Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should BB Gun Competitions be allowed on school property?

Last night I was watching a local school board meeting on TV.  Yes, my school district actually does televise them, and yes, I actually do watch them on occassion. 
There was a discussion from community citizens, followed by a debate amongst school board members.  Then the school board members voted on the matter at hand.  What I heard astounded me.  What was at stake was a local BB Gun club wanted to hold a BB Gun target championship on  school property after school had let out for the day, and the school board was to decide whether or not they should allow it.
We are talking about Junior High students here.  I was astounded to hear adult after adult in my community step forth to the podium and testify that the students should be allowed to shoot the BB Guns on school property, because it wouldn't be during school hours.
They explained that these children who have learned to shoot have learned great discipline and markmanship, among other things.  
Okay, perhaps that is true, but how can this justify allowing students to take guns to school?  Even if you believe this (and it may or may not be true), if guns are brought onto school property at any time during the day, it will confuse all the school children.
After awhile, the children won't be able to make the distinction between whether the guns should be allowed after school or during school.  If they are allowed after school, why would the children not think it would be okay to have them during school?  How could they make the distinction?  The children would begin to think there was a school supported policy in favor of BB Guns.  If not consciously than at least subconsiously.  We are talking about 11 to 14 year olds here!     
Besides, what really is the purpose of BB Guns?  To go hunting, right?  Then why do you need them in school?  We all know there has been too much violence in school.  Keep them AWAY.  Not too long ago, in my town, there was a school shooting at the university level.  We all know there have been too many shootings in schools.  Why on earth would we allow gun contests on school property?
The proponents for having the BB Gun competion at the local school were stating last night at the meeting that the children were the best children, the most disciplined ones, and grew up to be professionals.  One gentleman at the podium even pointed to another gentleman and said, "See, Loyd over there.  He's an engineer."  I almost fell off the couch in laughter.  So what if Loyd grew up to be an engineer?             
Obviously this gentleman didn't know about Toby.  Toby lived behind me when I was a child.  And he shot me with his BB gun.  And it HURT.  Fortunately he only got me in the leg.  I am glad his aim wasn't too good.  Thing about it is, I had several layers of clothing on because it was snowing outside, and I didn't want to get cold or wet.  So the bullet only went through a few pairs of my pants.  Thank God for that.  All children who shoot are not disciplined. 
That reminds me of another story.  When John was younger there was a teenager who was shooting at neighborhood kids.  He was doing it for twenty minutes and refused to stop.  John told him to quit.  Finally, when he wouldn't stop, John came up to him, took his gun away, and smashed it.  The kid got so upset he went and got his big brother.  When his big brother came after John, John told him that his brother didn't deserve the gun, because he wasn't using it properly and he had repeatedly been told to stop shooting at children.  The older brother turned around and walked away.
See, not all children who shoot are disciplined.  And you don't know who is going to be bringing the BB Gun to school after you start the policy.    
So the school board voted after they had discussed everything extensively.  Now you have to understand I live in a conservative area.  Which is often not a bad thing.  But this time I was scared.
The vote was very close.  I was worried listening to the board as each weighed in.  Everybody held their breath because you couldn't tell how the board would vote by the way their discussion had been going before the vote.
It ended up 5 to 4 to keep the BB Gun competition off of school grounds. 
So what is your opinion?  Do you think a BB Gun competition should be held on school grounds after school is let out?  Keep in mind that the contest is not school sponsored, but, most of the children that are shooting the BB Guns attend the school where the shooting is going on.
Just curious, 
Krissy :) 


  1. I's a bad bad idea.  ::shakes head::  I just don't understand why anyone would think it was a good idea.....  :-/


  2. today BB Guns next yr 357's NO<NO<NO, in my town you can not even smoke a cigeratte in your own car if it is parked on school property. We have a no tolerance  policy on all school ground in the Tri-Cities, Wn. If someone is caught with alcohol or drugs on your person and are within 500 ft I think is the footage it is double the fine and time....Good Luck with that one...BJ

  3. promiseluv3721/31/2008 9:54 PM

    That's horrible.  Once a house next to us (at our old place) was shot up with a BB gun. The BBs went through a window and into the eye of a child that was being carried by her mother to get out of the way...once they had heard the noise and realized what was happening.  She lost her eye.
    BB guns are guns IMO and I know there is a law regarding having and firing guns with in so many feet of a school.  I am glad it didn't pass.  Think of the kids bringing their BB guns to school.. stating they are in that competition when in fact they are not.. kids lie.  And what's to stop someone from then bringing a real gun to school.  And lets face it even the best raised child .. most disciplined can "go off" over something.  I'm in shock.  

    Geez looks like I had a LOT of opinion LOL


  4. first of all it is a federal law prohibiting any tipe of firearm and I think bbguns are subject to that law from school properties and I think I would have to vote NO there is too much at risk with the recent events in our schools.

  5. Krissy; that was awful to get shot by a B-B gun!! the kid (my son) got shot by one last December, I totally forgot about it until you mentioned yours! you are right; it was painful for him.

