Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Have Heat - Will Keep Warm

Wow, it's Election Day already.  I am a little frustrated because I don't know who to vote for in two of the races.  Of course I have already decided who I am going to vote for for president.  That was never in question.  But there are two other races that I just can't make up my mind on.  I look over the literature and I can't decide.  I even emailed one of the campaigns yesterday to clarify some issues.  I still can't decide.  I only have a few hours to go before it is time to vote.  I had better make up my mind fast!  Either that or decide to leave that particular race blank.  Maybe I will do that.  Which is more responsible?  Decisions, decisions. 

On another note, the Landlord sent around a notice a couple of days ago saying the heat has been turned on.  I haven't tried it out yet because it has been unseasonably warn.  On Saturday it was about 70 degrees and on Sunday it was 60 degrees.  Monday and Tuesday were nice also.  Today is supposed to be the last nice day.  Sunday is supposed to be the first major snowstorm of the year.  I guess I better see how the heat is working before then and put the storm window in!  I will get John to do the storm window.  He always does stuff like that for me!

Well, I had no trick-or-treaters this year.  Just as well anyway.  I don't like the holiday with everybody dressed up in their little devil costumes.  But if an innocent little kid dressed like a princess knocked on my door and asked for a piece of candy I wasn't going to deny her this year.  I mean it isn't her fault that Halloween is something gross.  So I got some candy in case a princess or Spiderman came by.  And you know, nobody came by, lol.  So I have been having to eat the candy, lol.  No choice.  How horrible for a diabetic to say! 

Well, gotta run.  Hope to come back and do another entry soon. 


  1. I didnt get any trick-or-treaters either...I'll have to eat all the sweets too! what a shame...lol

    I quite like all the little costumes...but I like weird and gross stuff anyway! lol...

    I hope you decide on who you will vote for...I always vote...if you dont vote you cant moan! Obviously, I cant vote in this one tho! tee hee!

    love Amy

  2. Well, we did not have any trick or treaters either but then it is not big in England.  We did have some costumed people though as you have probably seen from my journal.  Cannot help you with the voting!!!!  Be careful with all those sweets xxxxxx

  3. sarajanesmiles11/02/2004 7:42 AM

    Glad you got the heat turned on - what is a storm window?  Am sure it's not some magical storm inducing piece of glass, etched with clouds and thunder bolts, as my overactive imagination would have me believe!
    What a shame you had no trick or treaters, and are having to eat all the candy yourself ;o)
    Sara   x

  4. sonensmilinmon11/02/2004 9:31 AM

    Be careful with those candies, I don't want to see you getting high sugar counts! It's NO fun.  I too have a couple of questions about a race or two ~ not the presidental race, but, some local issues and offices.  Well, I have until this afternoon when I go vote.


  5. I've been having a field day with all of this extra candy...I wish someone would take it away from me!


  6. firestormkids0411/02/2004 11:34 AM

    I do hope you are able to decide.  It's great that you are working so hard for the answers.  Good luck.

  7. LOL  am laughing at Sara's comment.  If you can not figure it out at the last minute, say a prayer, if it doesn't come to you, leave it blank.  I, too, didn't get any trick-or-treaters.  Haven't in six years or so.  I wanna know where Becky lives to have gotten all those little kids at her door.  I guess it is still big in some towns.  Hmm..  So glad you got your heat turned on, sugar plum.  I hope we don't get that snowstorm you said they are predicting.  I must go look at the weather forecast and see what you are talking about.  Chels needs to learn how to drive on snow and ice in the next storm.  I don't want to teach her.  I am getting Rog or Mr. Bob to do it.  That's right, I am delegating the task out!  Maybe John can do it.  Anyway, I won't be the best teacher and she has to learn it now and fast!  Take care, pumpkin!  xox

  8. be careful with all that candy!  I made my oldest hide hers from me, and I'm doing my best to stay out of Little One's stash!  :-)

  9. You are responsible to worry.  Thanks for trying to serve your country and God by being careful how you vote.  Glad you have heat now.  Are you excited about the snow?  It's been really warm here, but a front is coming thru, right now.

  10. LOL at Sara and Val's comments...We never got around to putting on the storm windows last year. The screens took quite a beating. My town is a small suburban hamlet in northern NJ...almost all residential with TONS of kids. Heck, my next door neighbor alone has 8 (or is it 9 now). I can only think of 4 houses on this street that have no kids. We are a very small town but have 2 elementary schools (and a catholic school too, next town over) and one of the largest high schools in the state. It's a great place to raise a family. :-) (Oh, and I had only one devil darken my doorstep...and he may have been that redskinned star wars character. LOL)

  11. jules1964200111/03/2004 7:32 AM

    I had some candy and sweets left after haloween and was going to eat it but my kids beat me to it, never mind, lol. I am so glad the heating is on for you at last :).........Jules xxxx

  12. fluffysmom500011/07/2004 10:31 PM

    hell-o nice pictures and very interesting ..gets more  interesting all the time


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