Monday, December 20, 2004

Having Fun

The past couple of days have been so much fun!  Yesterday John and I cooked a turkey with all the trimmings and invited a couple of guests over.  We had a wonderful evening of talk and all around fun.  I am glad I got everything done including my shopping because now I have really had a chance to enjoy myself and do some fun things.

Today was really nice too.  We went to Valerie's house and helped Valerie and Chelsea decorate their Christmas tree.  It made me think of my childhood.  The tree was gorgeous! 

The only crazy part was when Chelsea was making dinner for a friend and we smelled something burning and the smoke detector went off.  We ran to the kitchen and lo and behold she had torched the George Forman grill.  Well I don't know if she torched it completely but I don't know if it works anymore.  It was sitting on the stove and she turned on the wrong burner.  Oh well, at least nobody got hurt. 

She probably won't like that I wrote about that, lol!

Well, I have to get off here and get under the blankets.  With windchill it is 30 degrees below zero.  I have a hat and scarf on right now!  I did well not complaining about the cold all day, actually all year so far.  But today after the sun went down, it finally got too cold for me.  I think I need to go get warm.  Try to stay warm everybody!  Krissy  


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends.  I miss having guests at the house.

  2. lindainspokane12/21/2004 12:03 AM

    i can understand about being cold...the wind has been blowing here also and that makes the cold outside even worse...i can handle to cold but the wind on top of it is what i hate...i made a turkey last weekend again also...i love having the left overs! i wish i could say i was done with all my holiday stuff! i am so far behind!!


  3. Krissy,
    We haven't had guests here in such a long time.  I miss it.  I really do.  I have my children, all of them, around me and I love that so much.  There is so much laughter here.  Even though at times they (even me, yes as surprising as it sounds.... LOL) can be grumpy.  I'm glad you have been having fun.

    I promise I won't tell anyone about the torched George Forman grill.  LOL

    It's freezing here too. The temp is 10 degrees and with the wind chill its -4.  But no where as cold as it is by you.  Snuggle under those covers Krissy...... Love bunches LuAnne


  5. sarajanesmiles12/21/2004 4:38 AM

    Ooh Krissy, that is reeeaaally cold, brrr!!  Will have to knit you one of my Mum's warm scarfs, all the bits and stuff insulate really well :o)
    Made me laugh about the George Forman grill, we have those here too.  He sounds so excited about them in the advert, I always want to buy one!!  Maybe I will next year, healthy eating and all that.  Take care hon, and keep warm!!
    Sara   x

  6. Can hardly believe how cold it is for you and Val.  I read her entry about the Christmas tree.  How lovely that you could decorate it together, bet you had fun.  Also, so glad that you enjoyed your night out.  Getting worried about Christmas myself, not feeling too good right now.  I do not want it to all go wrong now xxxx

  7. readmereadyou12/21/2004 6:39 AM

    It's really cold here too. Wind chill 14 below....Yet, they tell us it will be 50 tomorrow. I don't believe it. LOL!


  8. Sounds like a fun day until you got to the 30 degree below windchill.  I was cold last night at 30 above, here in TN!
    Enjoy the week.  Guess you will be having turkey sandwiches today.  Yum.  I didn't get my fill of turkey yet!

  9. The turkey and trimmings sound wonderful! We are also getting some very cold weather here in the South, but not as cold as it is there our windchill was 10 below last night. Merry Christmas and keep Warm!God Bless

  10. dbaumgartner12/21/2004 7:25 AM

    Brrrr, that's just too cold.  

    Sounds like you had a great time!  I am very happy for you.  

    But, too bad about George Foreman.  LOL  Thank goodness you had working smoke alarms.


  11. jules1964200112/21/2004 7:31 AM

    gosh, how did she manage to torch the grill, has it not got a safety mechanism. I have a george forman grill so must be extra careful now, thanx for the warning. Thank goodness you are all safe and it didn't cause any damage. I am so pleased you are having such a lovely time and lots of fun........Jules xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Thankfully not that cold in the UK , ever !   Perhaps though I shouldn`t say that though because very cold weather is forcast here...brrrr !  Shame about the grill, but thankfully nobody was hurt   Sandra x

  13. So it FINALLY got too cold for you huh, Krissy? LOL!  I am in a sweat suit/jacket with a hoodie right now.  It is just too darn cold for me as well!  Half the house is warm and half is freezing.  Must be the hole in my roof!  Thanks so much for coming over and helping with the tree!!  Perhaps I will put pics in my journal today!  Yay!  Sorry about the small fire that made you have to leave... :-(.  It got chilly here trying to get the smoke out.  I am sure Chelsers felt bad having to make you guys leave.  It is a Christmasy Christmas this year, isn't it :o) !!!  Love you, my TBADT!!!!  Oh, I must call you about shopping for the you-know-what!!  I will call you later today, honey!!!  Love, me!!

  14. I am sending you very warm wishes to help with the chill factor.
    Love Sylvia


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