    I am glad the school board voted to not have the competition there; it does send out mixed messages to the kids. I would hope a local gun club would support such a venture rather than a school.


  6. Children should not be allowed to have guns full stop. Children should not be allowed to have or be in gun clubs.  I am against guns totally even in adult hands but if they have to be then only adults should be licenced to have them.

  7. peytonswater2/01/2008 7:00 AM

    No. You've never been allowed to have guns/weapons on school property. PERIOD. I would be FURIOUS

  8. No, guns of any variety should not be allowed on school property. Helen

  9. xxroxymamaxx2/01/2008 11:03 AM

    That's a toughy.  I think they should hold the competition somewhere else!!  Like a gun range or something!  Love ya!!  Have a great weekend Krissy!!

  10. I think they should have their championship but it shouldn't be allowed on school property.  A BB gun is still a gun and I think that would be sending the wrong message to kids.

  11. Was sooooooooo glad that each comment was 'no'.  I had a brother; but he did not have a BBgun.  I married into a family of hunters; and our son and his cousin about his age did have.  I made the rule; if you kill it, you eat it.  Of course, my husband did not stand behind me ... and the first robin killed ... was the last as far as I know.  Crows and blackbirds, that's different; but not song birds.  This was 40 years ago ... and that son is now a 'gun collector' and strangely ... neither of his sons own a gun.  HOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY for this school board.
    DIEU TE BENISSE!! GOD BLESS!!! Cajun Sissy (

  12. I think the Board made a good decision. In the wake of Columbine and other school shootings, I believe that guns should not enter a school in any form.

  13. The competition should be OFF of school property somewhere else!!  We, in PA, seem to be desensitized to guns, I think, because it is a hunting state.  But this is a VERY bad idea.  I agree with the decision to keep the guns AWAY from the schools.  WHAT WERE they thinking???  Krissy, I am sorry Toby shot you and I am sorry I dated him.  Love, Val xox

  14. rdautumnsage2/01/2008 1:31 PM

    I truly believe BB guns on school property are just so wrong on so many different levels.....I'm relieved that common sense prevailed in this instance. I'm still dumb struck they would of even for one moment considered it. These days BB guns look to much like an authentic version of a real gun. (Hugs) Indigo

  15. No.... school grounds at any time of the day or any day of the week are not the appropiate place for the shooting of guns of any kind.  They should use a regualr shooting range for their competition.  And I agree there are a lot of kids that are taught to respect and us guns correctly. But others don't have a clue about the appropiate handling of guns~the circumstance John had is a classic example of a BB gun on the hands of a kid who's not been taught any respect for guns.  It's a wonder that kid didn't shoot his own eye out.  I'm glad the vote came out like it did. Linda in Washington state

  16. No doubt about it, no type of weapons should be on school grounds for any reason !


  17. I wouldn't be against the club, even if it was school sponsored.  But I think I'm with you on being against it being on school property.  If they want to have a goofy club like that, then why can't they hold it somewhere where someone has acres of land and no other children in sight.  Just incase one of those kids decides to use the gun for other purposes.


  18. I dont think so , school is not the place for that.

  19. randlprysock2/02/2008 4:50 PM

    Wow I think it's a bad idea all around to have the BB guns on school property no matter what time of day it is.  Hugs,

  20. OKay, here's where you'll see what a redneck hick I am.  lol  When I was in school, 29 years ago the boys had shotguns and rifles in their truck on school property because either they had gone hunting before school or they were headed straight out to hunt after school.  And just 10 years ago no one gave a thought to one truck after another with a loaded gun rack in it going through the pick up line after school.  I can also gauruntee you that Bubba and Bug have never had any doubt or confusion over the magnitude of whatever gun they had, whether BB gun or 30-30 or .22.  So, I probably wouldn't even bat an eye if they did such a thing here.  

    What if they wanted to have an archery contest on school property?  Would you be upset by that?  Have you ever seen a broad head arrow up close and personal?  

    Basically, though, I respect the rights of whatever community the school district is in.  We aren't all rednecks raised on firearms from age 5.  I fully support and respect that each school district should be able to decide matters for theirselves.  In fact, I wish there were more things they could decide that weren't state and federally mandated.  

  21. heavenlybama2/02/2008 8:25 PM

    I don't believe ANY KIND of gun should be allowed on school grounds.  BB guns are just as dangerous if someone gets hit in the wrong area.  I can't believe the school has a BB Gun Club!

  22. in my day we had a .22cal rifle team in school and took the guns on the bus to school and checked them into the office in the am and signed them out after school for the team events, we could not have ammo with us the ammo was held by the instructor, i am a firearms instructor and a retired police officer and i believe that if you know what your young adults are into you can stop trouble before it starts, both my children shoot at home and would rather be shooting targets than hanging out doing nothing, the school members are wrong and should address this issue again.

  23. NO, NO, & NO!  I don't believe any kind of guns even play ones should be allowed in anyone's house or a school.  I am a bit obsessive on this issue. Merry

  24. I'm late to the debate Krissy, but I think that different geographical areas of the country view guns and gun ownership, useage and knowledge somewhat differently.


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