Saturday, June 21, 2008

hot dogs


In honor of the first day of Summer, I thought we'd talk "hot dogs"!  Yes, those rubbery, greasy, delicious, you know, things that you put on the grill.  I only like them if they are all beef.  And grilled up really dark.  Otherwise, nah - ah.
If you want to cook some up inside, or better yet, make them on the grill, they are a good deal, especially if you have a bunch of kids you want to feed.  Then you and the other adults can eat the steaks!  Just kidding.  Well, only sort of!  So buy a pack of hot dogs.  The beef, turkey or chicken are the best quality and taste the best, of course.  Won't go into why. 
Let's talk about grocery shopping for your dogs.  If you want to get the best deal on hot dogs, make sure you check the ounces on the hot dog package you are purchasing.  A package could be 8 or 10 ounces and look as large as the 16 ounce package.  Okay, the way to find the best deal on the price of the hot dogs, of course, is to consider the price per ounce. 
Now let's talk prices for eating a hot dog out.  Prices for wieners can be exorbitant if you choose to get one away from home.  
Especially if you are going to Disneyland!
Before talking about Disneyland let us consider the price of a hot dog at a hot dog stand.  Well, of course it will depend on where you live, as to how much the hot dog will cost.  It will be from $1.75 to who knows how much!  In the city it could be several dollars.    
Did you know the average hot dog vendor (yes I googled this), only has to spend about 30 cents in cost for the hotdog and the whole process, from the time he buys the hotdog, until the time he sells it to you?  Yes, it only costs him 30 cents to sell that hot dog to you.  The rest is his profit.   
Now let's talk about the price of hotdogs at a gas station and mini mart.  No, let's not even go there!  We don't know how old those hot dogs are!  How long have they been spinning around on those circular things, anyway? 
One final thing I want to leave you with.  
The price of hot dogs at Disneyland:
Pluto's Dog House:
Adults:  one hot dog
(comes with small bag of chips)
Kids: one hot dog
(comes with small apple slices)
(also get a "fun straw" and water or milk)
Little Red Wagon
one hot dog
(comes with small bag of chips)
Wow, a hot dog that costs more than a whole pack of them?  $5.49.  
I hope I am never THAT hungry!
So tell me, will you be eating hot dogs from gas stations this year?  


  1. LOL !
    We went to Yankee Stadium the other day.
    I'm on a diet so I didn't get my usual 2 hot dogs (I usually can eat 2)
    But they were 5 dollars EACH!

    What a rip off!


  2. I think I will pass! lol. Love Pam xx

  3. I'm going to pass on the gas station hot dogs.  We eat only Hebrew National hotdogs (one of my daughters insists) and I have no idea if they are the best or not.  But they are not cheap!  LOL

  4. rdautumnsage6/21/2008 9:03 AM

    The only way I'll eat a hotdog is if it's a chili-dog. In other words it has to be buried in something so I can't really taste it. Doc however loves my homemade chili that I make for them and lives on them all summer. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. LOL  Yuck!  I am NOT a hot dog lover.  This is a cute/funny post.  Great for the first day of summer.  Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner... Hot Dogs, Armour Hot Dogs, the Dogs kids love to eat!... So you have ditties in my head now!  LOL  Wow, hot dogs are expensive at Disney Land!  I will only eat hot dogs if they are all beef, too, and even then they are a bit rich.  I am eating less and less meat as I get older.  Love you, honey!!  Love, Val xox

  6. I only buy the beef kind. I used to grill some but don't mess with the grill anymore. I never buy them at the service stantions. Helen

  7. LOL~hot dogs! I never eat them out--too risky! A t home only  the turkey ones even though I know they have additives...Happy Summer! Deb ;-)

  8. I'd eat a gas station hot dog, but I don't think I will be going on any trips this year, so I'll just eat my hot dogs from home.  I lllllooooveee Nathan's hot dogs....


  9. OK Krissy, I'll be damned if I'll ever look another hot dog in the eye without  remembering this lecture.  There was a street vendor of hot dogs and soft drinks in NYC who claimed to make 20 thousnd dollars a year.  I can believe it.


  10. so cute, Krissy, I enjoyed reading this! Happy summer to you and John!!

    we are going to Disneyland next week when my friend is in town; guess we'll be buying those outrageously expensive hot dogs!! and worse yet, when I'm paying for one, I'll remember this and remember how much I'm being ripped off


  11. carouselqueen706/21/2008 1:05 PM

    I agree about the hot dogs. I only will eat beef too. My husband thinks I am being too picky but I can defenetly taste the, Christine

  12. Beef hotdogs all the way here.  We like them on the grill.  If it's winter, I make them on the broiler.  Tastes just like if they were made on the grill.

  13. cherry2sweet2eat6/21/2008 1:41 PM

    I only like beef hotdogs too to be more specific only deitz and watson beef hotdogs.

  14. randlprysock6/21/2008 2:05 PM

    Great entry!!!  I love ballparks and plochmans mustard and chopped onions and relish on them.  Okay you're making me hungry LOL

  15. Krissy we're having hot dogs for dinner tonight at home.  Prices are getting ridiculous all over. Thankfully I like my hot dog without a bun, so saving some money my way for sure. The day I pay $5.49 for a hot dog is the day we stop eating them over here. Hope you and John have a good weekend. Hugs, Arlene(AJ)

  16. My favorite hot dogs are Hebrew National.    A Jewish doctor I had worked with told me about the dietary laws.   The Kosher hot dogs have meat and no by products or organ meat (lungs, pancreas etc.)   When I first started buying them my daughter emailed the Rabbi and asked about them.    He said that was true that the Kosher hot dogs only have meat in them.   That is all I will eat.  They taste delicious too.


