Sunday, January 13, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #124 participants...


                                 JLand Photo Shoot #124

                                     subject:  a close up

There are a good number of submissions this week!  Perhaps this has been the most participated in photo shoot since the shoot's inception.  Thanks for taking your time out this week to participate!

Your photos are fantastic.  Let's all view each other's and leave comments if we are able, and encourage one another!  Each of us knows what effort it took to take our own shots.  :)

The following journals/blogs participated:

This and that, and hockey!     

Jottings From Jersey

Stupid Too

Linda's World

Confessions Of An Angel Waitress


Nor'easter Blues

Gina's space


Footprints in the Sand

Almost 40!

Dribble By Chuck Ferris 

My Photo Journey

Koda's Corgi Tales

Lost in my own thoughts


Ye Olde English Posy

Northern Trip

too stubborn to die

Midnight Conversations

There is a Season

Karen's On-line Diary

Just For Fun

Smiles House (private)

Thanks again for participating.  And I want to thank my sissy Val (her journal is listed above - There is a Season) for hosting the photo shoot during the time I couldn't.  You are the best Val!

I will be posting another subject each Monday.  I hope you will continue playing along when you can.

Have a great week.

Love you all,



  1. monicasmemoirs1/13/2008 1:47 PM

    I'm glad you had a good turn out and maybe the trend will continue!  There are certainly enough of us who love to play with our cameras. :-)  So, are you still looking for suggestions for future shoots?  If so, I can probably share some ideas.


  2. promiseluv3721/13/2008 2:08 PM

    Crap I forgot to do it. although my camera isn't working (well it is but something is wrong with my computer and the pictures won't load.. computer isn't responding to anything I plug into my USB ports) I was going to use a picture I had on the computer already...
    Forgetful me!

    Love ya,

  3. wow it took me forever to get through them

  4. So glad you had such a good turn out! I'm going to try to make it by to see all the entries. I'll continue to play as time allows. Martha :-)

  5. fisherkristina1/13/2008 4:28 PM

    Yes Monica (commenter #1), I am looking for subjects for future photo shoots.  I am very interested in what you and other participants would like to have as subjects.  I will do an entry soon asking for you all's suggestions.  

    Krissy :)

  6. what a great turnout for this photo shoot!!  good job.  :)

  7. thanks Krissy for doing this; lots of great pictures!


  8. Well Krissy -- I had a smidge of time and visited all who participated!  Was a great turn out for your 'new, improved look' photo shoot!

  9. I'm late getting here, but I have moved my entries to a public journal so that anyone can view my entry. I won't use my private journal for shoots anymore.
    Maybe next week I'll be one time with things.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. Good job,,,seriously.

    I used to do a site where we'd hunt up sports stories around the web, and it was exhausting..... so, make sure you give some props to Special K here for taking on this pile o' work.

  11. I missed this one but look forward to the did have a lot of participants.  I've seen some of them - very nice!


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