Saturday, November 13, 2004

Photo Scavenger Hunt #6

A portrait, a landscape, something far away, and something close up.

A Portrait:

This is a photo of Yours Truly.  Nobody was visiting and I wanted a photo of someone, so I took a picture of myself in the mirror.  It came out a little dark but I think it looks kind of cool.

Next is a picture of my landscape.  

I guess this is more trees than it is land!  John and I drove around all day trying to find a nice landscape picture but never got a good one because it wouldn't stop raining long enough to take a photograph whenever I got the subject I wanted.  So when there was a break in the rain I took these woods at a state park.  I really like them. 

Here is the photo I took for something Far Away:

On first glance you might think this is a close up picture, but I am trying to highlight the trees across the lake.  I think the brown grass in the foreground only serves to better show off the faraway trees. 

For my close up photo I chose a stump.  I did this because I thought it looked beautiful.  Nothing more needs to be said about it. 


Hope you enjoyed the photos! Krissy.


  1. I have enjoyed your photos.  If life would slow down some, I would participate!!!

  2. sonensmilinmon11/14/2004 12:23 AM

    I also enjoyed the pictures.  I'll have to see if I can pull something together quickly.  I had a few items ready then went a different direction. ::sigh::


  3. I love your portrait!  Good week sounds fun too, really can use the old imagination and play with it!

  4. sarajanesmiles11/14/2004 5:44 AM

    Krissy, I love your photo's again this week.
    I think the tree stump is beautiful too :o)
    Sara   x

  5. Great photos Krissy.
    I'd like to live in a wood.

  6. Your love of nature really comes out Krissy and the self portrait is lovely and a novel idea. Thanks Krissy.

  7. Krissy, these are beautiful!  I have such a love for nature and trees, so they are especially special for me!!!!  Bravo on them, honey!!  You cut them down so much and they are superior, honey!!  Love them!  Nice seeing your face today :-)

  8. You did a great job on these photos!

  9. beccihouse2228511/14/2004 3:41 PM

    Great pictures Krissy!!
    Love Becci. xxxx

  10. great choices Krissy!  I liked your self portrait :-)

  11. Great Photos! Wouldn't guess weather had been uncooperative! Glad you were able to get out with John! You sound like a great pair!

  12. quartrlyfecrysis11/16/2004 8:31 PM

    Hi, I can't remember how I found my way over here, but I'm glad I did....I got #6 are my results :)
    I'm off to read the next one....
    take it easy~Bernadette


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