  17. I work at DL and I had NO IDEA that they were that expensive! WOW! Guess I won't be eating that!
    Enjoy your day.

  18. midwestvintage6/21/2008 5:08 PM

    Yup, we only eat the low fat Hebrew National's here also, just love them.


  19. Ill stick to the hotdogs off my own grill

  20.           Was the hot dog first introduced at Frankfurt, Germany, (frankfurt or frankfurter) or at Vienna aka Wien, Austria, (wiener)?  Along this line, did you know that when President Kennedy, when addressing an audience in Berlin, said, "Ich bin ein Berliner," that he was saying that he was a jelly donut? I believe that he wanted to say, "Ich bin eine Berliner."  . . . dadeo. . .

  21. I like only all beef hot dogs too and on the grill and kinda burnt.

  22.     Now there is nothing like a hot dog at a stand in Chicago. It is so good when it is loaded with mustard, onion, tomato, neon green relish, cucumber, peppers and celery salt. And don't you dare put ketchup on that. Vendors here won't sell it to you with ketchup. On the other hand, I used to clean those grills and set up dogs in gas stations and conveniences stores. I cleaned that grill well and I pulled those dogs off before they turned. Then my employer put the dogs back on because he didn't want to absorb the waste. He also didn't eat meat and had no idea how to prepare it. Now the guy that worked my shift when I was off wasn't as careful about cleaning the grill as I was, that is if they did it at all.

  23. kristijohnson726/23/2008 8:12 AM

    We buy two different kinds of hot dogs in our house.  Snack hot dogs (the dirt cheapest crap Walmart sells) that the kids can grab out of the fridge if they want a hotdog snack, and dinner hot dogs-Hebrew National. I love the Hebrew Nationals.  They aren't cheap so I only buy them when we are having Hot Dog Dinner night.  They are great plain or with whatever fixin' you want on them.

    Happy Summer ya'll.  Keep cool as you can.

    Kristi J

  24. I only buy Wranglers.  They are more expensive but since there are no kids living in this's ok.  I freeze them and if one of us wants one, we just pop one out of the freezer, wrap it in a paper towel and zap it in the microwave. A package of Wranglers usually lasts for 6 months...I do get a Costco hot dog about twice a year.   Linda in WA

    this is a show on PBS called
    A Hotdog Program
    different dogs and the folks who love them
    from around the USA
    I bet a quarter
    they'll show it again this summer
    and I bet another quarter
    you'll want one
    by the end of this show
    I choose all beef, too

  26. p.s.
    here's an article I read recently
    about gas station hot dogs
    plus, other items
    a couple on a motorcycle
    rate different places
    I was surprised how far some places
    have come in the food world
    Gas up, chow down -- --

  27. I only buy "Kahem" and they have to have a "natural casing" on them! I am an honest to goodness hot dog LOVER!! I'll take them grilled to a sort of crispness along with a grilled (with butter brushed on them first) hot dog bun and the bun has to be of a certain kind as well. I don't like the rounded buns. I like the ones that have a sort of squared off bottoms. lol I love to put sweet relish,yellow mustard and of course onions that have been minced to pieces and then sometimes I like what is called a "pig in a blanket", and that is a hot dog wrapped with a slice of bacon and then grilled!! Ah boy!! I've talked myself into wanting a couple of these babies now!! So without further adew, hot diggity, dog diggity, boom what you do to me!! ( thats from a song I just remember from when I was a kid and I think its a Dean Martin song) lol lol Oh wait, I also love hot dogs boiled and eaten with Campbells' baked beans!! oh, then then there are the "pan fried" hot dogs all by them selves and last but not least, yes, I will admit, I do eat them "RAW"!! gross as that may sound, I love them just like bologna!! hahahahaha
    Soooooo now I will enjoy the spoils!!

  28. This was a neat topic. Dave always says no hot dogs taste as good as those at the ball games.  And then you only get mustard which he doesn't really like. Go figure!  I personally haven't eaten anything but a turkey hot dog or a beef one years ago.  Our Bichon Teddy, that we lost last Dec. was allergic to pork,(Kaycee our Maltese only gets turkey, because I think it's better for her if she's getting any!  But those hot dogs use to be full of nasty stuff.  That's why I buy turkey if I am having hot dogs, I don't think they taste any different. However I do wish they'd make them bigger or the buns smaller!  I know Ball Park Franks & some others are plumper & bigger but last I checked they weren't turkey.  Love, Merry the picky eater


    try this instead

  30. Gas up, chow down --

  31. sorry
    feel free to delete
    my comments
    don't know why article
    doesn't show

  32. newsworthy8226/25/2008 10:27 AM

    Haha this is funny because I woke up this morning to the aroma of hot dogs wafting through the house.  My father-in-law, who lives in a nursing home, LOVES hot dogs, so every few days my husband boils up a big batch to bring over to him.  The smell of boiling 'dogs is not exactly the scent I like to wake up to. LOL.  

    I will splurge on a hot dog every once in a while, usually off the grill during the summer - but I hate to THINK about what is really in them.  Ignorance is bliss for me - I don't wanna know!  I avoid the gas station varieties, though... although hubby loves those!!

  33. foo
    article's over 30 days old
    oh well

  34. OMG I love hot dogs!  I try not to eat them though cuz they are so bad for you.  But I do break down about 3 or 4 times each summer and imbibe.  I always feel like I am being very naughty.  LOL


  35. monicasmemoirs7/04/2008 1:32 AM

    Last time I was at Disney, I left the park to eat.  

    No gas station hot dogs for me ... I'm very picky about my dogs.  LOVE Chicago style dogs and make it a Nathans or Vianna Beef. :-)



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