Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Flaming Christmas Pudding!

While reading over the answers in the Monday Morning Question I realized that there were a lot of foods that were unfamiliar to me.  Perhaps they are unfamiliar to some of you also.  Well, you Americans, anyway, lol.  So I asked for definitions and this is the answers that I received:

From Amy: 

I can't believe you don't have these things in america! You are missing out on so much! might be hard to explain some of them....  

Yorkshire Pudding: It's made from batter (like you use to make pancakes) but is poured in to little tins (a bit like a muffin tin) filled with hot oil and cooked in the oven. The rise up and are traditionally served with roast beef over here. sometimes people cook them in a big tin instead of the individual tins and then cut it into slices.  

Trifle: it's a's a layer of jelly (jello) usually strawberry...sometimes with bits of cake in it. Then a layer of custard that is set so it's all wobbley! Then topped with a layer of cream and finished with sprinkles. Some people add sherry to the jelly bit of the trifle too.  

Chocolate Gateau: yum! It's basically a huge chocolate cake that is REALLY chocolatey and made with chocolate cream and stuff....yummy!,,4187,00.html  

Christmas Pudding: is a web site with a recipe and picture:  

it's usually a steamed pudding that is very rich and stodgey (we like our stodgey puddings over here!). It has rasins and sultanas and lots of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg so it's all christmassy. Traditionally served on fire! Well, they set fire to the brandy and then pour the flaming brandy over the pudding. In the old days people used to bake them with a sixpence inside and who ever got the sixpence was lucky!  

From Jules:  

Swede:  swede is like turnip, it's from the same family and has a very strong taste.  

From Sara:  

Chipolata Sausages: chipolata sausages are just little cocktail sausages, we have them wrapped in bacon at Christmastime - Mmmm.  Here let me show you:




Now to find out about pheasant (if you dare!) and purple sprouting and a few more things, visit Sylvia's journal.   Thank you everyone from the UK who have taught me about new culinary delights.  If there are any American foods that you would like to know about, please ask!  

Love, Krissy


  1. jules1964200112/29/2004 5:42 AM

    if ever you visit the UK I insist you stay here for a few days and I will cook you all the things you mentioned :).........Jules xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow! You added my whole email!!!  

    There were some things in America that I didn't know what they were...I think they have all been explained now but if there is anything else I'll ask! lol....

    love Amy xxx

  3. sarajanesmiles12/29/2004 7:18 AM

    There are things, but I can't remember them right now!!  If you get the chance, definately try yorkshire pudding!  And some of the other things :o)
    Sara   x

  4. I really don`t like swede myself but all the other things , apart from pheasant YUK ! are really tasty, but what are sweet pototoes, collard greens and corn bread ?   Sandra x

  5. Forgot to mention. Those pheasants were given to me by son in exchange for a favour (lend me 20 quid please mum?). He got them from a mate who had been on a shoot. Some favour ~ I had to pluck and dress them before I could put them in the oven!

  6. firestormkids0412/29/2004 11:04 AM

    Wow, Krissy!  I really enjoyed finding out about those foods!  Thanks, hon!  Love, penny

  7. You never asked about Bubble and Squeak.  Well, maybe it was no one's favorite. Anyway turnabout is fair play.  It was YOU told THEM about grits (gree-uts) not long ago.

  8. Krissy, they all sound sooooo yummy!  I want to try them all!! Mmmmm! xox

  9. yummi, i love food!!! send em Haggiss!!!
    keep well hun, wishing u the best for the New Year x
    Jay xx


  11. Oh, this journal entry is right down my ally.  Now I want to try some YorkShire Pudding!!!!!!

  12. Wow!  I'm impressed!  I haven't heard nor tasted some of these before, either!  I am definitely trying the YORKSHIRE PUDDING!  I love Yorkies!  LOL

  13. Just popping by to wish you a very Happy New Year, Krissy, my friend.  Hope all your dreams come true xxxxx

  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR !   'ON YA'  - ma

  15. I just want to wish a very Happy New Year to you and John and all your family. May 2005 bring you health, happiness and prosperity   love  Sandra x

  16. lindainspokane1/01/2005 5:12 PM

    just stopping by to say, may u and yours have a very happy and blessed new year...



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