Wednesday, December 1, 2004

December's Here!

I'm so excited!  It is December.  I love this time of year.  I get so excited around Christmastime! 

Today was a good first day of December.  Last month I had a really bad month because I was dealing with a lot of depression.  I still am, but today at least I got a piece of the puzzle of why I haven't been feeling well physically and mentally.  Lately I have been depressed, sluggish, sleeping alot, and gaining a lot of weight.  Like major weight.  Let me tell you my day's discovery.  I was waiting for my therapist this morning when my doctor came in and pulled me aside.  She had recently run a bunch of tests on me.  She told me that my thyroid was off, and she believed that this was most likely the cause of my recent increase in depression.  I went in and talked to my therapist about it.  She said that a low thyroid problem was what they believed caused my recent exacerbation in my depression, my recent weight gain, and even probably my recent OCD symptoms. 

You may think I am strange to be glad that I know I have a thyroid problem, but I am just excited that I have a name for my illness, and know what it is, so I can know how to treat it.  

My doctor wrote me a prescription.  I am excited.  It is supposed to help with the depression and weight gain!  Yay!

Well, I need to go now.  I have had a long day.  I started out this morning going over to Valerie and Chelsea's.  Chels made us a delicious lunch of Chicken Alfredo.  She also showed us her kitten.  He is one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen in my life!  And spunky.  And bright.  If you stick out your tongue or wink at him he does it back - he copies you!  And at only one month old.  You may think I am making this up or am daft, but I promise you it is true. 

Must go, much love, Krissy


  1. readmereadyou12/02/2004 1:13 AM

    I have a slow thyroid. Here, they don't believe in prescribing synthroid anymore. I guess it all depends on the doctor.


  3. jules1964200112/02/2004 5:02 AM

    sorry to hear about the thyroid problem but I am happy you know why you were feeling so bad. I agree that Val and Chelseas kitten is so cute, I wish I could see him in real life :).........Jules xx

  4. dbaumgartner12/02/2004 5:37 AM

    That's good news.  I have had to take thyroid hormones for years and the meds are cheap, no side effects and they do exactly what they are supposed to do.  Glad you found out about it.

  5. I have been taking meds for almost a year now. The bad thing is I am sti;; not level. It has been giving us a peasky time getting straightened out.

  6. Not that any of us wants another medical problem, but isn't it great when you find out there is a PHYSICAL cause to how you are feeling and not just another mental one? It's so much better that way...because the doctors can fix it (or try). The mental ones are so much trickier and they just never seem to get it quite right. sigh. Hope the thyroid meds kick in fast!

  7. beccihouse2228512/02/2004 7:01 AM

    It's great that you are feeling much better for this christmas than you were last year. I know what you mean, about being relieved at knowing the name of what is making you ill. I'm hoping the treatment works really well for you.
    That kitten sounds fantastic! I wish mine would do stuff like that instead of climbing the curtains and breaking things!
    Take care,
    Becci. xxx

  8. That's goo news krissy on all fronts!

  9. lindainspokane12/02/2004 7:59 AM

    i have had thyroid problems since i was in the 7th grade..(many moons ago!) runs in my i have been on synthroid for years and years...let me tell helps...BIG TIME! u will notice a change within a week or doesnt take long for the medicine to get to good luck and keep us posted as to how u are feeling...


  10. December is a wonderful month with Christmas and the hopes of getting snow. I love it for those reasons. I am glad you found out what was going on with your health. I can relate to your feelings. God Bless You

  11. sarajanesmiles12/02/2004 8:31 AM

    Krissy, am so happy that you now know the cause of your feeling depressed, and your weight gain.  Must be a relief to know that you can now take meds, and hopefully feel lots better soon.  I love December too, it's my favourite month of the year.  Family time and Christmas trees, twinkly fairy lights and Christmas spirit everywhere you look - almost!!  Take care hon, and best of luck with those meds :o)
    Sara   x

  12. December and Christmas is the most wonderful for some and the lonliest for some.  Glad you found out IT had a name.  

  13. Sooooo glad you found out!  Thyroid problems can destroy your body.  Sorry you had to inherit this thyroid thingy.  We seem to inherit all the fun stuff, huh?  I PROMISE, you will feel so much better very, very soon!  Wasn't JoJo the most precious baby?  She and Honey are still tolerating each other and all doors are open!  I am so happy!  Oh, I played the winking game with Honey last night and she was winking back!!  Maybe I told you that, though...I will see you later today.  Pizza, yay!  Toodles, my TBADT! Your violet

  14. its good to know what your problems ae krissy. The not knowing is so much harder, I am about to find out some more and i am glad too.
    Luv Sylvia

  15. sonensmilinmon12/02/2004 6:31 PM

    It's always a relief to know there is a source to our problems and especially when we realize we can get medication to help correct such problems.  I'm glad things are looking up for you in this area.  December and Christmas can either make us  happier or throw us into a tail spin.  Like you I get excited and enjoy Christmastime. :-)


  16. Hi Krissy.  I am sorry that you have been depressed but glad that there is a reason and a cure.  You may have to share the magic pill you get!  LOL!  
    Take care.  How odd that someone would copy your journal.  It's made me wonder what they did?  Word for word?  Or just ideas?  Graphics and photos?  It is odd.
    Take care.

  17. You don't sound strange. Every visit to the Dr with hubby for his syncope and chest pain episodes, we pray, let them find an answer! It isn't that you WANT something to be wrong, you just want an answer so you can start to deal with it! I am glad they found the answer for you, and I hope the meds take effect and help you get well. Good luck! PS, So sorry I missed the chat, of course, I had to work 9am to 5:30 pm and had to miss it. I was bummed. Let me know if you all decide to do it again ok!

  18. quartrlyfecrysis12/03/2004 9:15 AM

    Good to know what it is, now you know which route to take to treat it!  I hope you get to feeling better really soon, it's tough feeling down during this time of year.  I'm so glad the kitty perked your spirits some!

  19. How good it is to put a name to a problem. I understand perfectly  Sandra x

  20. Krissy! Hi! I am so glad to hear that you found out what was wrong and that you are going to be feeling much better, soon! Thanks for your dedication to your journal and for all of the exciting things that you are doing with it! Love, ~angela~

  21. me too!
    I can't wate for Christmas!


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