic..kindof like, Polar Express but better...~Raven

  17. redonionsauce1/23/2007 12:19 PM

    I love movies.  I wish my husband did as much as I do.  That is a tough one.  There are so many good movies that have been made.  I think it is a matter of which movie I would watch over and over without being bored.  

    The winner is?????  "Places in the Sun"  with Sally Fields

  18. princesssaurora1/23/2007 3:24 PM

    Ooh Krissy!  I did this yesterday!

    be well,

  19. I like too many to just name one:

    Meet Me In St Louis
    Mildred Pierce
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Mary Poppins
    Thoroughly Modern Millie
    Pride and Prejudice

    to name a few.  


  20. Wow...I love old movies....there's a lot of them that are outstanding.  ANYTHING with Katherine Hepburn.  Even On Golden Pond.  Out of Africa is one of the modern movies I could watch over and over again.  I don't know if it is a "classic" but it sure is to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend,  Barb

  21. kaydeejay54491/24/2007 11:55 PM

    Oh, my!  I have lots of favorites:  Fried Green Tomatoes, The Green Mile, Forest Gump, and Shakespear in Love.  I also like Chicago, The Big Chill, The Christmas Story, and all of the Disney classics.  These are not in any particular order.
    Hugs,  Kathy

  22. nyuknyukpik21/25/2007 11:22 PM

    I wish I've seen a good movie lately--I've been terribly disappointed in most of the ones I've seen!

  23. I have watched Jane Eyre on PBS since you posted the question and I think it is great.     I like the attention to detail and how people lived.    The woman who stated that people were born into position by blood and it was a natural God given trait showed the sharp division of classes.    Jane had the courage to answer back to her intellegently that anyone that studied could acquire sufficient knowledge to teach children to exceed was tremendous.    I cannot figure out what the man in the tower with teeth marks around what looked like a bullet wound meant by: 'she tried to suck the blood out of my heart' was about.    I am looking forward to the conclusion.     mark

  24. Hi, Krissy ... so sorry to hear about your fall and injury ( from Val's journal ) ... you're in my prayers.  

    I loved the recent PBS version of Jane Eyre ( part I ) that was aired two Sundays ago ... so much so that I stayed up til 4 am one day last week ... just to watch it a SECOND time!  Of course I made sure to watch part II last night as well  : )

    Take care Krissy and John.



  25. There are alot of them but of course they must have a horse in them. Just kidding.
    I liked Forest Gump, Smokey, High Noon, Roots, Great Gadsby, Grapes of Wrath.
    I am going to watch Jane Eyre next week to see why you like it so.  
    I hope you are doing ok.........Tell John Hi for me...Love and hugs     Myke


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